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Hi, My name is Paul Robinson and I live in Aberdeen. To find out more about me and my photography likes and dislikes, please click on the about link at the top of my portfolio. Here you will also find my latest news comments. Thanks for looking.
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My name is Paul Robinson and I am originally from Slough in England. I have lived on the island of Crete for the last seven years but now live in Aberdeen. Several things have changed since I first wrote my profile so heres an update for 2012.
The first thing that has changed is that I am now 56 and not NEARLY 50 as stated previously.
Secondly, I have moved on from the Fuji S9500 and am now shooting with a Canon EOS400D.
I have always been interested in photography but as with most things in life it fell by the wayside as other things became more important. My passion was rekindled in 2005 when my partner bought me the Fuji S9500 for Xmas. It was a magical gift that was a super starting point for me to capture all of those moments that I feel I have missed out on in life. As the year passed, I was getting more and more frustrated that I was not getting the pin sharp images displayed on EPZ. My partner could see my frustration and suggested that for this xmas she would buy me the 400D and have the Fuji for herself. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!
As you can see from my varied pf, I like taking photographs of anything beautiful. However, my favourite subjects are our adorable cats of which we did have 22 at one point but we had to scale down when we moved back to Aberdeen. We now have 9 and have rehomed the others in Germany and Switzerland.
I am addicted to EPZ and even after six years I still get a buzz every morning when I log on to see how many votes yesterdays upload got. I'm a big kid really.

Latest news since I have been off site for so long is that Ferbie has sadly passed away last year as did Club. We still have the other 9 naughties and I hope to take some more shots of them soon.

Thank you for looking at my Photos


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