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Paul Morgan

It is the subject matter that effects us, not the technology used to capture it.
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  • Quote:
    Quote:Yes you can set one up in Ps, if not it uses the main drive by default, its built in as a back up in case the memory gets a bit low, not been taking many pictures and not used Ps in the last 4 or 5 months but from you could even tell Ps how much memory to reserve ( I think)


    Just an observation but I have noticed that regardless of the amount of installed memory PS will still swap out to the scratch disk, this is on PC and Mac so having your scratch on a fast drive will be beneficial...

    Nah not at all, if you have plenty of ram having a fast scratch area or a disk or ssd is of no real benefit, very much a myth.
  • Yes you can set one up in Ps, if not it uses the main drive by default, its built in as a back up in case the memory gets a bit low, not been taking many pictures and not used Ps in the last 4 or 5 months but from you could even tell Ps how much memory to reserve ( I think)

    Not noticed it being used on my desktop but it used its scratch disk like crazy on an old laptop with not a lot of ram.

    I need to renew my Ps subscription but I want to get sorted with some decent fibre first.
  • If you on a budget start with the memory and graphics, an SSD could always be added later.

    Don`t get a single stick of memory get a matched pair.

  • Quote:Absolutely SSD is so important for Lr catalogs and Ps scratch disks

    Do you find you need a scratch disk Chris.

  • Quote:I use Devolo 1200+ powerline adapters. The one I've got near the TV has ethernet (for my NowTV box) and also beams out wifi to improve the signal at the front of the house.

    They seem to work as expected.

    The only catch with powerline adapters is that they must be on the same ring mains, as Dave says. Even plugging them into extension leads can throw them off.

    Yep connected through the same consumer unit, different ring circuits are fine.

  • Quote:But iit also takes control of the printing! Or triess to!

    My cat does that, batters the hell out the printer, are you sure that its not just a fury friend.
  • So many Smile here are just two of the many that I like.

  • You need to look back to the last general election before this Brexit campaign started, after all, the referendum was a promise the tori party were making if they won.

    My guess is that just as many voted to remain for the wrong reasons as those that voted to leave for the wrong reasons, there was far to much crap sprouted in the press and other media irrespective if it was for staying or leaving.

  • Quote:The Leave campaign targetted low income uneducated workers by implying that a lot of their hard earned money was going to the EU and that if we pulled out, not only would nasty foreigners stop coming over here and taking their jobs, we would give the NHS another 350million a week and would also be able to sell straight bananas

    Jeez are you telling us that you really believed all that crap, both sides were full of it.

    A lot of us just sat in the middle, ignored what was being said and simply voted using are heads.
  • Fewer humans, fewer rats.

  • Quote:I've got a problem. Well, me and my neighbour. Between us we've established Rat Heaven. Me because I feed the birds and hang out various feeders but food always drops to the ground even with trays attached. My neighbour because his garden "shed", which is a mishmash of old doors, barrels and boxes filled with all sorts of old trash right up to the roof, is a five-star Rat Hotel. I've seen a very large one today, so there will be plenty more around.

    There's no way my neighbour will clear his rubbishy shed/lean-to as it's been there for about 30 years and although he's nice enough he's very stuck in his ways. And he's quite ill with heart trouble so we wouldn't dream of asking him to tidy up his pride and joy. So it seems that it's down to me to stop serving up a banquet for the rats every day, although I do try to keep the area clean.

    I don't think you can get rid of rats just by stopping food but it might help. I don't think they'll move somewhere else just because I stop. On the other hand, if they can get food and shelter in the same place, they've got it made.

    Stop worrying about it Chris, I bet you have only started seeing these rats since the weather turned really cold.

    I thought I might stop feeding the birds when my current batch of food runs out. By then the weather should have got better. I don't get any exotic types of birds in the garden, just starlings, sparrows, doves, pigeons and magpies. And the odd seagull. So if I stop feeding, do you think they'll all be OK? I'm particularly sorry because the blackbird has just reappeared after a long time

    . Smile

    Stop worrying about it Chris, I bet you have only started seeing these rats since the weather turned really cold.

  • Quote:I recently had my 6 month check up at a new branch of HH as we have moved country. The audiologist asked if I suffered tinnitus. When I said yes she asked if I had seen a doctor.
    Rather surprised, I asked if there was a cure for it now. She said no, but having it often leads to depression which can be treated. New one on me.

