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20/07/2015 - 4:49 PM

Little Devotee

Little Devoteeappears to be a devotee of Maa Kali.. I have shot children like this a couple of times.. and it always comes out good..
It is good.. the only thing is that you could have shot it with a little altered background.. what is towards the right of his face is a little distracting.. but in a grab-shot situation we may not have that option..
20/07/2015 - 11:12 AM


"  THE WALL-DECORATION  "have seen something like it before.. for me - cropping on the left (the big red) is a little questionable.. or perhaps it should be framed by some other color.. I think the reason is - red and white make a rather high contrast of color.. just my view.. perhaps would be better with grey framing..
20/07/2015 - 2:55 AM

Carmargue Horse Gallop

Carmargue Horse Gallopgreat image.. just a personal point of view - perhaps a tad over-sharpened.. which is not to take anything away from this great image..
26/06/2015 - 4:40 AM

Fisherman on lake

Fisherman on lakebeautiful.. serene.. calm.. light perfect.. subject placement perfect.. nice sky with clouds.. nice placement of piers.. I rather like the muted colors.. it is about tranquility and balance which will always appeal to a mature and balanced heart (can't tell about the others.. Grin ).. Fisherman's oar is high and angular position of it makes it dynamic as well.. the whole scene as it is in the natural environment with only the fisherman in sight gives an air of sincerity.. the way he slowly glides ahead in the gentle sunlight holds promise as well.. his face is not visible does not hurt as I am able to take the image as a whole.. and it is more about the fisherman's relation and bonding with its environment, which is inherent and natural.. And to top it all, the symmetric position of the hill in the backdrop.. wow!! reflections on the water.. superb!! well detailed where it matters.. no dark spots.. no burning of anything.. still looks like straight out of the camera.. as though straight from the heart...

It has an air of philosophical stability and a tranquil unhurried romance from the eyes of the tourist.. and it gives rise to those kinds of emotions..

I had not for a moment thought..
The sun was bright but gentle..
And promise of a beautiful journey..
Would be too alluring to resist..
All I had to cross was my fears..
And which I did for you.. for us..
23/04/2015 - 1:00 PM

Caldera. Santorini

Caldera. Santorinigood one, Alexander.. to me, lights on the bottom-middle and bottom-right distract here.. they are somewhat blocking my way to the further charming lights.. I feel would go better if you crop..
21/01/2015 - 12:52 AM

View from Tarbet

View from Tarbetlast day.. the reflections of trees on water were fascinating..

Absolutely colour for me..

it is soothing to see snow and water together.. It is always soothing.. and here we have sunlight as well..
It is a beautiful image, simply and beautifully composed.. the bench there.. a beautiful ingredient..
and just love the tree and the green round patch on which it is standing..
very lovely image with beautiful ingredients..

(I have one thing to suggest.. I don't know how fair that would be.. I feel something was needed at the bottom.. White against white is ditracting.. Perhaps a neutral border (maybe gray border?).. Just an idea..)
14/01/2015 - 4:44 PM

From where we came...

From where we came...I have come back again.. Smile

Taking lead from Moira's comments... I think it would have been better to keep only a little bit of sky above the sea (say 25% of what is visible here).. I do think that some sky would be important here.. but a major part of it may be cropped.. for the sea to take more weightiness..
The sea - yes, dof should be low.. but how much low? Maybe a little bit more definition could have been a little more agreeable.. in my opinion..
The sea - from pattern point of view.. It is a mobile thing.. one can get as many patterns as one wants.. I personally like the pattern here, the waves far behind.. that is one thing that is defining the sea here, and its might, and volatility..

Just sharing my views.. it has bee a good exercise for most of us.. Smile

Cheers... Smile

I believe the title is about the stones..
08/03/2014 - 10:35 AM


HOPEdeep, i would like to describe what i feel seeing this..
i do understand that the two images (this and the last) are related to women and it is a good day to present it (7th march being the international women's day)... it's rather a shame that we have to have a day for better halves of us.. bur reality is a reality.. in many parts of the world including many parts of our country, women are denied justice..
coming to the image, i do get the meaning you want to portray and it is successful in driving the idea home.. the woman walking through miles and miles of vast, barren land, in darkness.. is the reality of many women in our country.. that mentality with which women are married and brought to a house.. work hard, produce children, sometimes an army of them..
i see she is in good clothes, rather ornamental too.. for my fancy i believe she has been married recently, may the last week, and the reality of the life has beckoned on her.. her expressions are that of a neutral sort of complaint.. a faint anger and a clear sense of injustice is in the heart, which never comes out.. she sees the light, at daybreak, and instinctively turns her head back and finds a beauty and hope in it.. which just highlights her confinement.. so it is a satirical piece of work..

