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A quick view of Paul_CA's recent activity.

  • Emma

    First thing I noticed even from the thumbnail was that some space was needed under her feet, not much, just enought to seperate her from the frame. A really nice image nonetheless with an interesting storyline to it. Personally I like the tonality in the image, sort of dull and dingy in an atmospheric sort of way - I might just burn her face in a little though. Captain America was really filmed in Manchester ??!!
    • 10 May 2013 1:01PM
  • Awana Cruise Jetty

    Coast's mods add quite a dimension to the photo, an improvement for sure. The only thing that disturbs me is that although the horizon is dead level, the jetty seems to lean to the left due to that nearest post on the left. Wide angle perspective distortion I guess looking at the lens you used. You could change the perspective in Photoshop but you could end up losing a chunk of the image if you do so. Other alternative is to use puppet warp in Photoshop to straighten up that post. It is a nice shot though and as per Coast's suggestion I might have also gone for a central composition on this - for a slightly more graphic and calmer picture. A little different - in a good way.
    • 10 May 2013 12:52PM
  • Ramshaw Rocks

    Thanks paskinmj and dudler. Dudler I may have oversharpened this a bit when I resized perhaps. The foreground rock is gritstone with a fine grainy texture, the normal size version is sharpened as much as I could to emphasise this and to my eye looks about right. Possibly a little too much enthusiasm to try to retain this when I scaled down particularly the background IMO which now does look a little too ... crisp perhaps. Selective sharpening next time Smile
    I'm disagreeing on your Litmus test statement though - I just don't believe that you can Photoshop a sheep's ear into a silk purse. Lord knows I've tried often enough Sad
    Thanks both.
    • 5 Jul 2012 8:25PM
  • white satin

    I'm not huge on flower shots but this one is quite nice. I like the pastel tones and the composition which includes some background in varying degrees of softness. It's a little lacking in contrast for me and perhaps a tad soft. I uploaded a mod with few changes just to bring the main bloom more into frame by darkening the background a little, brightening the main bloom just a tad and doing some gentle edge sharpening.
    An odd number of blooms (or anything in fact) is generally better in an image - there is a profound psychological explanation for this - which I forget unfortunately but some smartass is bound to have comitted it to memory
    • 30 Apr 2012 4:09PM
  • gran melia

    Nope, not much criticism here apart from insane jealousy that you spent a week here. Maybe slightly overexposed but not by a great deal - 1/2 stop perhaps. Really nice image and with that lens at 11mm the verticals are pretty damn good.
    • 30 Apr 2012 3:46PM
  • woody water

    I agree with pretty much everybody - apart from your husband ! It's a good idea with a simple eye catching composition. Contrast is indeed the issue here and Sooty's idea would work nicely, as would the black and white layer in Photoshop pumping up the reds/yellows a bit and pumping down (?) the blues. Taking this at a different time of day would give you better light but you may find shadows that you would have to incorporate into your composition somehow. As far as the composition goes I might trim a little off of frame right to balance it and my head keeps wanting to rotate it clockwise to make it as symmetrical and straight as possible. In summary, a good idea which is the most important thing - perhaps not quite ready for framing yet Wink
    • 30 Apr 2012 3:39PM
  • Up and Over

    Yep, it's enticing and works well as an image inviting us through that gateway and that path leads us nicely up the hill and those nice cloud formation. As it stands that tree on the left intrudes a little I think and could be cloned out and perhaps just a little less exposure or a slightly darker foreground. I might have pulled back a little more to include more of the gateway in the foreground and those interesting walls, either moving to remove that tree from the frame or moving to include all of it. Also notice that your daffodils have a greenish tinge when they should be screaming out yellow - slight colour adjustment there. All in all though a nice image.
    • 30 Apr 2012 3:28PM

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