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Speed and Determination

Speed and Determination by DunDiggin

I remember your first version of this and this is a much better so you should be happy with it though I believe it can be worked on. The next step is to use the burst speed function so you take a series of quick shots and try and get that head a little more clearer, the blurred legs are spot on and really convay the speed you were looking for.

The reason I say for the face to be sharper is that it should be the main intrest point in the picture, at the moment the eye is drawn to the small of the dogs back, if however you changed the composition to be simular to the previous shot than the sharpness may be less of an issue as you have backgroud detail. You could try to include a target, what is the dog chasing, I have one somewhere that is slightly out on the dog but has a windsurfer in focus, therefore I got the motion for the dog without it taking away the detail of the shot.

Keep going though mate, the model is obviously willing and you doing some good stuff.


Oh Nuts!

Oh Nuts! by rowarrior

Sold your soul for a few clicks!

First it was scotish landscapes, now it squirals and if your next post is a bloody robin/puffin then there'll be trouble youth Wink


Monday Night Challenge 23rd June

Monday Night Challenge 23rd June by jonny_greentree

No chance, the only reason I became a tog was so that I could take the pictures and no-one would take them of me

The Band

The Band by redjoker

Really like the first one more, good interest in the guys face. Charractor, feeling, story its all there.

In future get to know the camera more (I know its new) and change the dof to blur out the background and bring more attention on to his face.

nice street work though, keep going

the view from ikea Ashton

the view from ikea Ashton by boony

Sums up my thoughs of Ikea to be fair.

Quite biblical

The Squirrel Hunters!

The Squirrel Hunters! by blondiebee

Dont mention but the squirral was behind them Wink


Fetch by jwt

Nice shoot james, you have managed to frame it well so that the river likes a lot cleaner than it was!

And you got him facing you which might be more than I managed!



Rowboat by custardcream_supreme

Ok I'll start be saying this is not my area and there may be others that can help better or other advice from a more experienced level.

That being I kinda like this and it aint may thing, the boat is clear and has a good proportion of the frame without over dominating it. Without the cloud there would be too much sky, but with it I think it just about right, the horizon appears level (or I am on the crocked chair again). I think the boat in the water just about balances the cliffs to the left but it something I have always been told to watch for, making sure there is balance.

Nice light through it.

In my opinion, using the mental checklist that I know I think you have done a stand up job. There are others that could give you deeper advice as I said but good work.



jump by biggaz79

This deff requires a crop, had at first I know but you'll get used to it, my first football shots had to be forceable cropped several times before they showed the right picture.

You've done well with getting the bike sharper than the background which helps convay the sense of speed, and the stance of the rider as help with the action.

As Ade said try scouting different places out so you de-clutter the background, although at times this isn't possible so dont kill yourself in the process. Also play with angles and perception, if you know the sport then I am sure you can second guess where all the action will be, then find the obviouse shot and work to get something different. In the case of above I would have looked to get really low, removeing a lot of the background, retaining angry sky and action, crop as much with feet and zoom and then wait.

That said its a great start and it looks like you have an eye for getting yourself in the right place at the right time which can often be the most difficult part.

Keep it up I look forward to seeing more.


fallen blossom

fallen blossom by minicooper

Have to agree that the out of focus blossoms do blur up the whol picture for me. Also I think that for a shot about blossom there is to much space and attention taken up by the stump and grass. Almost like they are the main point and the blossom is just filler or background.

With a change in focus to bring in more of the pink detail I think you'll get the shot you want, keep the stump as a focus but not the sole one and the blossom will look like part of the shot not just coloured background.

Keep at it as I think you have a good idea brewing here.


On stage

On stage by BradUK

Agree with Ade in that it wouldn't be your first choice shot to sell the band or put in the paper.

But it does work as a backstage/pre-performance nerves shot. Get rid of the rubbish in the top half, it adds nowt so clone it out.


Ready, Setter, GO!

Ready, Setter, GO! by DunDiggin

I idea is sound and I see what you are looking for but these pictures tend to work better if there is a fixed point of interest against which to judge the speed otherwise it just looks out of focus (although I understand that hear that was what you were looking for)

If you get a focus off the sand so it looked sharp first, then catch the dog at speed as it runs through (use multipul shot option on the shutter) then the background would be steady and add emphasis to the speed of the dog which would be blurred. This would work as the reverse of most motorsport shots where the car/bike is in focus but the background blurred.

That said I have a young dog and getting any shot is hard enough work!


Pringle Abduction

Pringle Abduction by Simon_P

Interesting, if not random


Dwain Chambers

Dwain Chambers by StevenPrice

Spot your work form a mile off now steve,

Another one bang on the money, eyes , focus, action and a story all in one shot as ever.

Looks like a collecters item now thou


Wind Street

Wind Street by c_evans99

Another good shot, nice use of the shadow to highlight the main focus of the old buildings whilst drowning out the mondern.

Almost feels like the shadow is the modern world and demolition creeping up on the old school building.

Then again I am in art mode today Wink


New Clothes

New Clothes by c_evans99

Nice shot, like the angle esp with the person walking in front.

I also like the idea that it is not obvious that this is themodern day shot until you look a little closer at the signs and the figures clothes.

Looks like an interesting project, hope you continue to do well with it.

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PortfolioAdded Date/Comment


Added Date: 19/03/2008 - 2:32 PM

Fantastic, all the fancy studio togs in world cant drag me in the studio yet your pf makes me think again.

Echo Lisa when she says you insipre newbees, keep it up dude


Added Date: 03/02/2008 - 10:33 PM

Very nice, quite opposite to my own stuff but fantastic colours and great composition.

Thank you for your own kind words, but regardless your work is cracking.

and if you search 'monty' then you should get an idea how good model the dog really is!


Added Date: 17/01/2008 - 8:55 PM

F'sure, some awesome stuff here, if I get half as good as this Ill be happy


Added Date: 12/11/2007 - 5:25 PM

Thanks for the advice on my french candid, followed and reposted. Like your stuff, its good to get advice of someone whos work is of the same area and a many nochs better.