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  • Quote:To Paul first go to Shooting Menu, set picture control and press OK. Then right click the multi selector to bring up extra options. The first of the options is sharpening.

    Sorted. ThanksGrin

  • Quote:Tony, in your camera Picture Control menu, see what sharpness is set to? I think you have a range of 0-9 or similar. By default RAW files are generally set to a soft setting so you can alter the sharpness to your desire in your preferred RAW convertor or editing program.

    I have my D300 set to sharpness 9 and this is applied to my RAW files in NX2 so in effect I never see soft or unsharp images, it's just my preference. Experiment to see if this is the issue.


    Doh question, but talk me through where I can find the menu to make this adjustment. Searched but can't find it???
  • How about a shot of a male policeman sat at a desk - senior type with stripes on jacket and wearing a hat, very formal. Underneath the desk you can see that the policeman is wearing stockings, suspenders and high heels. There are numerous options for the facial expression.

    I guess you wouldn't get a real ccopper to do this so you'd probably have to stage it.
  • Someone needs to tell us quick.........August ends next bloody Friday Grin
  • Tapes been removed Wink
  • Help.
    Recently bought the Epson SX438W printer and while using the inks sold with the printer it was fine. Since i've needed to change inks (blue, cyan, yellow) they don't seem to feed through. I'm using Epson inks and have tried all the usual head cleaning and routine maintenance. The only ink that appears on the nozzle check is black, the one i've not yet changed.

    To me it looks like a fault and a return to the shop, unless anyone knows of something I'm not doing.
  • I've just bought an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 as it rated high on comparison sites. Not used it in anger yet (waiting for snorkelling in Maldives in a few weeks).
    Bought from EBay via China which worked out a little cheaper than RRP.

  • Concentration
  • Terrible news but.......

    "Found in a neighbours garden after the attack"..........Where were the parents/guardian??

  • One of my runarounds


  • Goldengate Bridge San Francisco
  • Not even a gud pic
  • Does anyone have any good areas in the Lancashire area that are awash with daffodils at the moment? Maybe a week or two early but I'm looking at getting out and about this weekend.
  • Win, lose (hopefully always) or draw, he will always be a Scot in my mind.....don't forget he hates the English.
  • New York....I'm here right now
  • What was the crime...........ARSE ON ??
  • "I counted them all out and I counted them all back".....classic line most of us oldies on here will remember.
  • My Wife's a Primary teacher and her school issues a letter at the start of each term asking parents for their consent if on occasions their child's photograph was taken - example being school nativity. If parent's give consent then no problem and those that don't.....well I guess their kids don't take part in "photographed" activities. The school's covered. Simple.
  • Tread with care!
    Work colleague of mine took one of these firms up on the offer, paid X amount up front (legal fees to release the property details for investigation apparently) was asked 3 times for payment when it was paid the first time.

    Said he stood a good chance of a rebate and would know within 6 weeks.......that was 8 weeks ago....OOOPS!!
  • Hobbycraft do a great range in frames mounts and accessories such as this.
  • If anyone is looking at transferring some work onto canvas you could do a lot worse than check out www.photo-canvas.com.

    I've used them a couple of times in the last month and found them to provide an excellent product and service. The website and the upload/preview feature is really easy to use, delivery is excellent (uploaded my latest image on Sunday and it was delivered in under 48 hours with full tracking information provided), oh and their prices appear competitive too (they're offering 3 for 2 at the moment).

    That's it really, just thought i'd let you all know.
  • Hicks & Gillette are on there way out......GOOD

  • Quote:There is a quick and simple way of doing this and you don't have to convert an image to mono first. (unless you want to?)

    Go to Hue & saturation ( if you are using windows its control+U)

    Click on the colouriser box then move the hue slider to read 29, move the saturation slider to 32 and job done.

    Other interesting toning recipes are

    Viradon, hue 25, saturation 20,

    Cyanotype, hue 220, saturation 35.

    Gold, hue 38 saturation 30.

    Selenium, hue 18, saturation 10.

    Cool tone, hue 220, saturation 10.


    Found this to be ideal. Thanks Ken
  • I want to convert an image to sepia using Elements 5. Any ideas guys?

  • Grandson in charge of the keys at Marsden Park, Nelson, Lancs
  • Thanks for the feedback Andrew.

    I've since received a couple of e-mails showing some interest Smile Let's see what happens...
  • The Tour of Britain cycle race passes nearby to me this Saturday so I thought i'd go and capture some images. Then I thought that maybe the local press/publications may want to purchase some of my work. What's the best way to go about selling said shots (assuming they're any good)?

    I've already e-mailed some publications asking them to reply if they think they may be interested but maybe the best way would just be to send them some images.

    If I sent them via e-mail then how do I protect copyright - send low res or with a watermark maybe??

    Don't expect much success but just want people's thoughts and advise really.

  • Simple question for those who know so sorry in advance.

    I have 3 images that I want to stitch together to make 1 wide angle view. How do I do this?

    I have Elements 5.


  • Sunrise over downtown Miami