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I didn't ALWAYS look this Old!
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A quick view of pentaxpete's recent activity.

  • E1 Squad RAMC 1955

    GREAT ! Many thanks for joining in ! our Drill Corporal was a good bloke and after passing out parade he treated us to drinks -- I had never had 'Alcohol' coming straight from School and didn't like beer but he bought me a 'Pimms' mixture I remember. He was a bit of a 'Skiver' --- one day we had Stretcher Training -- running up and down the football pitch with our Gas Masks on carrying a Squaddie on a stretcher then he said we could all go 'behind the Air Raid Shelter for a smoke while he went off somewhere -- I didn't smoke so had to sit there for 45 mins or so then he came back and marched us back to our barrack room.
    I was 'Educated' having GCE 'A' Levels so didn't have to go to Army Education classes -- so I was put onto shovelling Coke -- as I did the RSM ' a huge big guy came along on his Army Bike and stopped - " What are you doing Laddie " he asked -- " Shovelling Coke Sir" --- " WHY are you shovelling Coke Laddie? " ----- " Because I am 'Educated' and do not need to go to Army Education Classes , Sir" --- How long have you been in the Army. Laddie ? " --- " TWO WEEKS Sir " -- " Well carry on then Laddie but next time don't shovel bits of coke near my Bike " ------ !!!
    • 6 May 2016 8:41AM
  • Back off Obama !

    Here Here !
    • 24 Apr 2016 5:06PM
  • Amy Childs of 'TOWIE'

    yes -- I could WALK round there thus doing the British Government out of Petrol Duty and VAT ! ( I think she has put on WEIGHT ! )
    • 12 Apr 2016 7:12PM
  • Crime Scene, Easter Sunday

    I found out that there had been a robbery in the early hours. A 25 year old man has been arrested.
    • 28 Mar 2016 10:19AM
  • Cold Metal Seat

    yes -- Sophia Loren springs to mind (or are you TOO YOUNG -- ?? )
    • 10 Mar 2016 3:33PM
  • typical LONDON things ---

    I got top marks of 20 when Ron Tear of Loughton Camera Club Judged it at Brentwood Photographic Club.
    • 29 Feb 2016 9:21AM
  • our Local Busker

    he was very pleased with his print !
    • 19 Dec 2015 9:42AM
  • What a GREAT set of Photos - yes, I still call them that rather than 'Images' From a Fellow Film Fan.....
    • Posted on rontear's profile
    • 28 Mar 2009 6:12PM
  • You should go in for your RPS Fellowship with your photos -mind you, the SUBS get DEARER the more qualifications you get as I know from when I got my Associateship for Scientific Applications in 1970!(TAX DEDUCTIBLE though if you're a pro)
  • You asked "what do you think of my night shots" - well, they are excellent, taken at just the right time when there is a little tone in the sky. Regards, Peter.
    • Posted on AllyBoy's profile
    • 7 Mar 2006 4:54AM
  • Excellent work in your portfolio which would grace any exhibition/club competiton. Your natural history shots would give our Andrew Gell a run for his money at Brentwood Photo. Club and he's a well known safari/wild-life photographer who learnt ALL his craft from member ship of the club.
  • Your pics are already more than just SNAPS,have more faith in yourself ! Regards, Peter. ( An 'Old 'Pro )