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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • Photo365 - 291 - French Horn Hotel

    A traditional pub from Worksop that's been empty for a few years. Renovation work has been done to the roof recently I assume to make the building weatherproof, but the scaffolding has gone so I guess it will stay empty for some time now. I thought I...


    18 Oct 2011 6:27PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 290 - Worksop Priory Gatehouse

    I bought this old postcard from eBay and photographed it in situ. I also had a postcard of the Priory but the photo needed to be taken from inside the school playground and it's been closed and fenced off. It's quite tricky to match up well, but I di...


    17 Oct 2011 7:07PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 289 - marblescape

    A marble resting on fingers, backlit using a soft box covered studio light. I desaturated to give an almost monchrome feel.


    16 Oct 2011 11:31PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 288 - misty morning

    View from the park this morning. I was just out a bit too late to catch the thicker mist, but then again I was up at 3:00am learning how to stack star trails that I'd just taken.


    15 Oct 2011 8:59AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 287 - Shadows

    Today was another remarkably warm day, and as the sun was low in the sky shadows were interesting. This is my rusty metal resting near a brick wall, and a garden chair causing the shadows. I split the elements in such a way that it now looks like two...


    15 Oct 2011 12:13AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 286 - Mad

    A still-life shot taken using my current favourite combination...the Olympus EP2, Toy lens and +10 macro This is straight out of camera no editing - can you tell what it it?


    13 Oct 2011 6:50PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 285 - Worksop Cinema Phase 5

    The fifth in a series documenting the erection of the new Worksop cinema using an iPhone in HDR mode


    12 Oct 2011 9:14PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 284 - Fairy

    A garden fairy taken with the Olympus EP2, toy lens and +10 macro adaptor. Her head was positioned to one side of the frame and the background considered to give a nice softness.


    11 Oct 2011 6:32PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 283 - Kitchen drawers

    My Olympus EP2 and Toy lens fitted with 10x macro lens provide more fun as I played around in the kitchen. I was shooting surface top still-lifes of various kitchen things, and then poked the camera into the kitchen utensil draw. I hovered it around ...


    10 Oct 2011 7:23PM | Read


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  • An introduction...

    I'd like to introduce you to my new photography companion. Henry P. Fortescue-Smythe. Henry P will be coming with me on photo shoots in the future and I will be documenting his journey. Today he was with me and the D&D club in Laughton Woods. Her...


    10 Oct 2011 12:36AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 282 - Yellow Pages

    When I was young I took a job delivering Yellow Pages (telephone directory) in my spare time in the Wadsley area of Sheffield. I was paid something like 7p per book to deliver. and it helped fund my photography while I was working in retail. It was ...


    9 Oct 2011 11:58PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 281 screw blues

    Another shot taken with my current favourite lens...the toy lens with a macro adaptor attached. The focusing and halation / aberrations is wonderful for macro work. I love just moving the camera around slowly to obtain focus point. In this example. I...


    8 Oct 2011 9:59AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 280 - Paint abstract

    A tin of purple paint with the lid off. The light caught the rime and scattered across the paint creating an interesting abstract pattern that I thought was worth recording. Pentax K20D and 100mm macro lens.


    7 Oct 2011 12:02PM | Read


    Views : 5716

  • Photo365 - 279 - Self Portrait

    Another self portrait, this time using the iPhone with a fisheye lens attached. It's really cool lens and I've had a lot of fun with it so far.


    6 Oct 2011 5:59PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 278 - Grace For Drowning

    A parcel arrived today from Burning Shed containing my order for Steven Wilson's deluxe edition of Grace For Drowning. I already have the media book version but thought this would be a nice item for my collection and if it's like most of Steven's oth...


    5 Oct 2011 7:07PM | Read


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