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Hello and hope you are all well Happy New Year to everyone, Well I finally did it , and retired on December 23rd. oh such a nice feeling. Hope to be able to get out and about with the camera more and maybe spend some more time here. whole year into retirement now anyone who is undecided just do itSmile best thing I ever did.
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  • I must add that in the final days of her life she turned on a beaming smile those lucky enough to have spent time with her know exactly what I mean.
    Kind, generous, loving, giving and fun until the end.

  • I am so touched by the wonderful messages left here for Barbs, I am sure she would love them, she had the most wicked sense of humour, it was so difficult for me to find the words yesterday, I would like to thank all of you for the comments left here and some lovely personal messages.

    She will leave a huge gap here, I am finding it hard to think I won't see her again, or pop up to Leeds to meet up, have fun and a giggle. To here her wild laughter and see her mega smile .

    Love and light Patty
  • It is a very sad day today, to have to let everyone know that Barbara Hurst , has sadly passed away, after suffering from Cancer for so many months, the last month spent in the hospice in Leeds. I am so glad that I had met with Barbs on several occasions and we spent many hours laughing and messing about.
    I went to see her at home before she went into the hospice and two weeks ago at the hospice , where she was still smiling even in terrible pain

    I know that she touched many people ,with her wit and humour.

    Sadly missed by all

    R I P Barbs xxx

  • Quote:Hi,

    Apologies for the current unavailability of the individual photos page, our server administrators are current looking into the issue.

    Many Thanks

    Thank you Rick excellent service

  • Quote:Ditto.
    + my message boxes were filled with messages going back to 8th August - that had been deleted previously..!!!

    they do seem to keep coming back I've had the same
  • I have just been looking on the gallery and at my followers photographs, the thumbnails, when I go to open one and leave a comment there is just a blank white page. Any ideas please or has anybody else found this happening.

  • Thank you so much Tanya, I will try it out, I tried for ages and ages and just gave up in the end.

    Will have a go now

    Thank you so much


  • Quote:Hi Patty - I had a similar issue to you, although I was using a new image for my Award badge. It took me a while to twig that if you upload one of your own images to use as the basis for your Award, don't click on the Green 'Save & Use' button after you've uploaded it!

    I kept doing that, and wondering why the heck it was defaulting to the medal graphic.

    Then I realised that if you 'Browse Computer', upload the image you want to be your award one, all you need to do afterwards is ... nothing. That's it. Once you've uploaded the image you want, just go back to your profile page.

    (You may, of course, need to edit your chosen image in order to add text on it, if that's what you want to show. If you add text in the box provided on the Award Designer screen, then the system assumes you want to use one of the default graphics and that's exactly what it'll give you Grin).

    Hope that helps a bit, and makes sense?


  • I had a picture for awards and now it has gone and it is just one that is in the defaults. I would like to get the photograph back and no matter what I try in the settings, or the award manager it wont come back and I cannot make a new one.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Just delicious and just what one needs in the cold weather

  • Yes we are all wondering where Mick is I hope that he isn't too poorly.
    Come back Mick we all miss you.
    Your fun and photos wit and humour
  • Yes Mick where are you, ??? we are all missing your photos and fun, you are unique , if you are ill get well soon and come back to us.

    Love and light Patty xx
  • I have had the same problem with the replacement battery for my K-5, in the end it only held the charge for a couple of shots, I gave up with it in the end and looked on line and bought a new Pentax battery for 25.00 much better than the Hahnel ones that gave up the ghost. I have three batteries now. Try 7 day shop.


  • Quote:We know it's a bit slow. It's not 15 minutes per image slow though to be fair, more like 10-15s slow (I just timed 3 different random images). We know why, unfortunately it's a case of "there's no gain without some pain" at the moment. Basically some plans have had to be brought rapidly forward which is causing the current slowness on the galleries.
    No it is more like 10 -15 minutes not 15 seconds that would be fine, I have super fast broadband. I know you are working on the site and I am a very patient person. It has taken a long time to see others photos, I am not a person to complain either, it is just a little tiring trying and trying all the time. Lets see what the plans are ? I have just tried 2 more images and to be fair they did load quicker... thank you so much for the prompt reply


  • Quote:I to uploaded and it went missing and also i am finding the site very slow also

    Quote:I also uploaded last night and today it has gone. also last night i couldn't access this site at all
    Getting a little annoying now trying to look at others photos, far to slow , it is taking upto 10 -15 minutes to even look at a photo can't even comment, I do hope that it isn't going to last long.!

