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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • The most famous ones are with Kate Moss by photographer Herb Ritts
  • Always loved my Contax 137MD manual focus film camera, but it was the EOS100 that gave me the most pleasurable experience using film. I shot thousands of films on that through the 90s. In the digital world the Olympus OMD-EM5 has been my treasured possession and the one I still use.
  • Interesting question. I have a few more. Do you only become iconic if the masses like you? What if one person looks at your work and puts you on a pedestal? Are you then iconic to that person? Many iconic photographers are given such status because of who or what they've photographed - David Bailey fashion, Ansel Adams landscapes, Bob Carlos Clarke nudes, Martin Parr life, Don McCullin War etc. All projected to be known as creators of the highest level in their genre by media. So does media make the icons? or do we as admirers?

  • Quote:It appears the LPL enlargers & Ilford Multigrade paper are still around

    Yes and at a bargain price!!!!
    LPL Enlarger

  • Quote:We have a place in history as the only humans to have practical knowledge of both analog and digital

    Its been an interesting few decades years for sure!

  • Quote:I wonder if the people buying vinyl find they appreciate the experience more.

    I think you could be right. Many of the current record players are cheap plastic things in flash looking casing. I cant imagine many are considering which stylus to attach to ensure maximum performance.

    Quote:We lost something when we stopped buying LPs though.

    For me the main loss was extreme weight and bulk, crackles, inconvenience.

    Quote:But they are very good for reference / ideas

    And those ideas cannot be gleaned from online visits?

    Quote:how does it work then

    Haha, but when she found out...she had a good experience and still uses and buys?

    Quote:where you got a code (I think) to let you download the mp3s

    This is a regular option...and another thing that makes me think they're possibly not buying to play the vinyl.

    Quote: They just take up valuable space and I have pondered getting rid of them

    Most of mine are on discogs, sites like music magpie have shattered any value, so only value now is emotional attachment,

    Talking of selling. My bother died last year and i was asked to sell his vinyl. I got 230 for a mono version of the Beatles Let It Be. I wonder if the new stuff will have value in 50 years.
    Knowing i was "into music" a neighbor asked me to look at some stuff he'd found in his garage. I more or less dismissed his 78s thinking no one would buy them. Yet on ebay Hound dog by Elvis Presley, and the bloke who sung champion the wonder horse are still selling.

    Quote:the CD + free download can be cheaper than the download

  • Just an observation on a couple of things that have always been close to me - music and photography. I was in Meadowhall today (Large shopping centre in the outskirts of Sheffield) I havent been in for about a year and headed to my usual haunts - WH Smiths to check out the photo magazines and HMV to have a browse at CDs. I no longer buy physical music but still check out album covers to see if I've missed anything that's not been flagged up by various social media / online media player recommendations.

    Firstly WH Smiths was a shock...magazine have always been their main focus as long as I can remember. Up front and proud. Now they're right at the back of the store. But more interesting when i found them was the vast array of photo titles. In a world where you can find anything out via site like ePHOTOzine or Youtube I cant see how this part of the industry has survived, let alone grown. Many are the newer products they call "bookazines" probably so they can justify such a high price. It's magazine format but perfect bound and much chunkier with a hefty price tag. Does anyone here buy these?

    Second shock was their book section. Once home to a mass of titles on all kinds of photography technique and hardware, there were now just eight books crammed in amongst other arts and crafts subjects. And, for the first time since I've been involved in publishing, not one Lee Frost book!

    Over to HMV...I know there's the re-surge in vinyl, but its taken over most of their music section now. Most artists seem to have a vinyl release. I wonder if the bubble will burst? I feel we've gone backwards! I saw a new thing on Brian Eno's Discreet Music. Once a single 33.3 speed lp it's now released recorded and played at half the speed so it stretches out over two lps. Will the quality be that much better? There will be twice as many crackles . Is vinyl here to stay or just another extended fad. Are you buying vinyl again or just continuing from where you left off in the late 80s when it died last time?

