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A quick view of Paully33's recent activity.

  • TD Catch

    I guess maybe I need to start looking at cropping, but I just want to see how my raw photos are progressing without modifing them before I post here. I can always crop later I suppose.
    • 13 Oct 2011 4:16AM
  • The Catch

    Ha I get it the glare from the stair rails, nice I never paid any attention to that hence that is why I am the pupil. Thanks!
    • 6 Oct 2011 1:51PM
  • The First Big Break

    Yeah like I said I don't like it as much as the first one I posted but thought it was descent. I have more that I will defiantely post this week.

    Yeah that 400mm 2.8 was freaking awesome! I wish I could have used it at a game. But I get to use it on my up coming workshop photographing eagles and falcons birds of prey. Pretty exciited about that.

    I have a few shots that I think are pretty good that i got while I was behind endzone and the team was on the 10yrd line come at me and a couple of shots of runs up the middle.

    I am gonna get a good wide receiver shot if its the last thing I do!
    • 19 Sep 2011 9:28PM
  • 1 to beat

    Thanks all for the comments getting good shots like this and hearing from all of you is so rewarding. Dan coming from you that means quite a bit and getting compliments from anyone here whether be a proffessional or what means the world to me. I look at it this way every one here is leaps and bounds ahead of me so I will sponge all info to better myself. I just simply love doing this. I just signed up with a workshop with a proffesional photographer to shoot Birds of Prey Holy crap EAGLES! so geeked up about it

    Any way want to conticue to strive to be better will I have cfrappy shots yep, probably will and not afraid to admit. I find myself now asking myself what you all may say after I take a shot. I think now my confusion is at 2 issues, 1 where to have my focal point indicator(s) should be dead center or the top one. Seems like whenI follow a wide receiver and they get to the air to catch a pass I can never seem to bring what could make a killer shot in focus. The receiver is usually blurry and either the background is nice a nd clear or I miss alltogether and the players surrounding the receiver "watching" the play unfold are crystal clear. Have not found a technique for that

    secondly should I shoot AF Servo or AF Focus. I know that AF Servo is for moving objects but is one really better than the other.

    I also saw a few shots from other shooters that when I stand in the back of the endzone and shoot on the center and QB, I think for me personally this is why I want a good wide angle to get that shot.

    Got to with a 400mm L series the other day Oh My God that is the freaking mother of all lenses. So cool One day and $8000 I will get one!

    Anyway again thanks for the comments I will be posting more, from both of my two son's games I think now I need to focus on consistancy and getting the same quality shot all the time.

    • 18 Sep 2011 3:58PM
  • waterfall at fishing site

    How do I meter off the brightest part of the water? I really struggle with exposure and can't quite pin it down to what is over/under exposed to get good shots
    • 4 Sep 2011 1:30AM
  • D-line

    Sir AWESOME SHOT! I think I know what you are telling me by this shot. I hope I get to be this good. Great expression on lineman's face trying to close for the kill shot. Amazing
    • 3 Sep 2011 11:19PM
  • Just out of reach

    Ok to kinda clear a few things up. This is a picture that I was actually "Iffy" about but again my personal thought I liked it. Background crooked because of the way I am kneeling due to being in a cast for my ankle so I lean to my left. Which not making a excuse for that, just habit at this point that I will DEFINATELY correct on this weeks game. I did nothing to the backgroud nor the picture except cropped the defenders half of arm out, previous critiques said to take those out so just following that rule of thumb. I did have a beautiful day prior to kick off and then the clouds rolled in so I never had my settings set in stone because I was constantly adjusting. So agian this was an "Iffy" picture that I just wanted advice on. It just so happen to be that this play came at me when I was near the endzone so I was trying to capture it.

    I take all advice in good grace and head it so that I can learn. I lookto all of you as mentors and I want to become better, and certainly not a pro....just good. I actually got my 2.8 in mail yesterday so I am pretty stoked about using it this week. With that I have all my critiques on my little note pad that I carry in my camera bag and it will be with me at the games/events so I can refer to them as I have been. And I am looking forward to getting critiques on those shots with my new lens as well because I know that lens is not the 1 solution my techniques need to improve and I will strive for that each time I am out.
    • 31 Aug 2011 1:43PM
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