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  • I have uploaded my 2nd photo to the Critique Gallery (I think!!!!) Though have already spotted something wrong with it myself - think it was a blob on the mirror that I should have corrected (grrrrr) Sad
  • Thanks Ken - Am gonna have a go at doing that for my next one (now I've got instructions on how to do it!) Still fumbling my way round the site I'm afraid - LOL!! Grin
  • Hi,
    Just wanted to say hello.... been lurking about a while, bought a second hand camera off ebay and a new lens for xmas so just trying to learn how it all works. Love looking at the photo gallery and reading the forum and have learned so much already just from reading things on here (although have yet to put the theoretical knowledge into practice!)
    What a fantastic resource this site and forum are for newbies like me! Grin
    Pen x
  • I've had probs with Jessops - promised refund, 6 weeks later, not refunded. Fortunately my mum (who is just a little bit scary) got on the case for me, and they eventually gave me a refund and a 20 gift card as compensation for all the mither (of which there was lots!)

    I've still got the gift card coz can't bring myself to shop there ever again!! >:-/