    Something for debate.
  • I often photograph the coast, but always think I am staying safe when the waves are not close or strong. This sad news story illustrates how unpredictable the sea can be. Photographer dies after being swept into the sea in the Western Isles Stay safe guys!
  • The cows have all been taken off the land now Sad
    Highland Cows forced off Baslow Edge
  • there's a story in our local paper about slaughtering these lovely Highland cows . Many photographers have enjoyed their company while on Baslow Edge and surrounding moorland.

    Go take your dog a walk somewhere else!
  • and if you want a good laugh check out this bloke who's covered hundreds of songs in his metal style. Very funny videos playing on toy instruments, shot with daft wide angle views. Genius! Here's one example of a very popular song.

  • Beautiful cover of an already beautiful song...goosebump material !
  • Very talented guy!
  • Thanks Paul, the other material I did with Jade is here, but no more videos to go with them
    Orange Light Project
  • I have a music project with Jade Lauren called the Ornage Light Project. We did this piece a couple of years ago and I always had in mind a twirly women in white dress video. So finally got around to creating. It's shot using an Olympus OMD EM5MkII and a Pentax 50mm f/1.4 lens
    Hope you like.

  • Ive been enjoying photos taken with anything from 6mp upwards, so have no worries about using 6mp to get what I need. Back in the day when 2mp was seen as breaking new ground, the experts used to say that 14mp was enough to compete with the finest slide film. So photographers should have been more than content with that goal when reached as they'd never had anything better. Now were shooting on incredibly advanced sensors with stupendous pixel counts and the figures continue to increase - probably for 99.9% of users totally unnecessarily.
  • This seems like a useful thing to do: Buyer/Seller Contract
  • Oh that's sad to hear, thanks for letting us know Dave. He was a valued member on ePHOTOzine and one of the good guys. Condolences to his family and friends.
  • Check out these incredible photos of insects! Microsculpture
    Click the explore button and then use the + button to zoom in...amazing details and some fabulous colours. Our world is a fascinating place
  • Excellent comments from Moira. I also always enjoyed seeing your gallery posts, especially the ones where you saw the creation of the models and scenes. Wouldn't Aardman be interested in doing a small print run of this to sell to fans? It would certainly bring the price to a much more reasonable level.
  • He's not been active here for a number of years, but when he was, Michael Bosanko shared some of his amazing light painting photos. On 27th November he's on the TV program Countryfile, showing Matt Baker how to do it.
  • Yes hover over your avatar on the top menu brings up a "following photos"
    From the page that opens you can tick on individual profiles and then use the "select action drop down (top right of that page) to "remove notifications for selected"
  • cant believe how cheap companies are knocking out kits for these days! This one comes with stands, cross bar and even a cloth backdrop for 20! A pole alone normally costs more than that! Might be worth buying but would need modifying to fit your stuff which I think is designed for card tubed paper backdrops
    Full background support
  • There's also the vintage BPM bellows macro focusing rail that's gold old British made quality engineering.
  • For entertainment: 8 out of 10 Cats
    For personal competitiveness: Mastermind
  • Very sad to read this. I never met Barbara, but I know she was hugely important to the site. While ePHOTOzine has a huge flow of visitors there is a relatively small number of regulars who really are the heart of the site. and Barbara was one of these treasured few. A great loss and she will no doubt also be missed immensely by all the members she engaged with on a daily basis. My deepest sympathy goes out to her family and friends.
  • why is everything on the news now "so called"??? I kind of get the ISIS, thing but every day I hear something being "so called" rather than just what it is. This "so called" news is starting to annoy me. And also "should of" - It's "should have"!
  • Here's an interesting choice for winner of the 2016 Fujifilm Student Awards.

    Certainly no Photoshop involved in this one!
  • well deserved Smile
  • This is exactly how some tutorials go...very funny! It's not just Photoshop. I've watched some really really bad "how to play instrument" videos