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Activity : Photo Comments


I have my own style of which i want to improve and develop.
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  • look to the light

    Muchas gracias xx
    • 21 May 2018 7:55AM
  • bluebells

    Lovely xxx
    • 13 May 2018 10:47AM
  • Candles and mirror

    Album cover right there xxx
    • 13 May 2018 10:46AM
  • The wild bunch

    thank you xxx
    • 12 Apr 2018 10:13PM
  • Where gender neutral traffic sign figures go to surf

    ha ha !! xx
    • 8 Apr 2018 10:55PM
  • Updated

    She is very gentle, but great possibilities im sure xxx
    • 8 Apr 2018 10:07AM
  • Good Friday evening

    Thank you all xx
    • 31 Mar 2018 7:23AM
  • Speed

    thank you , its something id like to do more as i live by the sea and some of the best surfing beaches
    • 26 Mar 2018 10:32PM
  • House

    Fookin freezing
    • 19 Mar 2018 2:52PM
  • The ancient stone inspector

    yeah he's getting on a bit , i was lucky to catch him xx
    • 18 Mar 2018 7:53PM
  • Before the bloom

    it's quite interesting the other way around as well lol xx
    • 17 Mar 2018 4:54PM
  • Step inside...

    that is one of my fav places to go , when they reopened it me and my lad got a free season pass as we were first in and got invited to see prince charle , that day was very hot !! love it they are now drilling to see if any hot water under so it can be open all year round xxx also where i learned to swim xx
    • 4 Mar 2018 9:21PM
  • A rare sight

    did you go ???
    • 1 Mar 2018 9:59PM
  • It will be precise

    And with this device i shall rule the world !!
    • 16 Feb 2018 8:58PM
  • The look in a sun dappled corner

    it's a railing at the bottom of steps at an old house , thanks all she was a really great model for me, i never felt i did her justice but hopefully i can change that , judging by comments im doing well xx
    • 13 Feb 2018 5:21PM
  • But you tell me, over and over again, my friend, that you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction

    Thats why ill never swim near fukushima !!
    • 12 Feb 2018 9:42AM
  • Redos again

    thank you it's one i actually put light on !! xxx
    • 21 Jan 2018 5:28PM
  • Oldie redo NEW

    i should have back lighted this lol xx
    • 20 Jan 2018 6:29PM
  • Cutting a forlorn figure in the darkness of her soul

    ha ha !!
    • 13 Jan 2018 6:21PM
  • Eyes

    it was the eye request and wanting to get the FS as close as natural as i could . it does seem to help the noise issue loads and brush residue and naturalize the shadows . the close crop came about zooming in to minimize the pixels lol and i thought i really like that !!
    • 6 Jan 2018 10:04AM
  • Hair cascading over shoulders

    Im so happy xxx !
    • 16 Dec 2017 9:19AM
  • Robin Posing on Tree Branch

    love robins xx
    • 14 Dec 2017 6:41PM
  • Take me there.....

    where did she want to go in the end ?
    • 10 Dec 2017 10:34AM
  • low light

    thats a bit odd as i saw a pic last night with that pose and thought maybe i should have done that !?
    • 27 Nov 2017 6:49AM
  • Another redo , quite enjoy redos at the moment

    thanks all , since my journey into it all i've learnt some new stuff , i know iv got to learn layers but doing it layer by layer till iv got an idea seems to work for now. i know two layers lol at the end , shes great and one of a few models who just enjoys posing and what's entailed as a family member into it and enjoys it herself and knows im serious about it and she gets nice pix for her wall lol xxx
    • 16 Nov 2017 5:21PM
  • Poole Docks

    is it still dropping lots of dust over the tourists ? have friends in parkstone we stay , love the place xxx
    • 12 Nov 2017 7:18PM
  • Leading a horse to water

    it did !! thank you xx
    • 6 Nov 2017 6:36AM
  • Redo because i felt i needed to

    decided to have a go at redoing this popular shot , maybe i should draw the chin out a little ? ( wondering how maybe ) and take down the reds , i layered the lips and eyes as not to lose the sharpness and color and went a little maybe over the top with lightning as it helped with my not so great cloning of darks what you think i dont mind CC it's always helpful xx
    • 25 Oct 2017 9:07AM
  • Turning point

    Nothing wrong with third party cheek xxx
    • 25 Oct 2017 9:01AM
  • autum

    love the colors
    • 24 Oct 2017 10:17AM