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Hope you like the variety I have tried to bring in my portfolio. Most of the images have been put here for comment and that is always appreciated. I spend quite a bit of time in the Critique section and I know many visit my portfolio because I have passed comment on their work. Hope you think my work is of a reasonable standard.

I know that, even with 50 years experience there are still things to learn and that technology changes quickly.
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A quick view of paulbroad's recent activity.

  • Last days of Summar

    You know what's coming from me, but this is interesting and I'm pleased you put it in. You do cloud the issue a bit with the very high ISO and shutter speed as the former, certainly will add to the quality drop.

    It is too soft with far too much flare for my taste, but that is a preference. I did. for a few years, often get to use a Leica 3b with 50mm lens, Summar I think. It was a beautiful bit of kit, but alongside my Pentax 1000 and F with Takumars, of the time, the sharpness and flare management was not good. In fact, poor.

    I'm all for having fun, playing a bit, and some nostalgia and the discussions can be of real value. However, I'm a firm believer, if quality is paramount, of the right lens for the job. That means one designed for that camera and definitely, in this day and age, coated on front and rear elements.

    • 24 Aug 2016 8:32PM
  • Long way

    You are shooting excellent subjects, then not doing them justice in processing. The colours are not attractive and a sepia would be better. Exposure is a touch over and the sharpness is not god. I suspect you are not sharpening the image when prepared for the internet?

    • 24 Aug 2016 8:19PM
  • View of Great Falls from Great Falls Park, viewing station #3 in Great Falls Virginia

    You produce an image for two potential reasons. To suite yourself or your customers. In the former case, you do as you like. In this case, we, the viewers of your image, are your customers and Willie says all. The tonal range has beaten you a touch, loosing water detail in the highlights but you have done well with a difficult range.

    If your customer had been, say library or magazine, the tonal range would have precluded selection and/or use. It all depends why you take pictures.

    • 24 Aug 2016 8:15PM
  • Time to rest

    The magenta cast is far too strong and des not say age. You need a dark sepia. There is a super image here but, as above, it is very unsharp due to inaccurate focusing and you must learn to recognise that for yourself immediately.

    I say the following many times. There are two absolutely basic skills to photography.....
    get the exposure right. Get the image sharp where it must be.

    • 24 Aug 2016 8:04PM
  • Greeting

    Willie, for me, actually lists rather considerable adjustments and it does need them. Unusual for you but it is rather over exposed in the centre and very over saturated. Whilst the rock is compositionally correctly placed the over exposure reduces impact of the sunrise a lot and it is to that over exposed area that the composition directs the eye.

    • 24 Aug 2016 7:59PM
  • Little biker

    A strong image. A scooter in k terms rather than a motorcycle but that is just terminology. A good angle and that is hat makes it attractive. You obviously understand the need for care with a spot meter reading as it can so easily be wrong.

    I might have offset the head to the right of the lamp and tilted the whole thing a bit toad even more strength but that would be a very different image.

    • 24 Aug 2016 7:53PM
  • Into the Dark

    Very fine image. Sure, there are always changes possible, each one then becoming a different image but this is fine by me. I do hope other people who use this section look at such images, read the comments, compare the results to there own efforts and, by that, learn.

    The first camera club competition I ever entered in the mid sixties was portraiture. I thought that I was pretty good. The judge, in the nicest way, compared my effort to a very proficient entry from an advanced worker. I could have been offended, but I actually thought, you are right, I WILL improve.

    Think about it.

    • 23 Aug 2016 5:21PM

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