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Photography and music are my two passions. I edited photography magazines for around 20 years and launched the UK's first digital imaging magazine. I founded ePHOTOzine and was owner / publisher until 2013. The photos in my portfolio are ones I like from shoots I do in any spare time I have.
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  • Photo365 - 277- Stanage Edge millstones

    I'm embarrassed to say this is my first ever viewing of a sunrise in Derbyshire. I was put off many years ago when I cycled from Hillsborough to Fox house to do my first sunrise and there was thick cloud and the light was awful. I've been me...


    4 Oct 2011 2:56PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 276 - Worksop Cinema phase 4

    Another week passes and not much noticeable advancement. I will continue taking interval shots until the project is finished...and then I'll go a watch a film. Taken with the iphone and hdr camera app


    3 Oct 2011 9:45PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 275 - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

    Taken this evening at a gig in Lincoln's new venue "Tokyo" Benjamin Francis Leftwich is a great acoustic guitarist, with a wonderfully smooth and mellow voice. Very enjoyable. Olympus EP2 with the 40-150mm zoom.


    3 Oct 2011 1:46AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 274 - rusty conkers

    Conkers in case on my rusty metal background. A polariser was used to remove some of the glare from the naturally polished surfaces


    1 Oct 2011 9:13AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 273 - The lemon's last moment

    This was a tricky one and I don't think I pulled it off...but that's for you to decide. I was drinking a can of lemonade...the type you get abroad that has a really refreshing taste as it's packed with real lemons (well 16%) I spotted them in Sa...


    30 Sep 2011 8:37PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 272 - things are looking up

    Well the things are an iphone set to hipsatmatic with colour infrared film and a fisheye lens. Yesterday I looked down on me in a record shop. Today I look up at the library roof. The fisheye lens crams a lot into the frame.


    29 Sep 2011 6:31PM | Read


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  • Steven Wilson - a musical genius

    Last night I met someone who I've admired for over 10 years. Steven Wilson, the man behind Porcupine Tree. He was at a record signing in Record Collector Sheffield. I have most of the Porcupine Tree albums on CD and each unfolds a series of incredibl...


    29 Sep 2011 10:29AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 271 - record collector

    Today I met my music idol - Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree. He was at a signing of his new album at my favourite record shop - Record Collector in Sheffield. I've been shopping their for 35 years. Porcupine Tree haven't played Sheffield in ages...


    28 Sep 2011 10:37PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 270 - fly agaric

    Taken today on a quick visit to Clumber Park in search of fungi. There were lots of flat topped fly agarics but not many of these closed ones. This time I not only took the closer shots but some more environmental ones like this. The 100mm has a go...


    27 Sep 2011 5:24PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 269 - flat

    I'm still playing with the toy lens + 10 macro adaptor on the Olympus EP2. This is straight out of the cameras - a setting on a hosepipe multi spray nozzle. I set the white balance to cloudy to get the warm tone.


    26 Sep 2011 6:14PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 268 - leather bag

    I'm really enjoying my new found super blurry close up lens creation featuring the Toy Lens and Macro adaptor lens attached to an Olympus EP2. The combination gives incredibly shallow depth of field with vignetting and unusual bokeh. This is the cu...


    25 Sep 2011 11:12PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 267 - leaf

    As you may know from reading some of my blog entries I like to mess around with unsual lens combinations. This morning I attached the Toy lens onto the Olympus EP2 and then screwed in a +10 macro lens. This macro lens is part of an old fisheye macr...


    24 Sep 2011 10:08AM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 266 - ladybird

    I was about to set the camera up to photograph a tomato that had fallen of my badly looked after tomato plant and a ladybird scuttled past. So I took a grab shot. I could have enticed the critter to do a few more takes to perfect it but I liked the s...


    23 Sep 2011 9:24PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 265 Cherries

    A pair of cherries photographed on an infinity curve backdrop using my homemade ringlight from above Pentax K20D and 100mm macro.


    22 Sep 2011 8:17PM | Read


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  • Photo365 - 264 - Worksop Cinema phase 3

    Another from a series charting the building progress of the new cinema in Worksop. I will stand in the same spot once or twice each week and take a shot with the iPhone's HDR camera app.


    21 Sep 2011 11:04PM | Read


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