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Hope you like the variety I have tried to bring in my portfolio. Most of the images have been put here for comment and that is always appreciated. I spend quite a bit of time in the Critique section and I know many visit my portfolio because I have passed comment on their work. Hope you think my work is of a reasonable standard.

I know that, even with 50 years experience there are still things to learn and that technology changes quickly.
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A quick view of paulbroad's recent activity.

  • Mono

    Milky water seems to be endemic at the moment. There is nothing really wrong with what you have done, and my comment is purely subjective. I don't really see a composition as the eye just travels to the horizon, then stops.

    • 9 Feb 2016 8:15PM
  • La Gomera_central peak Roque Agando. Another time, another point, the sun through the haze of clouds.

    Nice again although to sun is just a touch bright. Little you can do other than wait!

    • 9 Feb 2016 8:12PM
  • Second try

    you must sort the sharpness issue. IS has nothing to do with auto focus or manual. It tries to reduce shake, and has no effect on focusing. IS will not stop subject movement and wind can come into play here.

    IS off on a tripod. Some modern lesses shut it off automatically when they sense a clamped camera. Manual focus. You havethe tie when using a tripod. The focus point may have copletely missed the blooms on auto.

    ISO 400still gives excfellent quality and also smaller aperture.

    • 9 Feb 2016 8:10PM
  • What's in his mind

    Thiscis wll done in the circumstances. It is a touch unerexposed. Didyou have time to fully deploy the tripod because thatwas what was needed. For this, I might have gone to 3200 or even 6400 as sharpness would be more important than grain.

    It is a little difficult to know what he is doing. Could do with a stretcher or smething in frame.

    • 9 Feb 2016 8:05PM
  • Garden Snowdrops

    Wecare getting 'what a lovelly image' comments regularly again and people will then not learn because they think all is well. Willie is rather better at tack than me, so read what he has put above carefully.

    I keep saying there are two absolute basics to photogrphy, get the exposure right and get it sharp where it needs to be. You are over exposed and rather unsharp I fear. You must expose for the highlights, white flowers here, and you must get the focusing correct. This is best shot off a tripod on manual and manual focus. Auto is going to get it wrong. Modern cameras tend to make people use auto. It seems so easy. It is for the average subject, whatever average is.

    • 9 Feb 2016 7:59PM
  • The National Bird of India- Peacock

    Difficult situation but it has beated you a bit. The bird is to tight in the frame. I like close crops but this is in the wrong places, tail, part way up the legs and crest. It is also not very sharp due to the situation and it should be. contrary to some opinions exposure and sharpness are the basis of good photography. Most images should have a sharp plane somewhere.

    • 9 Feb 2016 7:52PM
  • Flower Market

    Great potential, but you just need the left hand pair of figures and much less flowers. The huge area of blurred orane just pulls the eye dramatically. The two men are great but you neede the much larger and a considerable bottom crop leaving just a strip of orange.

    • 9 Feb 2016 7:48PM

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