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  • Posted on Niknut's profile

    Great portfolio Keith, whatever you are doing you are doing well, keep it up!
    • 31 Oct 2017 8:27PM
  • Posted on Leedslass1's profile

    Lovely selection of shots in this portfolio.
    • 27 Jun 2016 6:57PM
  • Posted on Richsr's profile

    Really nice set of images Richard. look forward to seeing many more classy photos! Paul
    • 18 Feb 2015 7:32AM
  • Posted on Baden's profile

    Loving this portfolio!
    • 3 Apr 2013 9:48AM
  • Posted on Mike_Smith's profile

    Love this portfolio, so many great images!
    • 16 Mar 2013 6:21PM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    What an amazing portfolio, you have some incredible photos there that i'd be so proud to have taken myself!!
    • 16 Mar 2013 5:06PM
  • Posted on clive burrow's profile

    What a really nice portfolio, all full of so much colour and so many there that i'd be proud to take myself!
    • 22 Feb 2013 5:19PM
  • Posted on wildlifephotographer's profile

    Love the portfolio. It must be awesome to have such beautiful and colourful birds on your doorstep which you have brought over very well in your photos. Look forward to seeing more!
    • 11 Feb 2013 8:25AM

Limited to latest 30 results.