Maybe i am wrong but this is what it told me.. or this is what i got from the image.. Smile
Not not as perfect as the last one.. the pitcher looks like hanging in the air.. the direction of the light is confusing..
yet the content strong and meaningful.. and hence, shortlisted.
02/03/2014 - 3:31 PM

Light on the Horizon

Light on the Horizonhi kate, this is to tell that i feel none of the modifications are better than your image.. reason: in your image, the foreground is dull and the contrast between it and the bright horizon is good enough to make an impact.. the problem with all the mods are that they are making the foreground too bright, and they are more sharp as well and destroy the mood somewhat...
one thing though, if your background is white, it lessens the drama of that distant light a bit.. a suitable frame (mostly black) would have enhanced the drama there.. it is almost as good as many posted here, just that tad bit less in drama because of the white background.. a frame was a necessity here.. or a darker background.. my personal view..
04/02/2014 - 3:26 PM


Sandstormgood traveler's photograph.. but not a sandstorm.. just a wind that blows up some sand..
interesting the contrast between the woman and the camel-waala..
Cheers. certainly not to be cropped to the left as it would eat the camel shadow out. and then not to the left either for then it would create imbalance.. no cropping required,, but i feel a little more of the sand in the foreground could be added.. i don't think anything else was required to be done.. all the three subjects have done their job well and all are interesting in their own ways..
03/02/2014 - 12:13 PM

Cool Punishment

Cool Punishmentcomments about the crop are right.. both, to her left and above her head as well.. she feels like stuffed there.. and also at the foot level.. see, she is standing on one leg, and with that tilt, and if you crop her feet, it feels a little unbalanced to my eyes..
i am not too sure about the articles which occupy most of the image.. a gate, a cycle, something like polythene cover behind the road.. what do they add to the image? i am not too sure.. even the empty wall with some textures would be nicer, or something more meaningful.. what do you think? it's fine if you like it this way.. she has given you though a good enough pose and smile.. cheers.
02/02/2014 - 2:38 PM


Caisterit's just a little thing, pat.. chopping the half windmill on the left would have made it a much, much better image.. just that little job was required.. Cheers.Smile
22/08/2012 - 6:10 PM

the Memory Game

the Memory GameI think this a personal feeling.. the same image is in your profile intro.. so it must be you.. and this time model's name too is not given..

there's one thing in the image which distracts and does not allow to come to the theme 'the memory game'.. that is the little finger between the lips.. It becomes so highlighted in the mind that it does not come to anything else..
The sand is also used in your other image 'the passage of time' to reflect the passage of time like here..
your image are so visually strong that one cannot forget them in such a short span of time.. its a great compliment but a challenge too because if the things are repeated, they come to occur before eyes very easily..
Regards. Your fan.
06/08/2012 - 4:13 PM


SilenceDear Deep.. the image builds upon the eeriness created by darkness of the night.. I would rather say it does not build a spiritualistic atmosphere.. or rather its dark mysticism, which includes nightly and dark rituals of some of the Hindu sects.. I like it on that score.. In does not offer peace if your intention was so.. On the contrary, it offers uneasiness..

On the technical side, I would say its good job done and at least creates an ambiance as described above, which by and by is harder to create.. It is benefited from the fact that its darkness and needs to be unclear and mystic in anyway.. There are few minor things though.. The white bird is a little too bright for moonlight.. same is true for light tower.. i think if all the different objects were a little less bright that would have given more subtlety.. One might as well like to see it in a bluish tone to see what magical and mystical atmosphere it would create..

I think what's truly engaging in the image is the statue in the foreground..

02/08/2012 - 3:15 AM


---there's one with the arms close, one with arms apart, and one in between..
My view..
The best to me is the arms close because its not just a frolic but an exploration and curiosity which is well expressed by her face.. Also, the face's composition better with variable light and some part of it is hidden which incites a subtle charm.. Moreover, as she is looking at the sand in her hands with curiosity, it exhibits she is not in a hurry, which suggests its about leisure and peace.. Also, it incites more curiosity in the viewer..
The one with arms wide apart (this one) is just good.. There have been many shot like this.. In that manner, as the mind takes it for granted, it wanders on other things such as her beauty and form, which are beautiful.. The color of her shirt and shorts are much more visible here as it is what I start seeing taking the upper part for granted..
the third with arms in between wide and close also incites curiosity.. It could resemble a prayer but the hair are wild and flying in the air so it could not be a prayer.. That the hair is flying in the air does not give it any stable mood.. and so it becomes a wild frolic again..

So for me winner is the arms close..