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A quick view of paulcr's recent activity.

  • Oia Santorini

    One of my favourite places in the world
    • 16 May 2020 12:00PM
  • Row upon row

    I agree with most of the above but I would have been tempted to push the colour up a tad personally. Paul
    • 16 May 2020 11:42AM
  • Bettystown beach between the showers

    Cheers Taggart.
    • 8 Dec 2018 3:57PM
  • Sacrifice - To Lay Me Down Part 2.

    Superb work. Paul
    • 12 Nov 2018 3:22PM
  • Mei Mei.

    Hmmm, but not a photo..
    • 15 Jun 2017 3:49PM
  • Red Lips

    Quote:Looks very fresh and appealing, Rob. and very doll like,

    If I'm not mistaken it's rendered "doll" and not a photograph. Paul
    • 23 Jun 2016 5:07PM
  • Far Out

    Fantastically dramatic light. Well handled. Paul
    • 6 Apr 2016 5:17PM
  • Lots of very interesting work here Sean. Paul
  • Just added you to my favs, excellent pf Smile
  • Wild imagination! Amazing portfolio! More please. Paul
  • You've been drinking again haven't you Smile
    • Posted on EamonnM's profile
    • 20 Mar 2009 9:26PM
  • Its great to see a PF improving with each shot that goes up. Found your mojo eh Smile
    • Posted on EamonnM's profile
    • 20 Mar 2009 6:23PM
  • A superb gallery of professional wildlife shots. Beauties. paul
  • Is that a wicca photo on your profile? Paul
  • A very talented wildlife photographer, great PF. Paul
    • Posted on BrittO's profile
    • 2 Mar 2006 10:50PM
  • You can't have a comment box with no comments! So here you go Smile Paul
  • Hi Keith. Love that banner. Happy new year to you. PAul
    • Posted on keithh's profile
    • 2 Jan 2006 8:59AM