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A quick view of paulcookphotography's recent activity.

  • The Raven of the Night

    I take your point about the lantern, however it is/was as sharp as the model. The diffuse glow of the light gives the appearance that it is not as sharp
    • 15 Jun 2015 8:11PM
  • The Fog

    I see what you mean, Tanya. I had originally intended her to be dropping a scarf/veil behind her as she ran towards the fog, bit it just cluttered the scene a little too much
    • 13 Apr 2015 10:26AM
  • By The Light of the Moon

    Haha, thanks Tanya. I'll try better next time lol Tongue
    • 27 Mar 2015 2:09PM
  • I dream of Silence

    Particularly drawn to this one. Great use of colour and light. The composition is superb, leading you into the birch tree and the scene balances well with the texture(s)

    My only crit would be with the birds. The middle area of the 'flock' seems a little cluttered and could possibly be thinned out giving a greater visual impact.

    Love it though. Anything that shows good creativity, trees, birds and careful colouring is a winner in my book Smile

    • 3 Mar 2015 1:52PM
  • We Don't Play Anymore

    Exquisite piece of art work. Deserves every bit of praise
    • 5 Feb 2015 10:40PM
  • Dinnertime

    Superb tonal range and composition. Surprised by the lack of recognition. Well done
    • 18 Jul 2014 2:31PM
  • The Maydream Wood

    You have done well with this. The eerie dreamlike feeling is perfectly apt and the clever use of tinting really helps the atmosphere

    Keep it up! Smile
    • 18 Jul 2014 2:29PM

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