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24 Jul 2008 10:06AM   Views : 539 Unique : 464

Well it's interesting that another feature is being used so much Wink

A few tried our blog once, several had a few goes and we are now left with just a few. So the recent page is becoming very blue with the number of Conrad's and my avatars.

As blogging is such a big culture and our forums are full of people with stuff to say and the PM system reaches its 680,000 message, I really thought it would be a great feature. But I also thought that about albums, about avatar sudoku, about the challenge gallery and about many other recently added features that don't appear to be attracting bigger usage.

But it's not just the fact few are creating the blogs, it appears that few are reading them too.

The site is the busiest it's ever been with over 600,000 visitors last month, so I'm currently wondering if we have added so many new features that you get lost? Is there so much that you simply don't have time, or maybe we need a better navigation/awareness. Maybe you never wanted the features, maybe there are things missing. I have a lot to think about...maybe it's time for a new survey...wanders off to conjure up some useful questions.

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john64 Plus
15 824 England
24 Jul 2008 1:09PM
I think you need to keep the mix of features Pete. Some people like one thing, some like another.

It's good to know that all of these features can be found in one place, even though no-one is going to use them all. Time, as you say, is an issue.

Personally, I'm adding to the 'blue-ness' of the recent blogs page, but spend most of my time on here browsing the forums, joining in with one or two. I must get around to taking some more photos for uploading.

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Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
24 Jul 2008 2:18PM

Quote:Personally, I'm adding to the 'blue-ness'

Yes I noticed, thanks,...why do we all like blue so much Wink
conrad 16 10.9k 116
24 Jul 2008 2:59PM

Quote:the recent page is becoming very blue with the number of Conrad's and my avatars

Well, we can't have that, can we? Wink

I did recently submit a suggestion for making the recent acitivity page for Member's Blogs visible in the menu (there is space for a blog logo right next to the ephotozine.tv logo), but I suppose there's no rush to look into that.

Or maybe there are other ways to make it more visible - I think it's just that people aren't aware of its existence. And then you get a circle - with not enough people being aware of it, not much is happening. With not much happening, it isn't a very appealing part of the site. Etc., etc.

Quote:wondering if we have added so many new features that you get lost?

Possible. I once talked to some people who had visited EPZ but decided not to join because it was such an overwhelming maze of menu options and sections for them. Only two people, though. Not sure how representative that is of the general public. Not, probably.
conrad 16 10.9k 116
24 Jul 2008 3:05PM
Talking about blue and blogs - here's an interesting scientific blog: link.
KarenFB Plus
14 5.5k 178 England
24 Jul 2008 5:17PM
You could always change the colours to pink!! Wink
john64 Plus
15 824 England
24 Jul 2008 10:17PM

Quote:why do we all like blue so much

Anyone who knows my avatar will know why I like blue so much.

Karen. Pink? PINK ??? Quote from Pat Roach on 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet' : Bomber always says that pink just aint a man's colour.
RipleyExile 17 1.6k 17 England
25 Jul 2008 1:31PM
But is it the same people reading/writting blogs as using the challenge galleries, as play avatar sudoku, as post in the forums, as.......? You've always said that you want people to use the site as they see fit (within reason). Different groups use different parts of the site while other groups use other parts. I'd be surprised if it was the same core group that use all these features and then the rest just post in the gallery for example. I know I for one only use the gallery, forum, front page for news and read a few blogs. If you didn't have all these different areas do you think the site membership would be so large (obviously the site membership, ethos and general friendliness has a big part to play in attracting new members and retaining them)? As with anything, something new pops up and there is a big take up, but after time things settle down and you are left with those that will use it for a long time after the novelty has worn off.

Anyway, that's my initial thought and I thout I'd post it to reduce the amount of blue (although I have noticed that it's been posted onto a blue background).
User_Removed 15 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2008 5:58PM
I'd guess it's simply a 'time' thing.
People spend their time here doing the things they enjoy.

There are a number of new features to try, you might be right that it's too much all at once.
I like the written word so I enjoy reading blogs.
I hate viewing video on the computer so I won't bother with the TV option.
Horses for courses.
Barbaraj 13 450 England
5 Aug 2008 7:36PM
Well I have just got around to looking at blogs, maybe I shall surf them and then decided to join in.
I'm still trying to understand e2 membership and all the gizzmos it brings. There is a lot on the site and sometimes I should be doing other things !
LisaRose 13 172 4 United States
5 Aug 2008 10:09PM

Quote: There is a lot on the site and sometimes I should be doing other things !

I do believe EPZ should come with a health warning....Warning: Highly Addictive. Smile

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