  • Quote:Thank goodness for this thread.......thought it was my computer LOL!!! Then I couldn't find a pic from yesterday that I had commented on of someone elses' and it had gone........but it's not me losing my marbles then!! Grin
    I did too, I kept looking , and then looked again. Oh well lost the comments I made and the kind comments people made on my photo. OK a senior moment avertedGrin


  • Quote:You'll have to upload it again, I'm afraid Patty...
    I will do , just wondered what had happened, I know things do go bump when the site is down

    thank you for the reply

  • Hi ,
    I uploaded a photo on Saturday 24th January, looked this morning and it has vanished. I know the site was down on Saturday, I wonder where it has gone.
    Anyone else found this happening to them

  • Just to say a big thank you for all the help from people here, I am so pleased to have got the laptop working and now virus free, it is a lesson to learn, I have no idea how it got it, but these idiots that make a virus, and yes you could see his name plastered all over the "gosave" please take care and dont open this, if by any chance it gets in to your photostream or anywhere else, deep clean and then use AdwCleaner thats gets it in the end.

    Thank you all so much I really appreciate all the help.

    Patty Grin

  • Quote:What a useful thread this is. Bookmarked - just in case. Well done EPZ
    How wonderful folk have been here, At last I can open up and not get these GoSave adds and virus that really did stuff the works up

    Thank you too GrinGrin

    Patty (the baker) x

  • Quote:Good news !!!!!!.Grin......got there in the end !!.GrinGrinGrinGrin
    hard going but yes its fixed now.... went to bed very tired. But at least I wasn't laid awake worring about it. GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin
  • A huge thank you to everyone that sent information to help get rid of this GOSAVE I urge you to take care, I have no idea how it got in but now nearly crossed eyed, it has (fingers and everything else crossed gone)
    I ran everything and in the end I used AdwCleaner, it did the trick.

    Thank you all so much for the help


  • Quote:It's gone!

    AdwCleaner did the trick.

    just running this one now. Thank you.

  • Quote:These malicious programs are difficult to get rid of completely but in the last edition of Computer Active magazine there was an excellent article about this subject.

    To remove the program causing your problems go to www.bleepingcomputer.com and click on the tab downloads at the top of the page. On the left of the new window you will see a box headed 'Most Downloaded in Windows' and click on Adwcleaner. This is a portable program designed to remove adware and spyware and all its traces. When downloaded there will appear a window in which you click on one of the tabs (I suggest you start with your browser) and then click on Scan and once that is completed choose Clean and follow the instructions. You should do this for all the tabs (Services, Folders, Shortcuts etc) This will mean rebooting your machine each time and rerunning the Adwcleaner proram but it should clear your machine of any malicious programs.

    I hope you can follow all this. Any problems let me know.

    The other program you could use from the bleepingcomputer page is Junkware Removal Tool which is 3 intheir list of most downloaded programs.

    Hope this helps.


    thank you so much Bill, I couldn't log off here and really I was glad , I dont think I would have been able to get back on, I will look at Beepcomputer today, I dont know how it has got in, but I will follow your instructions. thank you so much Patty

  • Quote:Have you been into the settings page on Chrome and then into 'Extensions'? You may find you can disable the plug in from there - I did get a few weird things happening several months ago that I had no idea of.... I did manage to sort my few issues out though.....
    Hi I did manage to do this. Switched off, re booted and yes it came back! Its a nuisance and I guess I will be doing it again today. It stops me looking at the photos. Because a messages comes up that you can't close all very frustrating
    But will try and,delete it or disabled it.

  • Quote:As an aside, would CCleaner work on a tablet?
    thank you. I've used it on the laptop. Hopefully it will work otherwise back to computer shop.
    Thank you

  • Quote:Here's a fix which I think would solve your problem, read it carefully though and only follow the instructions when you understand them


    I will do thank you so much, the page is full of popups, Go Save, and earlier a lot of photos that I know are nothing to do with EPZ

  • Quote:I've just uploaded an image without any problem, so I don't think it's down to the site.
    NO its not the site, I have managed to upload a photo, not the one I wanted to, but earlier a huge message came up telling me I had a trojan and to phone a number for help always so wary of doing this. Thanks for the advice.

  • Quote:Sounds dodgy, I would suggest you scan for virus and malaware.
    Neverseen this ever before , might close down and leave it until I can scan it. thanks Ivor.

  • Quote:Sounds dodgy, I would suggest you scan for virus and malaware.
    Thank you Ivor, I have done a system recovery, took ages to put a photo on and still got the Go Save add popping up.... thank for for the Scan for virus.

    Cheers Patty