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blue and white

blue and white by justahobby

Nice image, well coposed. The blue of the sky and the roof are just a touch similar and the effect is a slight flatness. A polariser might have darkened the sky a bit more giving better separation.


flower in the sun

flower in the sun by gregrk

I hate the things, but that will be because I was trained as a technical photographer with 5x4 MPP and Sinar cameras. So, a Marmite shot which soewill enthuse over.


Colour Droppings

Colour Droppings by markst33

Iusually struggle to see the point of these. A bit of an exrcise. However, I will make an exception here. Very effective indeed with a lot of colour, impact and good resolution.


Shell Mex House, 80 The Strand, Savoy Place,Victoria Embankment, London WC2.

Shell Mex House, 80 The Strand, Savoy Place,Victoria Embankment, London WC2. by photozinemag

The verticals do hit you a bit here. A decent image in general. I, like Willie, would up the contrast a bit to give a bit mre bite, then possibly burn in the bright end of the 'tunnel' if it will take it.


Waterfall Triberg Germany

Waterfall Triberg Germany by Metchick10

Willie sorts it really. I'm not a milky water fan. It gets very over done and I would prefer sharpand clear. The problem really is is the under exposure which gives the heavier effect. Brighten up a touch and you have a reasonable scene.



Refection by Sandipan

Very well done indeed. I might just dodge the heavy shadows on the figure a tiny bit but a fine well shot effort. Leave th rest as it is. Lean doesn't matter here.


N I C E    D O G

N I C E D O G by youmightlikethis

It just looks artificial and posed to me Ian. Not your usualmore lively stuff. Her eyes are shut too. I prefer V1 as the mono suites, but the overall effect is too static.

It also seems very noisey for ISO400 and a little burnt out in some highlights? Possibly the positive compenation was not needed.


Dalbeag Estuary

Dalbeag Estuary by NGW

The quality is good, but I just find myself loking at the tinybit of silhouette castle. Doutless a marmite image that soe willenthuse over. I need a subject on which the eye can rest. The stream i not really terribly attractive and leads to nothing in particular.

An issue of content.


good morning...

good morning... by Maisarah

I fear the general effect is heavy and under exposd. Not terribly indicative of a good morning.

I suspct an old lens from the EXIF thus possbly the need for anual. You also used spot metering. What did you meter from? Spot metering will not give correct readings unless you meter from a tone approximating to 18% grey.

You need to brighten the image up and possibly lighten some deepershadow areas with the dodge tool.


Blue Bay Walk (part 2)

Blue Bay Walk (part 2) by nitz43

Your problem is flare. This is none image foring light scatter causing the milky effect. This can siply be bright lightgetting into the lns but it is important that the lens front eleent is clean. Dirt and grease caause flare.

Older lenses an be sources of flare. Sme lenses designed before digital sensors can flare badly due to inadequate coatings.

You do nt need to be at such high ISO. A mximum of 400 is enough with longer exposure and the camea on a tripod. The smaller the aperture chosen, f16 is small, the more you get a star effect from lights.



Weeds by sparsh845

We really need the EXIF data to help. Exposure and so on.

The idea is good. Select one stem and make sure it is pin sharp with a soft background. Unfortunately, it's not pin sharp. Cannot tell if this is shake of a failure to focus corrctly due to lack of data. VR does not guarantee sharp image. Itjust helps.

So,more caregetting the focus right, or a fater shutter speed, or both. The bloom ust be very sharp.


Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon by dpr59

Very well done.Othersshuldlook and learn. Very sharp wher it needs to be.

Yo have already chosen to crop the body to just th head,oincrease impact even more by cropping tight to the head. If this were entered into a natral history competition, the title would be 'Head of a bearded Dragon'. Thats carping a bit thogh.



Guldowdi by sparsh845

I shoot a lot of macro. Macro is 1:1 or greater. Some stretch that to 1:2..

Do nt buy supplementaris. They do not get close to acro and are usually detrimental to image quality. The cheapest way to get quality is a 50m standrd lens and a set of auto tubes. they are not ideal and are slow to use, but the quality of a 50mm fixxd focal length lens is usually very good.

A full set of 3 tubes is usually a totl of 50mm. 50mm of tubes with a 50mm lens gives 1:1 on a full frame camera. greater with your Nikon, a cropped sensor.

Avoid using tubes with zoom lenses. They work but exposure calculation and magnification control is a minefield. Your choice of a Nikon opens a hge range of high qality gear as would Canon. Nikon lagged behind Canon in the early days of the digital SLR but have, at the very least, caught up.

Sony and Pentax are both good but without the huge background of equipment of the market leaders.
I would be looking at a id range focal length. you are much to close to the subject with the shorter focal lengths and whilst that is not such a problem with flowers, is not a good idea at all with insects.

I would strongly recomment thec105m Sigma EX macro. At least as good as any main anufacturers offering, a lot less expensive and superb quality. Many agazines use this lens to test ne camera bodies. That says something.

This shot. Well done with a phone. I would crop top, bottom and right to concentrate on the sharp area and move the center of the bloo to the right.


Against a clear sky

Against a clear sky by Relic01

Not a bad effort, but if it is a record, you need the base in. If it iis for compositional effect, a shot looking up from nearerthe base to give a more dramatic view are sme strong directional lighting to give form and impact.

OK, you cannot choose lighting, but less exposure yould give a darker blue sky and near silhoutte of the statue. potentially a rather stronger image Ithink.



Eyes by Sandipan

She does look rather aprehensive which is a potential story in itself. The eyes ar very dark indeed. OK, she has dark eyes but you could try a bit of very careful dodging to try and regain some detail. iwould have stayed with color. Mono is for more gritty demanding street shot. This should be softer and colourful.

It is pretty good, though.



urn by justahobby

For me'not in the same league as your others. The tonal range is rather flat and the steps a distraction. It does need some contrast and depth to give impact and to attract a viewers attention. All the tones ar mid range and thus fail to give that strength.

It is quite a personal thing, but when all else is considered, then content becomes important and this fails to be that interesting. Just me.


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