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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • ePHOTOzine superstore

    I was in Asda the other day and had some spare time so drifted in to the clothes sections and found a great deal on t-shirts. I rarely venture off the food trail. They also do cycling bits and bobs and have some good gardening stuff. Why is that ...0

    14 Jun 2008 9:22AM  |  Read


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  • Petrol

    While everyone's clambering to buy petrol before it dries up...I feel less pressured as I cycle past on my short journey to work. The journey's about two miles. I arrive at work with a refreshing, but slightly tired feeling. I used to cycle to 11...0

    13 Jun 2008 8:59AM  |  Read


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  • Pete get's considered for Princeton Premier Registry

    I've had a few emails lately from Princetown Premier They tell me it's their pleasure to inform me that I have been considered for inclusion into their 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the re...0

    12 Jun 2008 9:50AM  |  Read


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