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Im 16. Live in south wales. In my 1st year of 6th form doin my Alevels, which seems to take up a lot of time.

-Nikon D50 + 18-55mm kit lens (Got for xmas 06, awesome camera!)
-Sandisk extreme III SD card, only 20 on amazon, 70 in shops.
-Pentax Optio S30 (little digital compact, xmas 04)
-Pentax Optio S40 (xmas 05, cos s30 broke...)
-Ephotozine Book, some amazing photos in there. =)
-Jessops Tripod

I like most genres of photography, although i find it a little bit annoying that we can correct and improve things so easily using digital manipulation, so if your good at it, you can make all your photos look good, but does that make you a good photographer? but then again, its great how we can correct and improve things so easily, and how it links photography to graphics and design so much, and we can be so much more creative. Im sure if i knew how to use photoshop properly, i would love it!
I like wildlife photography, especially when you see photos of very wild animals that were only caught on camera because they were completely unaware of the photographer, i think it adds more excitement. The closest thing i have to wildlife though is my cat, so i just have to enjoy taking snaps of him.

All comments are welcome, especially constructive criticism, after all I want to become a better photographer...

email: paulo101@hotmail.co.uk


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