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28/07/2015 - 1:00 PM

Blue Bay Walk (part 2)

Blue Bay Walk (part 2)Your problem is flare. This is none image foring light scatter causing the milky effect. This can siply be bright lightgetting into the lns but it is important that the lens front eleent is clean. Dirt and grease caause flare.

Older lenses an be sources of flare. Sme lenses designed before digital sensors can flare badly due to inadequate coatings.

You do nt need to be at such high ISO. A mximum of 400 is enough with longer exposure and the camea on a tripod. The smaller the aperture chosen, f16 is small, the more you get a star effect from lights.

27/07/2015 - 6:57 PM


GuldowdiI shoot a lot of macro. Macro is 1:1 or greater. Some stretch that to 1:2..

Do nt buy supplementaris. They do not get close to acro and are usually detrimental to image quality. The cheapest way to get quality is a 50m standrd lens and a set of auto tubes. they are not ideal and are slow to use, but the quality of a 50mm fixxd focal length lens is usually very good.

A full set of 3 tubes is usually a totl of 50mm. 50mm of tubes with a 50mm lens gives 1:1 on a full frame camera. greater with your Nikon, a cropped sensor.

Avoid using tubes with zoom lenses. They work but exposure calculation and magnification control is a minefield. Your choice of a Nikon opens a hge range of high qality gear as would Canon. Nikon lagged behind Canon in the early days of the digital SLR but have, at the very least, caught up.

Sony and Pentax are both good but without the huge background of equipment of the market leaders.
I would be looking at a id range focal length. you are much to close to the subject with the shorter focal lengths and whilst that is not such a problem with flowers, is not a good idea at all with insects.

I would strongly recomment thec105m Sigma EX macro. At least as good as any main anufacturers offering, a lot less expensive and superb quality. Many agazines use this lens to test ne camera bodies. That says something.

This shot. Well done with a phone. I would crop top, bottom and right to concentrate on the sharp area and move the center of the bloo to the right.

17/07/2015 - 7:53 PM

Harbour Bridge

Harbour BridgeI might take a bit off top and bottoms as all the interest is across the middle. A strong well executed imagewhich works in mono. I suspect it might be even better in colour. It is pictorial record and, for me, colour then suites better.

I'm not sure it is crisply sharp? May becompression effects but such a long exposure will be prone to wind, traffic and heavy footfalo vibrations.

Lets run..Moment of joy...ChildhoodVery nice. Could possibly lift detail on the boy in some of the darker areas and I wonder if you shot a sequence. The second lad could be better placed to show more of him.

09/07/2015 - 5:30 PM

That Lonely Tree

That Lonely TreeIt is quite good. I would prefer the tree more to the left. My problem is that the tree just does not stand out from the sky. There is so much cloud break up that it's like camoflage. I think the problem is lighting.

You needed strong directional lighting, possibly late evening, with light on the tree, or a silhouette. It needs something to make the tree stand out.

08/07/2015 - 9:35 AM

Two generations

Two generationsBasically with John on the dodging and burning but you do look a little under exposed? You are using spot metering on an auto exposure mode. You do meter and lock exposure before shooting I hope?

You should not have spot set on an auto mode and just shoot as if you had partial or matrix metering set. Spot is too accurate. You must place the metering spot on the correct tone or use compensation.

An interesting image otherwise but a lot of wasted space, bottom left corner. Think I would be coming in a bit closer to fill the frame with detail.

06/07/2015 - 8:48 AM

Books Knowledge world

Books Knowledge worldGood effort. Your exposure is about right, but I would be doing a bit of dodging to brighten the figure and burning in on the foreground books. Probably a slice off each side to remove the curved stonework.

05/07/2015 - 9:35 AM

Cooling down

Cooling downStrong image with good composition, tight in the frame. Just a touch soft all over. A slow shutter speed with respect to focal length so I suspect a little camera shake.

05/07/2015 - 9:16 AM


VendorVery well done. You have handled difficult lighting very well indeed. Might just crop a touch from the right and dodge the figure of the man seated a little. Care with that as contrast will soon go and that would spoil it.


