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Pls. Dont Comment

By jan 1
, when you don't like my pictures.
I upload pictures on EPZ, only when I do like them myself, as I supose everyone do this.
For me, its not a daily contest, to proof myself to you.
Of course you have the right to say what you like. But you have also the right to remain silent.
ps. feel free to modify them.

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acbeat 17 14 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 1:24AM
nice warm looking shot good silhouette.andy b
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:25AM
Note: I did not "get rid"of the distracting lampposts, neither I didn't removed, the sky. lol
cameragirl 18 43 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 1:26AM
Good composition! What a wonderful sky! I love the colour and the silhouettes!
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:26AM
Thanks Andy and Sandy. Much appreciated.
3 Jun 2005 1:29AM
Difficult to remain silent! lovely shot and colours. Some of the feedback given may be constructive critisism, we all can improve by it.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:31AM
Thanks Pete. Your right.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:34AM
Thanks Linda. A silent click? lol
firzhugh 17 13 New Zealand
3 Jun 2005 1:39AM
gorgeous colours, beautiful shot
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:49AM
ps. I'll be out for a while, see you later.
smourt 18 80
3 Jun 2005 1:53AM
imagine if all photographers had this attititude??? You are right Jan I would not remove the lampposts. I would take a shot of this scene without them in. Great silhouette and sky. I will give you a click for your bold attititude!!! You have a great portfolio so I am suprised you would not want feedback.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:56AM
Much appreciated, Smout. Some are Beautiful Some are Bold. lol
ps have a look at yesterdays.
Baz Hilder 18 22
3 Jun 2005 2:27AM
Very nice colours and composition, sorry I couldn't resist to comment.

Maddie 17 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 3:11AM
i like your photo and love the colours jan
AngelaR 18 155 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 3:39AM
Great sky and colours Jan.
arnieg 18 704 England
3 Jun 2005 3:42AM
loverly colur to the sunset
jellylegs 18 59 Ireland
3 Jun 2005 3:44AM
Everyone to themselves. I thought the whole idea of EPZ was to learn & improve. When I upload a picture, it is not an ego trip looking for only the good. I like you Jan, only upload when I think I have a good picture. However, when everybody just goes "oooh, lovely picture", then what do you learn? Even the very best (& I am not in this catagory) need critique. Tiger Woods takes leasons you know?

User_Removed 18 386 2 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 4:22AM
Beautiful colour and composition.

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 4:43AM
Note: Maybe some misunderstandings.
I have no problems with critics. !
When it says, too dark, too light ,too much f/g. or whatever. But dont tell to "GET RID" of something, in it (Lampposts) as that means there will be a different picture. This was the picture i liked and posted. (Funny thing I did take a shot without it too). lol
Also i.m.p. when you have never looked into (commented) someones portfolio, And do your first comment in a way like this, your on the wrong way. Very easy to find another picture you like. But some are just looking for pictures, they think ? it needs an improvement, feeling them self very important. When it happen to you, advice, Just see wath kind of comment he is used to make.!
Trevor, You mention to learn of. Those people are no teacher, they just anouncing their own opinion, which I have no problem with, as long as they not telling to tranfer it into something else
I hope with this to clear a Bit, but I doubt.
mark_elford 18 61 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 4:54AM
Dont know what the fuss is about... This is a lovely photo and the color tonal range is super.


jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 4:59AM
Thanks all very much for your comments and opinion.
Today this matter will be closed (had a bad sleep about it) lol
Atlas 19 621 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 5:27AM
This one is looking very good too Jan, especially when viewed large ☼☼☼☼☼

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 5:33AM
Thanks, Rob. So the money (for large version) get payed off. lol
TeresaH 17 1.1k United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 5:37AM
Hi Jan, the sky is amazing!

Thanks for your comments on thorn. That was my intention to upload something a bit different for a challenge!

Teresa :0
gajj 18 32
3 Jun 2005 5:44AM
Another interesting sunset picture, has a paler, softer quality but is equally interesting and pleasing to look at...
tmann 17 4 2 United States
3 Jun 2005 5:50AM
I will give up the right to remain silent to be interrogated on this one..
**Officer motions to Thomas to sit at desk...hooks up lie detector machine****
Name? Thomas
Age? 39
Sex? yes
Photgrapher? amateur
Colors? superb
Scene? pleasant
Sihouettes? nice
Like the lamp posts? yes
remove them? no
like this shot? yes
a lot? yes

Officer: "thank you, Thomas, now.. get lost and don't you show your ugly mug here no more!!:
Thomas: "all this to comment on a photo" Wink
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 6:00AM
Excellent Thomas. ! 10 points.!
Be welcome daily. lol
Mijn Arme jan. Jan. ...why doe u verhuur deze mensen hinderen u. ....especially wanneer u Meg-een-Muffs hebt die meekomt en iedere afbeelding Houdend waarvan u verstuur!! U bent te zoet en droevig u werd door sommige gemene mensen gekwetst. ....Smile Klik naar deze prachtige zonsondergang! Gejuich en u hebben een
Fantastisch weekend!
PS: ik brak op aan die wat u op schreef, Beroof afbeelding. ..I slechts wijsmaakte rond tho, slechts zo dat u weet. ...x
glazzaro 17 70 23 United States
3 Jun 2005 6:41AM
Jan, its a good shot, like the comp and lamp post works for your intended purpose. I also agree that critique is fine as long as it is constructive. I have always been struck by folks thinking they are critiquing a shot and all they say is it doesn't work for me or remove something from a shot... How does that help to take a better photo? Or is the purpose of the site to make us better digital manipulation experts, I sure don't know, I get more confused everyday. I have yet to receive a critique about how to better setup the shutter or F stop, it is always that my frame is inappropriate, or remove the log, or it is too dark, etc. Though those comments have merit in the presentation of the material, they do not help me take a better photo. Somewhere down the line we have blurred the meaning of photography, digital manipulation and personal choice. Well done, Spot on! Click!!!

