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I didn't ALWAYS look this Old!
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A quick view of pentaxpete's recent activity.

  • Posted on: The Basics Of Understanding RAW Files

    I tried this 'RAW' business in my Pentax K10D and honestly I can't see any difference !! I used the DNG 'Raw' and put it into 'FastStone IMage Viewer' as my PhotoShop 7 doesn't do RAW processing -- there was a pic of a young girl I took with bounce flash at her Birthday party and the face was over -exposed and even with RAW I could not get the detail back. In the Darkroom with FILM I have no probs getting detail into highlights that are a bit dense - I just burn them in with a hole in a piece of card or with my hands ---
    • 14 Jul 2014 9:46AM
  • Posted on: Pentax K-3 DSLR Review

    It still has the 1/180th fastest flash synch speed though doesn't it ? I do a lot of fill-in flash outdoors -- even on a Canon T90 I have on loan from a Camera Club member it has 1/250th second flash synch and so does the Nikon FE 2 and others.
    • 24 Dec 2013 12:57PM
  • Posted on: Great Travel Photography

    I suffered CONDENSATION on my latest trip to the Philippines July-August -- I ruined my Canon Video camera which wouldn't work until I got back to UK, then I got it under front element of my 24mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss Jena lens and under the rear element of my Pentax 28-70mm f4 SMC Pentax-FA lens and that is still there !
    • 9 Sep 2013 10:35AM
  • Posted on: Olympus SP-620UZ Compact Digital Camera Review

    I bought one of these for my daughter 'digitalgirl' on EPZ to go with her mju760 I won and gave her -- she is trying it out right now !!
    • 30 Dec 2012 5:11PM
  • Posted on: Minox Digital Classic Camera 5.1 Review

    I was GIVEN FREE a FILM Minox 35 GT and got it working yesterday with a replacement PX27 6 Volt Alkalie battery as the Mercury one was dead -- and developed the film and got good results !
    • 1 May 2012 6:40PM
  • Posted on: Snap it

    yes :I too had to open a Yahoo and Flickr account then when I tried to upload a photo it would not work - there was no 'browse' button to find photos in my computer but there was a 'submit photo' thing in yellow which did not work ! Is this GENUINE ?
    • 25 Apr 2008 12:23PM
  • Posted on: Limited edition K10D

    I'd be scared to take it out in case it got rain on it and all the 'Gold' went Green !
    • 15 Jun 2007 4:25PM
  • Posted on: Hasselblad H3D-22 and H3D-39 trade-in offer

    I got my Rolleicord Vb for 60 but they can KEEP their digital Hasselblad ! I prefer FILM !
    • 13 Nov 2006 5:28PM
  • Posted on: Pentax will unveil new zoom lenses at Photokina

    I still like my ME Supers!
    • 21 Sep 2006 3:17PM
  • Posted on: JP distribution confirm Mamiya will sell their optical equipment business

    What a GREAT site! Talk about Ying Tong Tiddle I Po (Re: The GOONS ) !!Couldn't understand a word !
    • 27 Apr 2006 12:24AM
  • Posted on: Pentax release statement concerning the end of its medium format film cameras in the UK

    I bought some illegal mercury PX625 batteries off a stallholder in Chelmsford Market (nudge,nudge, wink, wink. say no more etc). Maybe they will sell 'illegal Pentax 6x7's' there now!
    • 29 Mar 2006 6:25AM
  • Posted on: Pentax to announce 10 megapixel digital SLR at PMA 2006

    Good Old Pentax!!! Keep going!!!
    • 27 Feb 2006 10:02AM
  • Posted on: Recreate the look of your favourite film with Alien Skin Exposure

    Will it do FERRANIACLOR from the 1950's and 60's ?
    • 25 Jan 2006 8:45AM
  • Posted on: Ilford Photo announce plans to celebrate progress since going into receivership

    I support the movement back to 'Real photography'! Pan F in ID11 1+1 Rules!
    • 13 Jan 2006 7:14AM
  • Posted on: Photographer Lord Lichfield dies

    Lichfield gone Donovan gone! - not many 'characters' left in photography,only Bailey (and ME ) still going!
    • 14 Nov 2005 3:42AM
  • Posted on: Fujicolor Pro 160S and Pro 160C now available

    I saw these advertised at the February 'Focus' show but there were NO SAMPLE PRINTS from the films on show ! Pity, not EVERYONE wants 'digital' !
    • 22 Jul 2005 4:33AM
  • Posted on: ILFORD Photo up to speed

    Mix your own 'Microphen', 'Perceptol' and ID11 from the chemicals,very CHEAP and easy; I know the formulae!
    • 21 Jun 2005 4:57AM
  • Posted on: ILFORD Photo up to speed

    Good news;now I hope they will bring out some more surfaces for their Multigrade paper. I miss a nice 'lustre'; the 'Pearl'is a bit boring and I find it leaves drying marks very easily.
    • 19 Jun 2005 1:05AM

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  • Posted on rontear's profile

    What a GREAT set of Photos - yes, I still call them that rather than 'Images' From a Fellow Film Fan.....
    • 28 Mar 2009 6:12PM
  • Posted on lonely_oryx's profile

    You should go in for your RPS Fellowship with your photos -mind you, the SUBS get DEARER the more qualifications you get as I know from when I got my Associateship for Scientific Applications in 1970!(TAX DEDUCTIBLE though if you're a pro)
    • 3 Dec 2008 2:58PM
  • Posted on AllyBoy's profile

    You asked "what do you think of my night shots" - well, they are excellent, taken at just the right time when there is a little tone in the sky. Regards, Peter.
    • 7 Mar 2006 4:54AM
  • Posted on RichardB's profile

    Excellent work in your portfolio which would grace any exhibition/club competiton. Your natural history shots would give our Andrew Gell a run for his money at Brentwood Photo. Club and he's a well known safari/wild-life photographer who learnt ALL his craft from member ship of the club.
    • 3 Sep 2006 6:18PM
  • Posted on Briwooly's profile

    Your pics are already more than just SNAPS,have more faith in yourself ! Regards, Peter. ( An 'Old 'Pro )
    • 3 May 2006 5:32AM

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