04/07/2015 - 4:04 PM

Seeing through my eyes

Seeing through my eyesI rather like this. A slice of life. It suffers a little from an extreme range of contrast with a few areas burnt out. Ideally there should be detail there but you have contained the tonal range quite well.

01/07/2015 - 2:00 PM


FamilyNice in general and you had to grab the moment. Your gear should easily handle the high ISO which was obviously needed. Might just slide the dodge tool across mums eyes. Very slightly.

An unfortunate byproduct of high ISO can often be a contrast increas, which just does show on the very bright apple flesh. That is a very minor negative on a fine opportunist image.

24/06/2015 - 7:59 PM


AlleyIt does need work on the shadows as it is a bit difficult to sort out visually as shown. There seems to be a feeling that shadows are difficult to recover in a JPG. You should actually be able to do quite a bit before starting to loose contrast. Highlights are difficult to recover in a JPG, but shadows can respond quite well with the dodge tool set to about 15% and some care not to go too far.

15/06/2015 - 4:17 PM

Pa sa re lla

Pa sa re llaA very nice pictorial record. The colours seemjust a touch strange to me, rather pastel. However, that is quite pleasant but I might lift the contrast a touch.

A subject? Matter of taste. It has no conventional point of compositional focus as such. The path leads beautifully into the image, then round a corner. What lies there? A figure on that corner would serve to lock the composition. The path then leading to a focal point.

09/06/2015 - 2:01 PM


CurvesGenerally covered above. You have two major issues and I consider those the basis of good photography. You must learn to get two things right or you will never produce anything.

Get the exposure right.

Get the image sharp where it matters.

You need to learn to refognise these features after shooting, then correct as necessary and reshoot.

A laptop is not a good editing tiol unfortunately. It oacks tight control. You cannot calibrate the screen properly. Ideally, connect a monitor and when I was using a laptop at events to get results out quickly I had a cheap drawing tablet plugged in to USB. You can get a perfectly good one for less than 40. TRUST is a good maker.

Decent software is also a good idea, but Corel Paintshop or Photoshop Elements do everything any serious photographer needs for about 60.

Hot Summer Evening, Berthong RoadA nice scene but rather soft? I suspect you did not use a tripod, hoping the wide angle would cover the slow shutter speed. Looks like a touch of movement to me.

I would have been at f16. Still more than enough depth of field and a stop more shutter speed. Even f11 should easily be enough.

Your lens will not perform at it's best at f22 and can result in loss of definition. Wider apertures can actually appear sharper due to less aberations.

The Hadrian passing through WylamI always prefer steam locos three quaters on, but this is reasonably effective. I would lighten some of the deeper shadows a touch with the dodge tool, but do find the colour very yellow. The tone is general and thus lloks like degraded yellow base paper. Toning should be progressive with some brighter areas near white and dark areas deep brown, if working in sepia.

I would prefer a nice clean sepia tone.

31/05/2015 - 12:55 PM

Mont Tremblant

Mont TremblantI rather like the effect here. We get a lot of water/landscape images and many are missing a focal point or satisfactory composition. This has no subject as such, but a decent composition of shapes. The water has an interesting almost sky like texture.

I still think a formal focal point would add something, though. A boat would do.

Aiguille du Midi (3842 m). On the way to Mont Blanc.Quite an imposing shot but it looks a touch soft? I wonder why you used f20. You are jot going to get the best performance from the lens at such a small aperture. F8 would have been quite enough at 17 mm.

07/05/2015 - 8:55 AM

Humming Bird hovering

Humming Bird hoveringNot bad at all, but ideally needs to be sharper. A very difficult subject. Try flash on camera which, with a powerfuk gun, will give a very short shutter speed indeed. The problem then will be a very dark background and the need to set flash power manually.

Sometines, the only way is compromise and that is needed here. I would be trying a set piece image with flash on camera and exposure set manually for flash with the flash also on manual and reduced output to get that very short exposure time. Then shoot a lot of frames!

25/04/2015 - 5:09 PM

Night over Tejeda

Night over TejedaQuite an inypteresting image. I would crop a bit from the top to remove some sky and force attention down more ontomthe lights.

Well seen.