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 6:48AM
Wow, Many thanks, Suzan.!
Took me a long time to read, your written Dutch. lol
But I'm very pleased with it. Thanks for your effort you spent on.
3 Kusjes.***
LOL....I'm sure it was ALL messed up....!!
Still laughing in Atlanta!!!
Cheers Jan,
Suzan Smile
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 7:07AM
THANKS Greg. You'r the man of my heart.
Also, Jan(et) did understood and sure others too, what was my concern about it.
I have uploaded over 300 pictures, and have had critics aswel. Never made a point of it, especially if the critics came from people I admire, or and see them as friends.
But no one, never visit my portfolio, need to tell me to "GET RID" of somethings in it.
Besides, I did only had a look at his portfolio, readed his latest placed comments and wrote that I would not clicked on his picture. That was IT for me.!
But he was comming back on it several times, asking why I wrote that, with copy and past. Miss K commented on my page to stop the discusion, and pointed me the rules.
She had better done this to the opponent. He was the one comming back on it.
But as I said before, Its done after today.
TonyA 17 11 Spain
3 Jun 2005 7:20AM
Lovely shot with magnificent color and composition. Like the lampposts that add up to the image.
Jan please don't worry about the comment of one person. What is important is the whole.

jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 7:21AM
Thank you, Antonio. Your right.
3 Jun 2005 7:29AM
My honest opinion is that its lovely, i realise that doesn't help you improve your technique, but what can I say, personally i don't think this particular image needs improvement, i like it as it is, ♥Click

:0) Shelley
Toppix 18 56 1 England
3 Jun 2005 7:35AM
Hi Jan. Another very good picture, Very good colours in the sky. Well composed with the trees and lights. I prefer this one as the foreground is not so dominant. Take care.
bratboy 17
3 Jun 2005 7:53AM
i like this sunset
bratboy 17
3 Jun 2005 7:53AM
i like this sunset
thorn 18 124 2 Scotland
3 Jun 2005 8:55AM
Hi Jan,please don't upset yourself about comments that are said in too rude a vein.Your photographs are fine and the comments are nothing to lose sleep over.Keep enjoying yourself on epz putting on your lovely shots showing the keukenhof etc and don't worrry.This photograph has fantastic colours and silhouette's,detail and use of light.Well composed and presented.I nearly forgot to comment as i was worried about you.Take care.AnnSmile
Thankyou for your comments,much appreciated.
CatMouse 19 115 Russian Federation
3 Jun 2005 9:49AM
Nice "aerial" composition with the stunning colors. Well done, dear friend!

Malik & Mary.
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
3 Jun 2005 11:33AM
LOL - Nice shot but those lamposts!!!!!
You won't remove them? Well then, I'll do it myself!
foggytwo 19 36 1 Scotland
3 Jun 2005 11:50AM
Hi Jan, I see the brigade have been having a go at you this week,must be your turn. Honestly some people on this site really think they are something,dont they.
I like this picture,lamposts and all.If you were to remove them you would then get some idiot remarking about it being manipulated.
You cant win my friend,LOL.Be like me ....ignore them,they are not worth the bother.
Great image with lovely sunset colours and the near silhouetted trees work really well. Click.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 1:54PM
Just Had a look outside the window, Rather dark now. Think the lights has been switched off.
Any idea who did, Patrick?

Great job.! Please do not let the water flown away, surfers will be disapointed tomorrow. Lol

Thanks Pete, Ol soldiers never die.
sandyb 18 34 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2005 1:59PM
Just stunning It works for me. Just Fabulous. With the lights sandyb
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
3 Jun 2005 2:07PM
Thanks Sandy. Glad you like it with the lights. lol
Will ask Patrick to put them
PatrickSmith 17 1.2k 2 United States
3 Jun 2005 2:21PM
LOL - Never! They're mine now!!!
bassan 19 15
3 Jun 2005 2:51PM
Lovely light, nice shot
nancyo 18 78
3 Jun 2005 5:26PM
and now you have 30 votes,

And I to agree with you, I got a comment today that really that I did not enjoy at all, they were not talking about my image but the type of image. Good on you for saying what you said.

Now to your photo: Beautiful image, love the sky and the colour and tones are great. There is no need to remove the lampposts, it is not countryside you are shotting. Keep them coming

click nancy
Ceciliat 17 6 Philippines
3 Jun 2005 8:21PM
Very well exposed to perfection...
Excellent capture Jan...
That Patrick sure is a troublemaker...LOL!
Both original and mod look very nice, Cheers to you both,
As Always,
Suzan Smile
CatMouse 19 115 Russian Federation
3 Jun 2005 11:29PM
Hi boys and girls, Jan say "Please, don't comment!" However, we strongly are writing there.... Only MODIFICATED versions!
Smile Smile

Jan, we have an little gift for you.
Have a nice weekind!

Malik & Mary.
jan 1 18 12 Netherlands
4 Jun 2005 1:12AM
Many thanks to you all, Dear Friends.
EPZ is not only a very good Photosite, its also a nice chatbox (like it of leave it)
Thinking now and than to stop with posting, would miss the fine daily contacts with you all.
Dispite the chats over the last few days, I will remain the jolly good fellow, Who's sometimes too funny.! lol
Love it.!
ericfaragh Plus
19 149 6 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2005 8:10AM
Nice low light exposure, great use of the trees. Well done Jan.
magda_indigo 19 418 England
8 Jun 2005 8:45AM
A golden image, where is razieluk now? Nothing negative to say?
click (*:*)

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