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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • View through the Macro lens

    I just wonder if anyone else has the same experience as I do when looking through a macro lens. I tend to lay down on the floor for much of my macro work, with the camera as close to the ground as possible. It's while I'm in this position and the...


    20 Feb 2010 5:51PM | Read


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  • New look forums

    Very soon we will reveal our new look forums. The guys have been working hard on making the new system integrate with the rest of the site. While we've been upgrading the site gradually the new V5 look has only appeared in smaller areas like these bl...

    15 Feb 2010 11:13AM | Read


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  • Changing industry

    As we wait to get our hands on the new Samsung NX10, I reflect on our rapidly changing camera industry. Long before I came on the scene the photographic market was full of British camera makers, such as Ensign, Corfield, Kershaw and Reid. These v...

    5 Feb 2010 12:55AM | Read


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  • Planning

    The final stages of planning are complete for ePHOTOzine V5. Today we spent the last session planning the upgrade and there's still a mammoth task ahead for the IT team. You've probably seen by now the new look site. If not look around this post ...

    2 Feb 2010 11:14PM | Read


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  • Bob the builder

    I decided this year I will try to do as many new things as I can. I've made a list of places in the UK that I haven't been as part of that resolution and I will also be on the look out for new activities. My first challenge, to break me in grad...


    11 Jan 2010 10:25PM | Read


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  • people with egos

    They'll be the death of me

    24 Nov 2009 10:23PM | Read


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  • The incredible act of balance

    It may be an act...I don't really know, but balance is something I never considered when launching ePHOTOzine, well not from the angle that I'm about to describe. For me balance was about getting the elements of the site right for photographers. ...

    22 Nov 2009 10:16PM | Read


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  • Image details

    Today we had an incident where someone had lied about what camera took the photo that was being displayed in our gallery. That, in itself, is no big deal, but I wanted to check to see if this was true. The way you normally do this is to download t...

    12 Nov 2009 12:14PM | Read


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  • Read the road

    Reading the road was one of the things I was taught on an Advanced Driving Course several years ago. The idea is, the more white road marks, such as lines, arrows etc, the more chance of accidents, and in these spots you're likely to see more tyre sk...

    13 Oct 2009 9:14PM | Read


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  • for technology's sake

    Having watched this video featuring G-Speak's spatial operating environment I have this question: "why?" And I think the answer is: "because they can". You may initially go "wow" but would you use it? I cant say I'd want to slip on a pair of gloves...

    29 Aug 2009 12:59PM | Read


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  • On your doorstep

    The buddy challenges are going well. We could have many more members enter these but for some reason they don't like the effort. But the effort is more about challenging yourself and your photography. It's also about your skill in assessing someone e...

    28 Jul 2009 9:45AM | Read


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  • Ambitions

    I have a few ambitions. Thought I'd write them here. From a photographic perspective I would like one of my photographs to be used on the cover of an album. I've managed an inside gatefold cover of a 7" single back in the 80s when I was shooting ban...

    15 Jul 2009 12:02PM | Read


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  • Early start

    Up early today...for me anyway...I'm off to hospital for the application of a stent in the heart. The surgeon is going to try and fit one, even though the artery is fully blocked. I'm told there's a 70% chance of success. Fingers crossed.

    7 Jul 2009 6:47AM | Read


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  • in your face

    When I upload a photograph I always tick the modification option. It's interesting to see how people perceive the photos I take and process. Following the last few uploads it's becoming apparent that many modifiers prefer a more vibrant tonal ran...

    30 Jun 2009 12:41PM | Read


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  • It's yours...

    We have always believed that ePHOTOzine is what you, the members, make it. Over the years we've added many features you've requested, and expanded on them. I've always described the site as two things...a supermarket and a pub. A supermarket bec...

    5 Jun 2009 11:14AM | Read


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