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Paul Morgan

It is the subject matter that effects us, not the technology used to capture it.
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  • I`m a kid from the sixties who grew up with the likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and hoards of handbag slinging grannies, that was scary Smile
  • It could be a lot of things or nothing at all, I`d go back and see the doc.

  • Quote:
    Quote:according to many, W10 is the worst OS ever by MS

    Clearly the many have very short memories, Vista and ME were much much worse. I seem to remember Windows 2/286 and DOS4 were pretty pants too Smile

    There was a theory that any MS release with an even release number was pants.
    When I worked for Digital Research in the dim and distant past, we never release a DRDOS 4, we jumped from version 3 to version 5 Smile

    4 is considered unlucky in some cultures.

  • Quote:Most companies are well behind the curve when it comes to OS updates and it's been like that for as long as I've worked in IT

    Like that story last year, a major airput in France and I think it might have been the radar system was still running on windows 3.1 until it broke down Smile



  • Quote:Does anyone else think the women's Boxing was wrong? I don't like Boxing generally but to see 2 ladies knocking **** out of each other just seems wrong.

    The wife trains in martial arts and pay for her lessons, if I want to go an see her getting a good kicking at a tournament I`ve then got to go and pay even more, not fair is it Smile

  • Quote:I posted my problems on this site regarding Windows 10 Update, and there was the usual grumbling from the peanut gallery; the same when others posted that they had problems. Well, it's in the business news here that some users are going to be without a PC if they depend on W10 only, because the last update has major deficiencies that has many apps being unusable, and this, according to MS, could be up to 3 weeks being solved. However, they did say they did all required testing before releasing the update. ( I guess that means it must be the fault of the users, right???????) It turns out that the problems I had, and others on here recently reported, have been widespread all along, and according to many, W10 is the worst OS ever by MS. All users are being advised to turn off auto updating, (not by MS, of course), but by people who understand that the system is very unstable. Just for the experts on here.Wink

    Are you talking about the latest updates or the Anniversary update, the anniversary update is still rolling out and a lot of us have not got this yet, unless you install it yourself.

    The problems you encountered ie wireless connectivity were the same under windows 7, these were not new to W10.

    There have been reported problems with this anniversary update but nothing above the norm v any other update.
  • What always surprises me with the Olympics are what nations come out top.

    It should have been China and Russia followed by the US bit if you just going by population size then Grenada came out top with just one silver medal due to its tiny population Smile
  • Under W10 disabling wifi sharing sometimes helps.

  • Quote:
    Quote:, I was replying to Keith,
    oops my bad, sorry Paul. Had two weeks from hell but doesnt excuse not reading it properly.

    No worries.

    This is a long shot but you could try this.

    Open CMD, type "sfc /scannow" and run it, its the system file checker and can fix all sorts.


    But I get the impression that in your case its just a driver or windows update that is messing things up, you might just have to wait for a fix.

  • Quote:
    Quote:Well maybe if you bought you PC from a PC manufacturer and it came with W10 pre installed, otherwise there will be a good chance that your on your own.

    Nail on the head! That is the only way I'll move to a new OS. Although, I bought Millenium on a disk and installed it, not a hitch.

    Its not always good though, some of that customer support can be pretty bad, been there myself and often found it easier and quicker googling the problem and fixing it myself.

  • Quote:PC users are afforded the same relationship

    Well maybe if you bought you PC from a PC manufacturer and it came with W10 pre installed, otherwise there will be a good chance that your on your own.

    Was there not some warning a while back about Dell and installing W10, there would have been loads of compatibility issues when W10 first launched and MS have been working hard to address these but there are still no guarantees that everything will play well together.

    I`ve had a few myself, start screen locking up on all three of our devices (this was a common problem early on) A more recent one was my screen going blank then recovering with a message, an update broke this, a solution came along with new graphics drivers, this did not work, but a future windows update fixed it.

    We are all test drivers, always have been Smile

  • Quote:That's not the point though, Paul.

    When people have spent a lot of money on a product, then they want to use it without having to spend hours faffing about with it. You wouldn't buy a new car and expect to be under the bonnet for an hour before you drive to work.

    Windows operating systems have always worked like this, its not quite the same, you don`t buy a car then find there are two hundred different versions and make of engines, gear boxes etc.

  • Quote:
    Quote:Quote:? Yes you did?


    Paul Morgan: 17 August 2016 11.22pm
    Quote:Well if you are not happy you could always revert back to 8

    I dont want to get into petty argument Paul but I do like to be clear about things.

    Quote:You download all the latest drivers first, and save them somewhere safe, especially the driver needed for an internet connection.

