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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi. welcome to this little corner.
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  • "Come on now....my turn!"

    do I want any of them?
    • 22 Feb 2016 4:24PM
  • Enter if you dare

    I don't dare.. it is over and out from me.. I have too many problems, and I am lurking at the bottom of my spirits..
    I can only say - I stand by what I have said till now..
    • 3 Feb 2016 4:25PM
  • Are you scared of clowns?

    I am, sir..
    but if I have given my heart to the clowns.. I stay by it.. I have given my feelings and emotions to them.. I value it.. I respect it..
    it is bad if others are totally neglecting one's point.. one is not in a condition to continue..
    but yes.. I am afraid of clowns..
    • 2 Feb 2016 4:27PM
  • Got my beady eye on you

    might have.. too little too late..

    nice capture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 4:57PM
  • Close encounter

    they don't understand his pain..

    nice shot..
    • 31 Jan 2016 4:42PM
  • One for sorrow

    great sorrow..

    nice capture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 4:27PM
  • Blown about in the breeze

    that's me.. Patty..

    nice image..
    • 31 Jan 2016 3:40PM
  • Chained up

    but that was always chained up..

    nice capture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 3:12PM

    we are all like it..
    • 31 Jan 2016 3:08PM
  • Working .... it out

    but perhaps what has already been worked out?..
    man.. you don't know how tough it is.. Grin Grin feel him from his spot.. then you will realize.. and I don't think anyone else could have done it..

    nice image..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:54PM
  • Ice Cream

    a welcoming sight..

    nice capture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:46PM
  • Ice breaking

    some ice is breaking! hopeful for a good sleep after a very bad day..
    nice and soothing image..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:36PM
  • Burke & Hare

    I think they would literally kill.. or least turn one mad..

    a nice capture, Kate..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:07PM
  • Silly Sunday shapes

    nice capture, John..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:06PM
  • That's the Spirit

    don't know whether to laugh or cry about it..

    a well-timed capture, Nishant..
    • 31 Jan 2016 2:05PM
  • Winter Tree

    nicely portrayed..
    • 31 Jan 2016 9:42AM
  • ' Take us to your leader '

    nice observational image, Peter..
    • 31 Jan 2016 9:41AM
  • Abandoned

    indeed looks like it.. a lot of pain in store..
    • 31 Jan 2016 9:40AM
  • Walking the dog.

    its yer dog.. walk him the way ye want..

    nice mono..
    • 31 Jan 2016 9:10AM
  • Harbour, Seaham

    remember seeing something like it before.. but difficult for me to understand visually..
    • 31 Jan 2016 8:51AM
  • Wibbley ....Wobbly......

    you made him bites the dust.. the one you love..

    nice capture, Barbs..
    • 31 Jan 2016 8:43AM
  • Turkish 'Red' Eye

    nice image, John..
    • 31 Jan 2016 8:41AM
  • Life on the Shelf

    that's torture..

    nice image..
    • 31 Jan 2016 7:44AM
  • beauty is only skin deep.........

    the beauty comes through the actions.. kindness and generosity.. the way you connect.. the way you feel pain of people you don't know.. beauty is honesty.. always say what you believe in.. and be firm in what you believe in.. never do injustice to anyone.. be willing to sacrifice everything but never do a compromise on what you believe.. without these things, even physical beauty is nothing..
    brings tears to my eyes..

    nice portrait, Sawsengee..
    • 31 Jan 2016 7:09AM
  • A bird in hand

    clearly with ruffled feathers..
    nice capture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 6:55AM
  • The Thumbs 5

    it is too taxing sir..

    nice concept..
    • 31 Jan 2016 6:40AM
  • Hoverbird

    • 31 Jan 2016 6:12AM
  • Look There's Gramma

    fantastic portraiture..
    • 31 Jan 2016 6:10AM
  • Staring out

    but maybe at the same time looking deeply inside..

    • 31 Jan 2016 6:09AM
  • Silly Bird

    tis good to be a little silly.. life is more charming that way.. that is what I believe.. I would never want to leave the romantic side of life..

    nice capture..

    • 31 Jan 2016 6:08AM