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  • Posted on: Olympus E-520

    Quote: I was owner of E-500, E-510, E-3 and now E-520. Differences between E-500 and E-510 were huge. I can't say that for E-510 and E-520.

    Hello all.
    This is my first post on ephotozine in response to Pete's review of this camera. I've been trawling the net for the past ten days reading everything I can find on the E520.
    I bought an E500 two lens kit nearly two years ago after weeks of research and indecision. I've been generally happy with the camera but sometimes frustrated by unexpectedly blurred shots but that's probably just me not taking my time. Anyway I've decided now that it's time to upgrade. I really want to stay with the Evolt as I have both FL20 and FL36 flash units plus other items so I don't really want to sell my system and start again from scratch with another camera make. However after reading many other reviews I was becoming a little disenchanted and started looking at other brands. My brother has just bought a Sony Alpha A200 to boot. This is the most informative review I've read to date where the shortcomings were dealt with but not over emphasised. I know about the upgraded specifications and features but with regards to deepmind's comment above, I'd like some idea of is how much of an improvement I can expect with the E520 over my current E500 in actual use. Also has anyone seen a back to back comparison of the E520 and other makes of DSLR in the same price range?
    More to the point is there another DSLR out there which is proven to be significantly better than the E520 in that price range because at the end of the day, like everyone else, I want the best my money can buy. If selling my current kit is the only way to achieve this then so be it.
    A long first post I know and probably difficult to answer fully but thanks in advance.
    • 25 Oct 2008 3:37PM

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