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Christmas Prize Draw 2017

Activity : Photo Comments


Im just having fun tbh and maybe a good photo photo in the mean time
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  • Hair cascading over shoulders

    Im so happy xxx !
    • 16 Dec 2017 9:19AM
  • Robin Posing on Tree Branch

    love robins xx
    • 14 Dec 2017 6:41PM
  • atitude full size

    she is fun to work with , i was probably being cheeky and she just finished work lol , i'm using elements here but cross over to full blown PS when iv a few hours to find stuff in that like a brush or something xx i was trying color curves and skin tone but i myself lost patience and turned it black and white to try blacks in curves ?
    • 12 Dec 2017 6:40AM
  • still working on this

    ill post it soon lol xx you know what this group is like after my last run in Wink xxx
    • 11 Dec 2017 9:32AM
  • Take me there.....

    where did she want to go in the end ?
    • 10 Dec 2017 10:34AM
  • Another try

    well i think the tutorial is a "this is the process now go and experiment" with surface blur use this and that brush maybe different light etc . i feel it loses something , but interesting moving on xxx
    • 1 Dec 2017 6:08AM
  • Rather proud of this

    cheers all, i know its not perfect but im pleased i achieved it , i was surprised also i understood where to go in the process even, so learning little bits here and there has helped . thanks for feed back and support xxx
    • 29 Nov 2017 10:36PM
  • low light

    thats a bit odd as i saw a pic last night with that pose and thought maybe i should have done that !?
    • 27 Nov 2017 6:49AM
  • Another redo , quite enjoy redos at the moment

    thanks all , since my journey into it all i've learnt some new stuff , i know iv got to learn layers but doing it layer by layer till iv got an idea seems to work for now. i know two layers lol at the end , shes great and one of a few models who just enjoys posing and what's entailed as a family member into it and enjoys it herself and knows im serious about it and she gets nice pix for her wall lol xxx
    • 16 Nov 2017 5:21PM
  • Poole Docks

    is it still dropping lots of dust over the tourists ? have friends in parkstone we stay , love the place xxx
    • 12 Nov 2017 7:18PM
  • Leading a horse to water

    it did !! thank you xx
    • 6 Nov 2017 6:36AM
  • A little more progress

    i did try getting on it but i think i may need to be a paid up member ? but i take ages as you know to get my head around stuff , again i'm trying to dismantle what i need to learn, however in my farting about iv learnt loads in a very short time and exploring . i did do a process being as minimal as poss and worked well just using one brush just to see . thing is im understanding to a degree what it is they are talking about now from when i first started instead of listening blankly , it'll come im sure . it'll suddenly make sense but at least im looking , again because of you i'm further forward because of your suggestions. xxx
    • 5 Nov 2017 8:24PM
  • Redo because i felt i needed to

    decided to have a go at redoing this popular shot , maybe i should draw the chin out a little ? ( wondering how maybe ) and take down the reds , i layered the lips and eyes as not to lose the sharpness and color and went a little maybe over the top with lightning as it helped with my not so great cloning of darks what you think i dont mind CC it's always helpful xx
    • 25 Oct 2017 9:07AM
  • Turning point

    Nothing wrong with third party cheek xxx
    • 25 Oct 2017 9:01AM
  • autum

    love the colors
    • 24 Oct 2017 10:17AM
  • Taken before the King.

    well it was only polite xxx
    • 24 Oct 2017 12:04AM
  • Soft

    so in your opinion then im on the right track with the editing ? it is giving me a look i like , i really think iv got it here do wonder about the contrasting just worried about the detail ( look i know you've given me really good feedback over the years and have improved but got lost somewhere ) just want to move on now
    • 23 Oct 2017 8:38AM
  • This has it more

    yay !! it was worth persevering , thank you xxx and very mischievous
    • 19 Oct 2017 6:46AM
  • Old rocks

    Its along the tinners way in penwith
    • 16 Oct 2017 9:13AM
  • Fitness shoot

    ha ha i could have thought of other comments regarding poles but ill keep them in my head xxx
    • 25 Sep 2017 10:30PM
  • Another location

    i know !! she was in the lake the other week xxx
    • 24 Sep 2017 8:49PM
  • Pirate on the prom

    We didnt win sadly fell short of a lot of different pirates. from 46 to 600 ? however a lot of fun and a great day xxxx
    • 29 Aug 2017 8:45AM
  • The things you can see

    was fantastic place first time i ever swam in a quarry pit , one off the bucket list xx got to redo a shoot as forgot to take a better suited lens xxx
    • 26 Aug 2017 9:14AM
  • First ciggie of the day

    i tried the frame idea but couldn't get it thin enough thin white then black outer . then cloned the inner to outer farting around really lol
    • 22 Aug 2017 11:11PM
  • New age

    thank you xxx
    • 15 Aug 2017 8:09AM
  • Wind over the waves

    Wow thank you everyone xxx
    • 4 Aug 2017 7:21PM
  • Hydrangea nebula

    i seem to have space theme going lol xxx
    • 1 Aug 2017 9:15PM
  • Flower study

    starting to enjoy contrasting a little more xx
    • 22 Jul 2017 9:29PM
  • Dancer on the stage

    thank you all , blubber xxx
    • 18 Jul 2017 6:09PM
  • Rework

    thanks guys , i do actually consider this one of my best works so it was worth doing again xxx thank you for the award john and leo xx xxx
    • 17 Jul 2017 2:07PM