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A quick view of pdarby's recent activity.

  • Scenic View to Barbury

    Nice - like the way the cloud formations seem to offer greater depth to the image. Also the stuff under the tree in the foreground work wil with it.
    • 15 Sep 2011 9:23AM
  • Splashed

    Seems a little washed out - get it? Tongue

    Seriously this is a good pic. I think it could benefit from enhancing the colour slightly and sorting out the white burn.

    Like it.
    • 14 Mar 2011 9:58AM
  • Loading salt for the winter stocks

    Nice vibrant colours.

    I think this would have benefited from being taken from a low angle that perhaps would have lost the houses showing over the trailer. A low angle would have also offered the dumper an air of power and authority in the picture. Also it's a shame that the lorry is cut off.

    Nice effort though
    • 9 Dec 2010 1:21PM
  • Misty Days 2

    No problem. It's funny what people like and don't like. My previous pic of this style resulted in people wanting a much more burnt out sky but still as much.
    I did consider straitening the horizon but decided that if I did that the trees on the right would lean to the left and look wrong. The current angle is how it appeared, so really it could be said that it is right as it is.
    I kind of agree with you with regard to the forground - I wanted to cut some of this but also wanted to retain the suns reflection so made the tricky decision to stick with it.
    It is however again how it appeared on the day. This picture is actually a colour picture. The fog was so dense that it provided this ethereal feel.
    Whilst I do understand where you are coming from with most of your comments, I am loathed to create an image that is two false against what I was seeing on the day.
    Thanks for the comments.
    • 9 Dec 2010 1:16PM
  • Bedouin Princesses

    This is a nice attempt at this kind of picture.
    It is unfortunate that the focus is actually on the camel behind and of course (as has already been mentioned) neither of the ladies in the foreground are looking towards you.
    I think this would also benefit from the orange scarf being left in monochrome along with the lady in the backgrounds head carf.
    • 9 Dec 2010 12:10PM
  • Boscastle Cottages

    I see why you took this - it's a nice picture.

    For me one destraction is the angle of the houses. It would feel better if you turned it a few degrees clockwise so that the windows etc. were in line with the edge of the picture.
    • 24 Nov 2010 1:05PM
  • Misty days

    Thankyou all for the good comments and advice.
    • 19 Nov 2010 10:41AM

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