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Welcome to the World through my LensWink

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Feel free to drop any comments or votes anytime.

I will allow my Images to speak for myself.

I will try gradually add more Images (time permitting...)
I have a big bank of photographs taken mostly for the last 12 years and would love to share at least some of them with you.

I think that photography is Fun first, then Art and technicalities next, at least for non Pro Work.
For me the 2 most important things are the subject & composition and a decent technical quality, low noise, straight horizon, color, white balance, sharpness etc.

I like my images clean and technicaly good but I'm not a freak about it.

For me good photo should also show unusual subject matter or place and finding one takes an effort and gives satisfaction. Its sometimes much more chellenging than technicaly perfect photos.

Thank you for all comments or Awards,
which are always pleasant!

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Photographs that have been given a User Award by PentaxBro.