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Hi, thanks for looking at my profile, I've Just returned to site after long time away, will slowly be adding my pictures, some old and some newBlush
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A quick view of Paul_T's recent activity.

  • Buttermere the Golden

    Agree with above comments I just can't criticise this picture, only other than the fact I didn't take it!Tongue Perfect composition, and love the mist and hint of colour in the clouds.
    • 31 Aug 2019 10:19PM
  • Low Tide

    As above and love that detail in the foreground.
    Paul Grin
    • 9 Mar 2019 6:24PM
  • Keangnam Landmark Tower 72 in sunset

    Fantastic sunset and like the way you've captured the detail in the sky as well on the ground.
    • 8 Mar 2019 7:48PM
  • Glencoe

    Beautiful shot - looks like Antarctica!
    Paul Grin
    • 5 Mar 2019 6:09PM
  • Ray Catcher

    Windmills + Sunset = Perfection! Fabulous shot.
    Paul Grin
    • 4 Mar 2019 8:18PM
  • Green Fingers

    Great composition Grin
    • 4 Mar 2019 1:12AM
  • Tanybwlch

    Love the light hitting the waves on the right - looks great full screen Smile
    • 3 Mar 2019 11:20PM

  • Quote:Cracking portfolio ... your use of colour is very much to my taste ... every piece an eyeball pleaser

    Totally agree...stunning portfolio, really my kind of thing. Beautiful pictures.
  • Graham, in my opinion, this is one of the best portfolios on here. I love every picture, and this is the sort of stuff I would one day like to be doing.

  • Beautiful & stunning portfolio pictures. They are all superb, but my favourite has to be Bamburgh Dawn, as the movement in the water is like nothing I've seen before.

    • Posted on martinl's profile
    • 20 Oct 2008 8:07PM