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Activity : Photo Comments

Paul Morgan

It is the subject matter that effects us, not the technology used to capture it.
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  • Geezer

    Reminds of the character out of I Daniel Blake, Dave Johns (just a bit) Smile
    • 29 Dec 2017 6:29PM
  • Hugo

    I knew straight away who had taken this when viewing the gallery Smile
    • 17 Jun 2016 5:38AM
  • Energy Girl

    This is turning into a good series.
    • 6 Jul 2015 11:21PM
  • Security

    One of you more interesting uploads in a long while Ade.
    • 12 Jun 2015 12:33AM
  • Black Tie

    Very good.
    • 11 Dec 2014 8:28PM
  • Not My Cuppa

    Looks a little like there sat on the Titanic with that slight tilt of the table Smile

    Apart from needing a little straightening its a pretty nice image.
    • 5 Dec 2014 12:46AM
  • Waiting for the Train

    I can see the train tracks so we have a rough idea of were we are, but if you had`nt mentioned the busy market on the lhs I would have been none the wiser.

    Personally I would have chopped out most of the lhs leaving a squarish crop of your main subject on the rhs, I don`t see the market as adding much to the image and those three bright white orbs are somewhat distracting.

    Nice image mind.
    • 5 Dec 2014 12:37AM
  • Idyling My Time

    Different Smile

    Lovely image.
    • 2 Dec 2014 9:06PM
  • RIP II

    Superb, love this.
    • 2 Dec 2014 9:03PM
  • Playing in the Dirt

    Works well, what was it like in color.
    • 2 Dec 2014 8:57PM
  • Curves and Cobbles

    The lighting works a treat, lovely.
    • 18 Nov 2014 3:17AM

    The top hand is a little bright, maybe you could have toned it down a little using a flag on the flash, its a job to say for sure without being there.

    All in though you have captured a great portrait and its one of my favorites from the past week.
    • 18 Nov 2014 3:02AM
  • Getting Ready to Pray

    A good solid series Ade.
    • 25 Oct 2014 12:25AM
  • Me! Me!

    That`s a fun street shot Smile
    • 22 Oct 2014 5:00PM
  • ***

    Lol, all that and nothing to say about the jeans Smile
    • 9 Oct 2014 3:35AM
  • Council Cutbacks

    You could turn this into a project Smile
    • 4 Oct 2014 12:50AM
  • Biker

    Impressive lighting, looks like good use of off camera flash to me.
    • 29 Sep 2014 10:50PM
  • Closeup

    There is nothing wrong with that lens Stuart Smile
    • 29 Sep 2014 10:46PM
  • Holding back

    This ones interesting.

    Though I`m not quite sure what to make of the marks just to the left, above the face and around the lhs, looks like you have brushed something out, but the brush strokes look visible, apart from this its a lovely shot.
    • 29 Sep 2014 10:45PM
  • Alfa Storm

    Quote:Uploaded a mod.

    The information you provided above would have been better provided in the original description, as it a waste of time for us to tell you what you know. EXIF is required for critique.


    That was a bit harsh W.

    Exif info is great if you have a poster with a camera settings problem.

    But in Johns case any exif info would be pretty useless for critique purposes, you should be able to critique this one on face value or from reading Johns notes.

    John the shot just looks a little dull and needs a little something extra to spice it up, the head lights on, a rising sun or something, nothing wrong with deep shadows though.

    Would have been better if you had added the bumpers and straightened the comp a little as well.
    • 22 Sep 2014 2:57AM
  • A Girl Needs To Keep Cool Under That Hot Dryer

    To my eyes both versions look ok with v1 being just that bit warmer.

    In recent years I`ve taken to using a colour checker passport and find it does a great job with skin tones, unless I`m dealing with horrible fake greenish bronze tans.
    • 2 Sep 2014 12:53AM
  • West Burton

    Love the greenery Smile
    • 14 Aug 2014 6:45PM
  • ***

    Thanks Naphan Smile
    • 8 Jul 2014 1:10AM
  • Forest fashion 3

    Its been a good series.
    • 5 Jul 2014 10:15PM
  • Forest fashion 2

    The colors did it for me, they mesh together quite nicely
    • 5 Jul 2014 1:05AM
  • Laura

    Lighting works nicely here Ade.
    • 18 Jun 2014 11:56PM
  • Assimilate THIS!

    This is a good series Smile
    • 15 May 2014 8:12PM
  • imogen

    LOve the attitude.
    • 30 Apr 2014 9:31PM
  • Chris

    Beauty dishes to me are totally useless as beauty dishes unless there practically full sized and used close Smile
    • 25 Apr 2014 11:43PM
  • Jim

    Quote:Fun shoot with Jim at Kirkstall... he's a chef

    Has he just murdered the food Smile Smile
    • 24 Mar 2014 7:09PM