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Paul Morgan

It is the subject matter that effects us, not the technology used to capture it.
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  • For quick simple setups with just one flash I often just use TTL especially with HSS, I just don`t see the point in trying to over complicate things, its all a matter of taste.


    When using multiples of units I generally go manual,

    AS for processing I believe he uses a colorchecker for starters, then works from there adding his own looks.


  • Quote:Do you use smoke pellets for photography?

    I saw and bought these orange ones the other day, seem pretty good, even if they smell dire.

    Would you recommend any?

    You would probably be better of with a fog machine and small generator (if your out in the sticks)

    Unless your prepared to take up with some serious cloud chasing Smile

    I would not use the pellets, not if I`m shooting using other people.


  • What do you use Chris, Manual flash, TTL, HSS.
  • LIke FD 3.35 in

  • Hehe we posted the same Smile

    Yeh some of the older adds still get aired.
  • Lol 32 red tat rings a bell, something fairly recent Smile

    Or this

    Your question sent me checking out a lot of the old stuff on youtube and making me wonder what could be done today using drones, Davici Resolve, Premiere Pro etc, all the stuff that was not about back then.
  • This was the one I was thinking of, look at the fast moving clouds etc, this will probably not be it, its like finding a needle in a haystack Smile

  • Could it have been one of the Birdseye Pea adverts.

  • Quote:An EPZ owned site, is it not?

    Yes and for quite some time now.
  • Just caught a whole bunch of thieves scrumping apples from my tree`s Smile

  • Quote:There has been lots of different forum posts about the speed and performance on different threads since the upgrade and as has already been mentioned on this one it always seems to be thrown back at members equipment

    Yes, equipment, location, isp, browser, background running programs etc, this is where you should be looking, its no good blaming the site.

  • Quote:Not the foggiest Keith, well beyond my skill set......but surely if it is known that members have problems occurring there must be someone amongst the the back room boys with enough savvy to sort the problems out for themselves

    Well that's a bit funny, I`ve not seen any problems, slowdowns etc.

    If it was a problem EPZ end there would be many replies in this thread.
  • There was paranoia and fear when the box brownie first become popular with security guards on beaches etc banning photo`s Smile

  • Quote:I don't recall any attempts to stop Street Photography but 'taking photographs without consent' doesn't refer to what you think.

    Let them all think that anyway, have you ever checked out any of the many street photograph groups on Flickr, some target young attractive woman in the street, there own photo streams often show only this and nothing else, its not my idea of street photography, it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth and it taints us all with the same brush.

  • Quote:What if they get the address wrong? Some innocent person has their reputation trashed along with their front door!

    Yep, this happened to my twice and fairly close together, they had the wrong address on both occasions.

    The icing on the cake was when our eldest daughter was photographed in connection to a story that covered under age drinking and they printed her full name under her picture, we took this one to the press complaints commission but they are pretty limited in there powers and mud sticks.

    From then on whenever we went along to a parent teachers evening we would be told, we do hope xxx does not turn out like her bigger sister Smile
  • Yeh I thought of adding there card details to my account Smile

    I had a read up, apparently you can add a second adult (one only) to a prime account.
  • Yes but all via the same Prime account Keith ?

    What I`m asking is that if for instance I signed myself up, can the rest of my family (those still living at the same address as me) use the same prime account, including prime deliveries and if they can how would I go about linking them in, they already have there own Amazon accounts.
  • Does anyone here know all the ins and out of Prime.

    For myself I can`t really see any huge benefit in out but I have three other family members also with Amazon accounts all living at the same address as me.

    Now if I was to join could I include these as well or would they all need there own prime accounts.
  • Some things needed doing and Saddam was one of them.

    Though I`m not so sure we should have got involved in Afghanistan.
  • Could it be a sticky or worn button.

  • Quote:Have there been hoards of immegrants in ques as depicted in the BNP, sorry UKIP poster? Answer No (this to me was the most dispicable part of the campaign, following on within 48 hours of the death of Jo Cox by a far right nationalist

    He was no far right nationalist, just some idiot with a gun, though it was a nice bit of propaganda for the in campaigners, especially in the London area, a nice bit of project fear.

    The poster was great, one of the best of the whole campaign, have you ever walked past an immigration centre and seen them all queuing in the street, I have, facts are facts and some don`t like it.
  • Lets see it then, your version.

    I still have several leaflets floating around, I could scan a few in.

    All those that I seen have stated that the 350 million saved each week, could be spent on the NHS, not that will be spent on the NHS, there was never any promises or commitments made, the NHS was highlighted as just one example.

  • Quote:
    Quote:Nope it was made clear to us all, a referendum on the EU, in or out, that was it, that was the plan.

    Any Brexit planning was only ever going to start if the brexit went through, it did and now the planning begins.

    Never heard of contingency planning?

    If the leave campaign really believed what they were liieing about, sorry saying, surely they would have a clue about how it was going to be implemented.

    Lies, what lies, lets see them.
  • Nope it was made clear to us all, a referendum on the EU, in or out, that was it, that was the plan.

    Any Brexit planning was only ever going to start if the brexit went through, it did and now the planning begins.

  • If your going to lead a leave campaign how can you have a plan, these people were not running the government and not running the country, I would have thought that this was pretty obvious.

    Before any plans there would need to be a brexit and a new govement first.

    The PM set up this referendum, now were was his contingency plan if the vote went the other way as it did ?

  • Quote:if you want to judge a country pick up its top selling news paper

    All I need do is call in my local and there`s a good mix, from the very rich to the very poor, an actor, a well known rock musician, several local farmers. some that work in the city, some that work locally and some on the dole, none are stupid, bigots or racist yet most of these voted to leave, it does make me wonder why some of you are so upset.
  • Hehe