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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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A quick view of Pete's recent activity.

  • A desire to take

    Thanks for all the comments awards and votes, much appreciated. I posted this on a model/photography site im also a quiet member of called PurplePort. And its just got an fpi award (Front Page Image) so they like it too Smile
    • 17 Oct 2017 11:07AM
  • focus on the fear

    • 11 Sep 2017 9:29PM

    PetesPix, dont alienated members by asking only professionals - lots of enthusiasts have useful advice to offer.

    I would be so pleased if commercial photography was the genre I was attempting to be good at, and someone had come along and given me such a detailed and useful appraisal. It is actually very constructive and has lots of useful bites of information that can be taken to allow you to improve. My best advice would be get a tougher skin - you will need it if you want to turn pro!

    And please lose the attitude because it's this sort of attitude that over the years has stopped good photographers with lots of knowledge commenting on people's photos due to responses like this.

    The advice is great
    1 dont obscure labels
    2 done lay the stirrer on the deck
    3 dont include things that would not be natural in that environment, and again watch drips
    4 attention to detail - again emphasises the care needed for professional work...like the mcdonalds burger!
    5 and more attention to detail

    I once sent a photo to a magazine when I wanted to break out as a pro. I'd decided I wanted to be a travel photographer and I started out sending pics to Country Walking magazine. I had all the right gear Hasselblad, sturdy tripod etc and I sent my "brilliant pics" showing a walker and mountain ascent...what I hadnt realised was that the walker should never wear jeans! The pics were returned sharpish with a note of rejection.
    So while I can walk up a hill in jeans without any concern, its not the correct illustration
    Like you as a painter can brush out the drips, and have no concern who's paint is being used, a professional company would not buy your photograph, and if you're shooting to illustrate your quality workmanship you might alienate people who think its sloppy.

    Take on board the two critiques above from Moira and George and next time you will be producing far more usable illustration photography.
    • 19 Dec 2016 11:09AM
  • Too Late

    If this is what you produce when you just start out, the word better watch out for what's to come! Smile Lovely light, exposure, focus and balanced composition Smile
    • 28 Oct 2016 12:04PM
  • rendezvous

    Thanks for all the comments and votes, much appreciated.
    Bit more info. It's a pic I found while having a tidy up and deleting stuff. The blown up balloon... with a small amount of flour inserted, was placed on perspex. Then popped and photographed using remote trigger system and highish speed flash. It wasnt good enough to show the effect i wanted so I was about to delete and spotted the potential of rotating 90 degrees clockwise. The bottom left corner wasn't present in the original so I copied the right hand side, flipped and adjusted using transform to make it fit.
    • 5 Oct 2016 10:50PM
  • Matera

    thanks for all the awards, comments and votes, much appreciated Grin
    • 22 Jan 2016 11:28PM
  • Outdoor pursuits

    Thanks, no John I wasn't...and he stopped just in the right place!
    • 23 Nov 2015 3:32PM
  • There are some very impressive close up/macro shots in this folio. Well worth a look.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 30 Jul 2009 3:01PM
  • What an absolute pleasure to view through this collection of images - one of the highlights of the site. A varied folio showing a good eye for subjects. I was well impressed, and also your favourites list brought up some classics. Great stuff!
    • Posted on woodlark's profile
    • 30 Jul 2009 12:38AM
  • While many of these photographs will not appeal to the masses, I'm really pleased you continue to upload as the portfolio makes a refreshing change to the normal. A unique view of the world through your lens. A pleasure to view. Smile
  • Having watched you portfolio develop I'm so glad you found ePHOTOzine and have shared your images Smile
  • Hi Geoff
    I'm down your neck of the woods next week stopping on farm nr Truro. Got a Pentax event that takes us to beach at Newquay to test some underwater compact digi while having a surfing lesson. Maybe get time to meet up for a quick natter and a beer? after event- it ends at 3:30 - I've asked Paul Frost if he's around? below is all I know at this stage and that it's a Newquay but I see there are three beaches

    July 30th
    10am Arrive at Surf Academy change and store baggage in lockers
    1030am Talk from Alan Stokes British National Champion
    11-2 Surf Lesson and W60 testing
    230pm Picnic on the beach
    330pm Head Home
  • An hour would be well spent looking closely through this portfolio which holds some fabulous black & white work.
  • The quality of your work just keeps getting better. I'd put money on it that you're gonna be a star in the photography world. Remember us when you up there Wink
  • Keith's landscapes are awesome and his sports images capture the moment perfectly. I even saw a poster for a sofa advert a few months ago where he'd applied his unique landscape style to replace the usual bright white out treatment and, wow, did it look good. Keith's highly respected by ePHOTOzine and our members as a true professional, who goes out of his way to offer advice and encouragement to newcomers and regulars.
    • Posted on keithh's profile
    • 13 Dec 2005 8:11AM
  • A portfolio with a wide range of variety that brings up a few surprises and some absolute blinders. For example, over the years I've been in publishing I've seen thousands of photos of dogs, but nothing as outstanding as Martin's shot of Max. I liked it so much I decided it would be used on the cover of the ePHOTOzine book. Keep up the excellent work Smile
  • One very inventive portfolio here that's well worth a lengthy browse. I predict you will make a name for yourself in the digital imaging world and certainly be one to watch out for. Some very good concepts going on throught your portfolio. Great Photoshop work!