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Welcome to the World through my LensWink

I will allow my Images to speak for myself & I hope that you'll enjoy my style of photographing the World.

My Images are influenced by so many things I've experienced in my life, as well by hundreds of thousands,
of mostly landscapes photos of many award winning photographers from around the World.

So I may lack my true personal style or it may be a blend of all the above..

I have learned over the years to see things in photographs, most people do not seem to notice,
and I try to accommodate many of them in my own photographic journey.

Hope you'll find something inspiring..

I will try to gradually add more Images (time permitting...)
I have a big bank of photographs taken mostly for the last 25 years and would love to share at least some of them with you.

I think that photography is Fun first, then Art and the technicalities next, at least for non Pro Work.

For me the 2 most important things are the subject & composition and a decent technical quality,
low noise, straight horizon, color, white balance, sharpness, proper exposure, etc.

I like my images to be clean and technicaly good but I'm not a freak about it.

For me good photo should also show unusual subject matter or place and finding one takes an effort and gives satisfaction. It is sometimes much more challenging than creating technicaly perfect photos.

My images are limited mostly by my budget & time, but hope to be able to change it soonWink

Thank you for all comments & Awards,
which I'm always very happy to receive!

(All my Images are Copyrighted)
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I'm in my late 40-s, have been mostly the PENTAX Cameras user so I stick with my Photo IDWink , photography being one of my favorite hobbies for over 30 years!

I'm nature lover and passionate about forests and trees, at the same time addicted to photography!

My favourite types of photography are Landscape, Forest Settings, Dogs
Travel & Nature, B/W, Macro and Low Light..

I like to spend my free time riding a bicycle or walking with my camera in the forest, mountains or on the coast...

Most of my subject show realistic but strong colors and patterns without any manipulation, which I prefer.

I like when the nature boosts the colors instead of Photoshop where possible and constantly looking for suchWink

Occasionally however I like to experiment a little or just simply to convert the photo scene to B&W etc

I hope you'll enjoy looking at my photos as much as I do photography in general...

(All my Images are Copyrighted)


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