    The tinnitus is something that is produced by the brain (these are sounds not coming from an external sorce, its not coming from the ear, in some people this can cause anxiety and this can make the tinnitus even worse, it can become a bit of a vicious circle, some get help with CBT therapy, antidepressants etc.

  • Quote:Pinch nose, as you swallow.....clears the hearing too.....something to do with balancing natural pressures

    Yes the eustachian tubes, you need equal pressure between the middle and inner ear.

    I found Waitrose a bit of a pain the afternoon, lol so much static noise interference from somewhere, might have been all that lighting.

  • Quote:One of the things that took me ages to get used to was the noise of tyres of passing vehicles....an incredibly loud hiss until you learn to block it out just as you did when your could hear normally

    Lol a busy road caught me out almost immediately after leaving the hospital, crossing roads cars seemed a lot closer than they really were Smile

    I`ve just taken them out, jeez these things make a huge difference to the tinnitus, these things have white noise as one of the programmed settings but i need a little break and a shower before using them later.

  • Quote:sounds right.

    Got fitted with them this afternoon, these things are already making a world of a difference to both the hearing and the tinnitus.

    It probably took them about 30 minutes to set them up, program them etc.

    Its going to take my a while to get used to the hearing changes though, every time I speak it sounds to me a little like my head is stuck in a bucket Smile

  • Quote:The other one who spends a lot of time on his shots is Spencer Tunick.

    Or Paul Smith

  • I should have added that it is more than likely a software, drivers or W10 problem and if your thinking of a fresh or repair install carrying out the above will not be a bad idea anyway, give the whole system a spring clean.
  • Trudy the first thing I would do is open the pc and check for dust (its 6 years old) if its dusty then give it a good clean, check and do the same with the graphics card if you have one, processor heat sink and fan, other fans, memory sticks etc etc.

    Check for loose connections, remove and re-seat the memory sticks and so on.

    Have a look at your pc temps, you might have an app built in if not run speedfan (a tiny little free app) you can tell at a glance if you having heat problems.

  • Quote:Do you mean this guy?


    Yep he immediately springs to mind, its who I was thinking of.


  • Quote:Is it a Nvidia graphics card? some Nvidia cards have problems with drivers for windows 10.

    Yeh maybe but the same goes for AMD cards Smile

    Video card drivers are always playing catchup with the windows updates, especially with the older cards.

  • Quote:No BSOD issues with the latest for me. Not a windows thing for some it seems

    Well we are all running quite different hardware and software configurations, glitches happen from time to time.
  • I suspect tis has somethin to do with the latest version of Windows 10.

    I started getting blue screens (not something I had seen since the days of W98) blue screens with thread exceptions, I was usually getting these when running youtube via firefox and I solved the problem by altering a few performance settings within firefox.

    I guess all we can do is wait for some fixes, looks like a Windows thing to me.
  • There was a lot of crap but also some great stuff from the likes of Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin etc, then we had Punk (without it a lot of the eighties would never have happened)

  • Quote:do you drink water

    Only the Peckham Spring water stuff Smile
  • Yes, an open and a closed but most people don`t realise this.

    You can opt for one or the other.
  • Have you ever registered to vote ?

  • Quote:Which Excites you More; Technology or Image Quality

    Neither, its the person behind the camera for me, the image quality and camera tech is of little importance or value, you need a voice, the best guitar in the world is pretty useless if you can`t sing a note.

    Nothing but a holga


  • Quote:
    Quote:I know what I saw

    Given that a visual hallucination is indistinguishable from seeing something physically you need to take it with a pinch of salt.

    I know of people training in the marines who on the third day of sleep deprivation "know what they saw" - skeletons digging their own graves. Grief-stricken people, people using illegal drugs or strong medication also "know what they saw".

    What is more likely, that the dead etc are roaming the Earth and making special appearances for your benefit or you hallucinated that event?

    There`s always some technical explanation, once upon a time it was ghouls, demons and exorcism`s, today its been replaced by spaceships and alien abductions,its the modern day equivalent.

    Funny how most of these strange occurrence`s are only seen at night when the mind plays its games.
  • I blame much of it on drugs, prescription drugs, natural forms as well, mould spores having an LCD type of effect etc that sometimes effected whole communities.

    In this day and age if you told others you got visited by angels or demons in the night you would either end up in jail or the mad house, a lot has changed in the last 2000 years.

    Quote:A lot of people who thought they had been abducted by aliens were tested and it was found out to be something similar

    Yes Smile

    Interesting doc here, it gets into the science, so called abductions etc.