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Paul Howard Photography

paul howard photography

Hi Everyone,

I've started my business in Reading in 1975 though I processed my first b&w film when I was 12 in 1961. That's 61 years ago and I still love photography. In the early '70s at art college, I use to push process trannies to 1000 asa to use in low light conditions. Now my D700 & D800 are just amazing at doing what I could only dream of in those days. As a professional, the use of flash in the studio or location has always been my strong point, but actually, I always wanted to use continuous lights so I could really record what I could see. I can hardly believe how digital has opened up this possibility and the colour handling properties make natural light shooting on location a real joy. No more magenta filters to overcome fluorescent light casts. If you understand what I've just written you will appreciate how much I welcome the drop in weight of equipment needed to work on location as well!

2016 was quite a year for me, I've decided that after 44 years as a professional photographer it's time to move onto the next stage of my life. As my business grew during the '70s I had to register for VAT and so it was a difficult decision to de-register after 38 years. De-registering VAT is like de-registering from being a professional commercial & advertising photographer. It is a mental hurdle that must be overcome and there is no going back.

I've had a great career as a photographer, it was like a dream come true, but now I have other dreams to pursue. Thank you, to all the clients who made it possible and the best of good fortune to all you out there who would like to make photography your career.
Have a wonderful life,
Paul Howard. 9/April/2016 (updated on 1/1/2022).
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Photos I took while a professional photographer, I'm now retired. I used every format between 1972 - 2021, film and digital.


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