It's a bit of a mixed bag here, but what the heck. Photos of various things including local birds and butterlies - photography fits nicely in with lifeSmile
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A quick view of petebfrance's recent activity.

  • Small Bird

    Quote:Possibly a Cettis Warbler? What location was it taken I wonder. Lovely photo. Looks like Mallow seed-pods there too.

    Dave 🙂

    Yes - mallow seeds, Zebrina (I think that's the correct spelling); it seeds itself where it wants, so after introducing it we have no control about where ends up.
    This is 'far' south-west Brittany so the wild-life is pretty similar to the UK, so Cettis Warbler is certainly a likelihood. Very active, really nice to watch - I took a number of shots but with the bridge camera it wasn't quite so easy to get things just right.
    • 11 Jan 2020 8:15PM
  • Orange Tip Butterfly on Honesty

    Thank-you Karen. The clock's reasonably accurate - French time! Actually, just checked it and it's about 3 minutes slow compared with the computer.
    • 8 Apr 2019 5:09PM
  • Autumn Sun Across the River

    Tony - thanks. The houses are particularly appealing with their river frontage and probably 'Victorian' styling. I'm quite envious of them, to be honest!
    • 10 Oct 2018 11:48AM
  • Butterfly - Re-uploaded

    We get a few flying through, but since new neigbours arrived - one lot cut down an old 'wild hedge' and the other actually cuts the grass rather than leaving it grow - very little. I think most of their local habitats have been destroyed.
    • 6 May 2018 1:21PM
  • Green Woodpecker - showing tail!

    Thanks Dave. I've managed a few times, but not usually so clearly - once the trees are in leaf they are very difficult to spot, but as this tree is next-door to us and they often annouce their presence with their 'manic laugh' I have it a bit easier.
    When he sings it means it's going to rain, apparently, something to do with the sound being similar to the French for rain - I can't remember the exact quote.
    • 15 Apr 2018 12:47PM
  • Night 'Townscape'

    Quote:Very nice. Where is this?

    Thank-you. This is Audierne, in Brittany - north-west France. The view is from our living-room window.

    • 2 Jan 2018 3:10PM
  • Brambling

    Quote:We spend an hour or so in a hide at Bashley Park today holing to see one of these, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Great shot for you. Pam

    Thank-you. It was in the back garden when we came home from shopping - opened the shutters and it flew to a tree opposite and gave us most indignant stare before flying off. Haven't seen one since - luck and a quick 'grab-shot' before it took off.... I hope you manage to see one - it's rather nice.
    • 1 Dec 2017 8:02PM

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