    Quote:I dont want to get into petty argument Paul but I do like to be clear about things

    You are and you have, I was replying to Keith, not you and merely pointing out that if you not happy with 10 you can revert back but most importantly if you had ever loaded W10 on a machine then that machine will always be licenced to run W10 even if you no longer using it.

    Everything was working ok, including wifi or I wouldn't have been able to download 10. It still says the drivers are up to date.

  • You download all the latest drivers first, and save them somewhere safe, especially the driver needed for an internet connection.

    Unless you have a spare PC or laptop that is working.

    Would you drive out into the middle of nowhere without a spare wheel ?

  • Quote:Perhaps it was one of these cameras on wires I saw then, but it definitely looked like a drone - four legs and a prop.

    They could be using drones but I`ve not seen any, only those overhead camera`s.

    The problem with those glide cams is there speed, there a little slow for the fast paced stuff, with the Rio footage you will see the camera views have to keep changing to stuff shot from a moving vehicle (if its the rowing) allowing te glide cams to catch back up.

    Henley regatta this year was a real test for drones, glide cams can not be used (nowhere to mount them) and neither vehicles with camera`s (no road surface) and these worked out really well..

  • Quote:Maybe when they get a little older. My uncle on my Mother's side retired from a full career in the military years ago, then he went to university

    I haven`t got a lot of info on my great grandfather, but its easy enough to find, I just need to visit his regiments museum Smile

    He had a long military career serving both in WW1 and WW2 from 1910 to 1945.

  • Quote:? Yes you did?


  • Quote:Paul the wifi was working fine on Windows 10 before I had to reinstall it
    I want to use Windows 10 I don't want to roll back, all I would like is a solution to the problem whatever it is.
    But I've found a work around anyway, not ideal but it allows me to work again.

    I have not suggested rolling back.

  • Quote:Well if you not happy you could always revert back to 8 with the advantage of always having a W10 licence for that PC if you want to switch it back again in
    Thats like having your car breakdown and taking it to the garage for them to fix only for them to turn around and say sorry, we can get it going but you'll either have to do without the aircon or go back to a later model

    Well not really, once your motherboard is registered with Microsoft for W10 it will always be licensed to run W10 even if you rolled it back to 7 or 8, its all about choices.

    Quote:Chris I had to update (or rather roll back) the drivers for the sound, I dont mind I realise things like this can happen. What I do mind is when a problem occurs and there seems to be no fix

    I`m with Chris here, you can`t expect Microsoft to support everything, I had a similar problem to you with regards to the sound card being supported., only in my case no drivers were added at all during the W10 upgrade, I had to manually track down the drivers myself. no biggy is it.

  • Quote:
    Quote:I like the use of drones this year. They're getting some great shots.

    A lot of it is being done by cameras on overhead wire tracks, even the Cycling in the Velodrome and the Rowing.

    I saw some shots from low down and following the boats and wondered how they did it. Then a drone was caught in view from a camera in the distance.

    Yhh there still using overhead glide camera`s, if you look at the 2012 rowing videos from Eaton they can be easily seen.

    This one came a cropper in Rio Smile


  • Quote:Try those options, K, before you even look at a Mac in the shop window. I use both PC and Mac and as far as wifi and Bluetooth go, the PC wins hands down. The Mac can't even find the iPad on BlueT, but I use it as a mouse on the PC without any problems whatsoever.

    I finally updated to W10 on the final day of the free offer. I thought I'd give them time to clear up any crap. Installed in an hour and running without any glitches. However, I'm still to see any benefits over 8.2.

    Well if you not happy you could always revert back to 8 with the advantage of always having a W10 licence for that PC if you want to switch it back again in the future.
  • The future now is probably in video files, its cheap and easily available for everyone be it in cheap digicams, mobile phones etc.
  • Lr is extremely fast, its starts searching as you type the letters in, its usually found what I want before I`d had the time to hit the return key.
  • Indexing, I gave up on all that long ago Smile
  • Its been done to death Chris Smile
  • There`s a good diving community on-line, can`t remember what its called now but it was a really friendly place with lots of advice on cameras and housing`s.
  • Any good Smile

  • Yeh, it has been a while since I last uploaded something Smile

  • Quote:What you could do to get more hits is have comments stored on your clipboard, for different subjects such as monochrome, colour images, avian images etc, add a comment like "Thanks for sharing, a joy to view. " Check that the images falls into one of the above categories, and paste the stored comment to the image, you can get through hundreds of images a day and spend very little time actually looking at them. Hey Presto! Job done. Or is this not allowed?

    Then if you really want to put the cat amongst the pigeons disable voting on your own images Smile