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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • Photo365 - 69 - Dead Mouse

    Look what the cat...didn't...drag in Like most cats our cat tends to like to hunt and bring in the goods, he usually removes the head and leaves the two parts scattered around in the kitchen. But not with this one...either it put up too much of a fi...


    10 Mar 2011 9:36PM | Read


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  • photo365 - 68 - Glostonbury

    One of my favourite stands at Focus on Imaging was tucked away towards the edge of the hall showcasing the Photography: Editorial and Advertising department of the University of Gloucester. The whole thing was ingenious and inspirational. The p...


    10 Mar 2011 9:24PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 67 - Triumph

    Triumph bike taken on the Bright / Magezine Publishing Stand from a low angle using the Olympus EP2 and 17mm lens. The bike was used as a prop on lighting demonstrations by photographer Damien McGillicuddy


    10 Mar 2011 9:16PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 66 - owl drawing

    After the first day of Focus on Imaging I was knackered. It's the first time I've been on my feet for a whole day since my ill health a few years ago, and the first focus we've done since 2008. I tend to spend all day standing and don't go for breaks...


    10 Mar 2011 8:23PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 65 - preparation

    I'm off to Focus on Imaging for four days. I'll be taking my press pass, loose change to buy a coffee, Olympus EP2 to take a few shots around the show, business cards for networking and a pen to make notes. Just getting the things together before I g...


    6 Mar 2011 12:13AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 64 - Starlings

    Every morning I wake to the sound of starlings chirping and squeaking. I never really take much notice. but over the last few weeks I've become aware of the interesting shapes they create at the top of the bare tree. Today's Photo365 is a silhoue...


    5 Mar 2011 11:52AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 63 - stop...carry on

    I didn't post yesterday... it's the first day I've missed..I didn't actually realise until I stirred in the night about 4am. I'd had a busy day, followed by an evening with David doing Sound of Flak music, then I caught up on two days of TV I'd misse...


    5 Mar 2011 11:47AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 62 - Silver Birch

    A silver birch against a wall. I've walked past this location almost daily for 9 years or so and never noticed the silver birch trees. Now I'm charged to take a photo each day for my Photo365 project my eyes are opening even wider than they did befor...


    3 Mar 2011 6:39PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 61 - Bloom

    I finally got round to getting an iphone. I've been wanting one for a long while...and apart from the usual stuff a phone's good for, my first step was to download the Bloom app. I heard about it ages ago and watched a few youtube videos. I love the ...


    2 Mar 2011 9:56PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 60 - Smiths Flour Mill

    Another shot from a series I'm building on historical building around Worksop/Sheffield This is Smiths Flour Mill owned by one of the largest independent flour millers in the UK. Worksop has been their head office since 1906. It's the back end taken...


    1 Mar 2011 10:03PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 59 - an appointment

    I had an appointment with a doctor at the hospital today to check my vascular system. As I sat in a small room waiting I thought |I'd take ma quick snap. I placed the Fuji compact camera on the floor with the timer set to two seconds and took this vi...


    28 Feb 2011 6:55PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 58 - ornament and fire

    This is a figurine placed in front of an electric fire and then the metering exposed for the fire. The result was a silhouette of the figurine, so I used a torch to illuminate that. The first few attempts were either too bright or had reflections on...


    27 Feb 2011 11:19PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 57 - view from a window

    A shot taken today in a local cafe using a Fuji compact.


    26 Feb 2011 9:11PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 56 - skylight and fluoro

    Pointing up to the ceiling in the corridor of our office and then processed in Lightroom. I DO need to get out more!


    25 Feb 2011 10:43PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 55 - shadow play

    I took the Fuji point and shoot camera to work again today and got this shot as I left the office and the light was fading. It's the disabled section of the office car park and my shadow from two floodlights. I initially tried to disguise the fact I'...


    24 Feb 2011 6:51PM | Read


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