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Paul Morgan

It is the subject matter that effects us, not the technology used to capture it.
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  • What message are you getting.
  • Gaffer tape and an old wire coat hanger.

    or a cheap pack of bulldog clips from smiths and an old coat hanger.

  • I thought there would be some catch somewhere, at least you discovered this before ordering.

    From what I understand it uses the electronic shutter and it all happens very quickly, its not something I use very often.

    I myself feel a little tempted by the EM10 (MK1) its less than 300 quid body only, its cheaper than a lot of the quality compacts.

  • Quote:Im looking to buy a flash for a Nikon D80, can anyone recommend an alternative to the Nikon SB910?

    I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing a 910, yet the amount of flash photography I do, doesn't warrant the cost!!

    For the odd bit of occasional stuff this will probably do you.


    One useful feature is the USB charging facility, handy for nights away.
  • Are asked you what message you were seeing.
  • I`m not all the familiar with the new focus bracketing feature, to me its just another gimmick, both Panasonic and Olympus seem to be doing this quite a lot just lately.

    If you do a lot of focus stacking you might find it useful.

  • Quote:You are completely missing my point.

    Who is missing your point ?

  • Quote:My last updates came through yesterday, took a while to download even with a fairly fast internet connection, I often have to go into updates to get them to load even though I have Automatic enabled.

    I haven`t seen a recent update`s, my last was on the 27th and I`m up to date.

    What message are you getting.
  • You will be paying extra for that, bracketing can also be done with software.

    The MK2 will set you back an extra couple of hundred quid.

  • I believe there will be more lens choices with M4/3.

    If 4k is not high on your list both of these would be good.



    There`s a whole bunch of superb primes as well like the 17mm, 20mm, 45mm etc.
  • Yeh a useful read.

    Pretty much all of todays EVF`s are very usable irrespective of the dot count, I would not worry yourself to much with this.
  • If your a sky subscriber the series is also available on catch up.
  • Kids can be pretty bright Smile

  • Quote:But I changed to Fuji for one reason. Sensor size is important if you need a narrow depth of field for portraits. APS-C does what I need with a few low-ish costs lenses, but micro 43 needs expensive lenses to get the same effect

    The dof difference between APS-C and M4/3 is pretty small, pretty tiny in fact, your talking a crop factor like 1.5 v 2.

    This Guy sums it all up pretty well.

  • For a simple carry anywhere camera compacts can be good, don`t get put off by the smaller sensors, there still pretty capable in the right hands.

    The two I use are a Fuji x10 and a Stylus 1(won in an EPZ comp)

    At its price the Fuji x30 is a lovely little camera with its evf and tilting screen.


  • Quote:I need to read up a bit on the course and the exam

    How did you get on with that Chris.
  • A few of the lenses might be, certainly not all.

  • Quote:But that goes for any photo site. We've all seen the snapshot that gets a plethora of user awards and countless votes. It's very easy on any of those photos to follow the click trail but you know what- best just let them have their thing

    That`s how I`ve always felt about it.

    Quote:I see a comment about "Good shot" not being helpful. It's not meant to be is it, it's just someone saying its a good shot. Sometimes an image is just good....it's a good shot.

    Nothing wrong there.

  • Quote:
    Quote:It really isn't about the quality of the image more about the number of "friends" you have.

    With that attitude, you will never enjoy the gallery. You're missing so much, it's sad, take it from one who's been there, done that. Just post your images and look at others, and do it your way. If you're complaining because your images don't get enough attention, it definitely isn't because of what other people do.

    He`s merely stating a fact, sad but true.
  • Nah but I can add a couple.

  • Is anyone following this on Sky arts, I`m hooked Smile
  • I use an EM5 (the original MK1) and an older GF2 hacked for video.

    A lot will depend on your budget and how much you want to spend.

    Have a look at the EM10 MK1 or Mk2 from Olympus or the GX7 or GX8 from Panasonic, this is where I would be looking.

    And perhaps a compact kit zoom or a prime or two.
  • Aps-c mirrorless take lenses that are more or less the same size as DSLR lenses, you not going to be gaining a lot on size and weight.

    For compactness I`d be looking at M4/3 or a reasonably high end compact.

  • Quote:As for not needing power - well that depends on what you are doing and what your expectations are

    For photo editing you don`t need a lot.

    I built 4 different systems last year, 5 if you include mine.

    One i7, one i5 and two Kaveri builds, my own using an 8350.

    The i5 was for music applications but the three others were all for photo editing with the i7 also doing a little video editing but this was still a little over kill for the user.

    Running this quick test what do you think the difference was in processing power between the i7 and kaveri`s, it was a messily 4 seconds.


  • Probably an app that can control one of my camera`s.

  • Quote:I haven't tried a metabolism adapter to use my nikon lenses

    Neither have I, it sounds interesting though Smile Smile
  • Edward Weston and Ansel Adams are a couple more.

    Also check out Sally Mann, she`s done some interesting stuff.

  • Quote:I once had an assistant who, among other failings, seemed incapable of getting exposures right on a regular basis. At one wedding shoot, he managed to over-expose some Kodak chromagenic film by about 5 stops yet we still managed to get good album prints.

    The situation would have been very different with either traditional silver halide film or digital!

    Jeez you do know a lot of other people Smile

  • Quote:I'm considering using my camera:

    this winter because the weather is usually wet and miserable and this one is designed to stand up to that. I could, I guess, buy a weather-proof digital but they are quite expensive and I rather fancy using this again - it was something of a favourite of mine.
    Things I'm not sure about are:
    - film. Miserable, damp weather needs fairly fast film (max aperture only f3.5) and my memories of ISO 400 and 800 film are of pretty awful grain - or have they improved? Thinking of using colour, but could be tempted by B& W.
    - processing. I won't be building and kitting out a darkroom, so will need to find a lab (I'm in France, but perhaps a UK lab would do?). Would like the photos on disk - well, actually would prefer to access them through the internet as the disc drive is a bit wonky at the moment. Oh, and not too expensiveWink
    Any advice, thoughts, please?

    One of the best film compacts you could have would be an Olympus MJU 11, its a remarkable little camera.