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Hope you like the variety I have tried to bring in my portfolio. Most of the images have been put here for comment and that is always appreciated. I spend quite a bit of time in the Critique section and I know many visit my portfolio because I have passed comment on their work. Hope you think my work is of a reasonable standard.

I know that, even with 50 years experience there are still things to learn and that technology changes quickly.
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A quick view of paulbroad's recent activity.

  • Shed

    We should initially comment on what has been presented, I think, as that is what the photographer obviously intended, although the original is always going to help if things seem to have gone wrong.

    Here, this looks like an HDR image that has been over done. The tonal range is heavily compressed giving an image consisting of a lot of mid tones and exhibiting little contrast. My guess is that you have used a preset process on the phone resulting in this image.

    It needs more contrast, a decent black and white in order to have a stronger impact.
    • 23 May 2017 8:36PM
  • Lakeside Bloom

    As above. You must not use spot metering with auto settings unless you are sure that you are metering from a tone which exactly equates to 18% grey then lock in that exposure. Spot metering is meant to be used to carefully determine light from a known tone manually.

    it can be very accurate, used correctly, on auto without full control it will, very often, be wrong.

    Use spot on a single tone which equates to 18% grey,or take a series of readings and average them, but do not use it on auto for general photography.

    • 23 May 2017 8:29PM
  • Yellow and green tree

    This is a perfectly good, well composed architectural pictorial record. As such it serves a purpose and settings used did the job. Thus the settings were correct in this instance. I, too, would have been on aperture priority, but the end product is what counts.

    • 23 May 2017 8:07PM
  • star burst schnauzer

    This has tremendous instant impact and is a fine image in many ways. I will even accept the tilt! I realise why you used f22 to get the star effect, but the dogs eyes are slightly less sharp than his beard, which is strange and even at f22, depth of field may be the problem with a focus point too far forward.

    I am being hyper critical here because this shot is so good. I would clone out the pylon and wires - they distract a touch and easily done.

    The dust bunnies are visible due to the f22 aperture and a clear blue sky. You may be aware that sensor cleaning on a CSC can be a dangerous business as there is no anti aliasing filter to protect the sensor, so be careful.

    with my X series cameras, I am very careful where I change lenses to reduce possible dust ingress and never, ever, leave a body without lens or body cap.

    • 23 May 2017 8:02PM

    A phone image. Colour and tone are the major problem in your shot. A less than pleasant extreme yellow cast is a bit nauseous. There is a decent image in there as the mods largely illustrate, though.

    • 23 May 2017 7:53PM
  • Dove

    I fear you have violated my two basic rules of photography, get the exposure right, get the subject sharp. There is an image there if you had got both these features right, but yo need positive exposure compensation and the focus is off.

    You must get basic technique right.

    Ideally, such images work best with a decent back light and light coming through the feathers.

    • 23 May 2017 7:49PM
  • Which Way?

    Interesting, but I would be removing all the half people from the bottom. To me, they do not add a base, being half they add confusion. The image are the walking people and their shadows,.

    • 23 May 2017 7:45PM

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