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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • Photo365 - 39 - shadowplay

    A glorious day today, low winter sun streaming through the windows and through some internal patterned door glass. This lead to shadows and light shaped on the wall. I took a few photos and then started playing around with the shapes, by adjustin...


    8 Feb 2011 7:24PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 38 - Headspin

    Some days my head does feel like it's spinning, but not today, so I made it spin! I'd always intended doing some spinography - where you set the camera on self timer and throw it into the air spinning as it falls down the shutter fires and you ge...


    7 Feb 2011 9:29PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 37 - bleak day

    What a day...miserable most of the day at home weather wise but I saw a break and thought it would be worth going out to Derbyshire with the Lee Filters Big Stopper to get some cloud movement shots against rocks. How wrong I was. It was cold ...


    6 Feb 2011 8:33PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 36 - Gas Mask

    I've had the gas mask for ages now. I bought it for model shoots, but I hadn't realised they were dangerous due to asbestos content. So it's been in a bag in the garage. I also bought a smoke machine over two years ago, also with the intention of doi...


    5 Feb 2011 6:08PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 35 - Aerial abstract

    A long overdue overall of my TV aerial meant an old aerial was taken down and the house rewired to a new more powerful one. The signal on my TV is now wonderfully tuned...and the old aerial is ready for the skip. As it lays there I cannot help seeing...


    4 Feb 2011 4:15PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 34 - kiwi slice

    Fruit can make good still life subject - either whole or, in this case, sliced and backlit. Certain fruit such as kiwi, lemon, lime, orange look great when lit from behind as the light shining through makes the slice look almost translucent with the ...


    3 Feb 2011 8:43PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 33 - Sophia

    Katie, a friend of mine, made a surprise visit today and called with her new born Sophia. I took a few photos using my semi-retired Pentax K10D (the K20D has developed a fault). I used window light and got some big reflections in the eyes. This wa...


    2 Feb 2011 6:40PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 32 - Dam Flask, Bradfield

    I tend to realise I haven't taken many days off somewhere around mid November, so this year I thought I'd spread them through the year. And my first day off was today to go on a walk with my brother and sister in law. We parked the car at the wall of...


    1 Feb 2011 10:59PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 31 - Black Tie

    Today I wore a black tie. It's the first time it's been out since my father's funeral over six years ago. And it's the smartest I've looked for about three years. I was at the funeral of a lady who it turns out was very well liked. The church was...


    31 Jan 2011 6:14PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 30 - Hoodie

    Boy in a hoodie, taken using a new light set up this evening (thank for the kit Glynn) Each day I'm taking a series of photos and will post one up in my blog for my Photo365 Project


    30 Jan 2011 9:33PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 29 - McFlurry

    My daily Photo365 is a fast photo of fast food - A limited edition Lion Bar McFlurry. The photo is as creative as the ice cream churned into the cup.


    29 Jan 2011 10:54PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 28 - Twilight

    I'll be taking an Olympus EP2 camera with me more often on my daily walk. It's small enough to fit in a coat pocket and versatile enough to cope with SLR style shooting. This evening I was out at twilight and photographed the Worksop town centre ...


    28 Jan 2011 7:42PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 27 - Glint of the future

    The old Worksop library closed a few months back when the new two story modern one was opened. It cost 8.4m to build and has state of the art features including a self loan & return system, a cafe, an internet area and modern but almost clinical book...


    27 Jan 2011 8:47PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 26 - An aspirin a day

    I've never been one for routines, but I'm now forced into one... daily medication. In one way it's frustrating, in another it's critical..well that's what I and many other who've had a heart attack are lead to believe. And not only for the heart...ac...


    26 Jan 2011 7:39PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 25 - A cracking lens!

    I've been out on a meeting today and the time didn't allow me to take any pictures during the day but I am in the process of testing the new Tamron 18-270mm superzoom. And I have an Olympus EP2 that I'm enjoying the company of, so what better to shoo...


    25 Jan 2011 11:06PM | Read


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