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Hello to one and all,

Well its over 6 years since I retired and although I still bake and make the odd chocolate or two, I still love being retired, being able to do as I please and not worry about getting up at stupid O clock.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new 2020 .

Love and light Patty xxSmileSmile
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  • Liquered by Mollycat

    Good street capture with your new toy Peter.
    Looks very busy there .

    • 7 Jan 2022 10:02AM
  • Found these by Mollycat

    Delightful to see this merry crew .
    Lovely group photograph.
    Happy new year Peter .

    • 7 Jan 2022 9:50AM
  • New Year's dreams by JuBarney

    What a gorgeous creature this is, and he does look like he is day dreaming.

    • 6 Jan 2022 5:40PM
  • Youve been framed by HobbitDave

    A huge feeding frenzy Dave, what a lovely bird too, a super visitor to your garden, still got 2 robins in our garden, still not fighting each other, I am surprised. Smile

    Patty x
    • 6 Jan 2022 5:39PM
  • Ice Art by Saastad

    Excellent frame Arne,looks wonderful the way you have captured this.

    Please to add my award to your others.


    • 6 Jan 2022 5:37PM
  • Winter Solstice by Sylviwhalley

    The lead is my favourite one Sylvia, we don't often see a marvelous sky like this here.

    Well done with the versions too.

    Patty x
    • 6 Jan 2022 5:35PM
  • IR Gravestones by Nikonuser1

    Looks good in I R Cliff, I do love a wander around the graves myself.

    • 6 Jan 2022 5:33PM
  • Posted on: Pentax Featured Image

    I am so delighted that my orange roses has been chosen has featured photograph.
    It was good to read the comment that described why it was chosen. Thank you so much
    • 26 Mar 2016 1:33PM

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  • Posted on Badgerfred's profile

    A gallery full of joyful butterflies to enjoy in the depths of winter, and a pleasure to see in summer from your river walks.

    • 27 Jan 2020 6:03PM
  • Posted on Fefe's profile

    Excellent and a very varied portfolio Diane, some wonderful travel photos and gorgeous ones of your grandson and family.
    A real pleasure to see.

    • 7 Jun 2019 4:31PM
  • Posted on HobbitDave's profile

    Some really beautiful flower photography and those chickens and hens are fantastic, the colours are excellent. A super collection here in your portfolio a joy to view.

    • 7 Jun 2019 3:45PM
  • Posted on leo_nid's profile

    A wonderful portfolio full of interesting photographs, a joy to see.

    • 24 Mar 2018 2:34PM
  • Posted on canoncarol's profile

    Lovely to see your back again Carol.


    Patty SmileSmile
    • 2 Jul 2016 3:03PM
  • Posted on Lillian's profile

    The most impressive collection of bird and animal photography Lillian, it is exceptional.

    The latest birds from your trip are out of this world.

    • 29 Jun 2016 5:54PM
  • Posted on senn's profile

    Some wonderful bird photography here Nuri, really well taken and displayed.

    A joy to see them

    • 29 Jun 2016 4:46PM
  • Posted on Sylviwhalley's profile

    Dear Sylvia, what a wonderful portfolio you have , a real joy to see your beautiful flower photography

    • 21 Jun 2016 9:02PM
  • Posted on Holmewood's profile

    What a beautiful portfolio you have Cathy, with a superb variety of birds , and then those gorgeous horses, A joy to see them all

    Patty SmileSmile
    • 17 Jun 2016 8:24AM
  • Posted on phillG's profile

    Wonderful sunsets and sunrises here the most glorious portfolio
    • 20 Apr 2016 8:14PM
  • Posted on Jukka's profile

    Wonderful portfolio Jukka showing Finland's beauty.
    • 13 Apr 2016 6:19AM
  • Posted on ade123's profile

    Excellent portfolio Ade, you really are such a talented photographer, a pleasure to look around here.

    Patty SmileSmile
    • 11 Mar 2016 4:24PM
  • Posted on Badgerfred's profile

    Wonderful portfolio Fred, with the most gorgeous photographs of butterflies. Such a joy to look through these

    Patty Grin
    • 12 Aug 2015 8:20AM
  • Posted on kuipje's profile

    A beautiful collection of photographs here. Love the flowers , a good selection

    Patty GrinGrinGrin
    • 7 Jul 2015 10:06AM
  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    Just looked right through your portfolio Carol and you really have some of the most beautiful flowers here and your little critters are just stunning. Super portfolio a joy to look through

    Patty GrinGrinGrin
    • 10 May 2015 2:19PM
  • Posted on Mollycat's profile

    Peter you have gone from strength to strength. Your portfolio is growing better and better. Super images and a good variety
    Love and light. Patty xx
    • 19 Feb 2015 10:52PM
  • Posted on MaryFaith's profile

    I have just taken a tour of your Portfolio Mary, lots of beautiful work here

    Patty Grin
    • 30 Jan 2015 6:48PM
  • Posted on banehawi's profile

    A wonderful portfolio to look through, some superb flowers and bokeh shots. Great portraits too.

    Patty Grin
    • 16 Aug 2014 10:14AM
  • Posted on tomcat's profile

    This is truly a magnificent portfolio of wonderful butterflies .
    A joy to look through
    • 29 Jul 2014 8:57PM
  • Posted on PhotoArtImages's profile

    Welcome from me too Mandz hope you stay and enjoy the site, well done to you as the Guest editor too.
    Best wishes to you Patty Grin
    • 6 Apr 2014 11:01PM
  • Posted on NDODS's profile

    Great portfolio Nathan GrinGrin

    best wishes Patty
    • 18 Mar 2013 5:17PM
  • Posted on NaturesHaven's profile

    A beautiful portfolio, lovely collection of birds and nature, great talent. Best wishes Patty
    • 24 Feb 2013 1:53PM

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