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  • Young at Heart by Graysta

    Great shot, it wouldn't have the impact in colour.
    • 5 Dec 2013 11:37PM
  • Black Prince by PeteChad

    Good point Robin, I overlooked that when I cropped a signal post from the left of the shot & some foreground.
    • 5 Dec 2013 11:31PM
  • Calis Beach Sunset by kirkoid

    • 24 Sep 2013 8:57PM
  • 47406 by kirkoid

    Great timeless shot, could be back in BR days.
    • 24 Sep 2013 8:48PM
  • 5043 by PeteChad

    Thanks for the positive & encouraging comments guys, much appreciated.
    • 8 Aug 2013 11:19AM
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  • Posted on: The Camera That I Waited 50 Years To Own!

    The Praktica models were the RTL series, & did have the interchangeable viewfinder facility. Unfortunately I also owned an RTL1000, compared to the Exacta it was crap - needless to say I didn't keep it very long.
    • 26 Aug 2019 4:16PM
  • Posted on: The Camera That I Waited 50 Years To Own!

    This is the camera I most regret parting with. I bought it new, trading in my Zenith E to help pay for it.I seem to recall that it cost about 48 with a f2.8 Tessar lens (one of the sharpest lenses I ever had on a film camera.) Although the camera carried the Exacta name it was however assembled by Pentacon using parts from the stock they acquired when they took over Image.
    • 25 Aug 2019 1:00PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-A1 CSC Review

    I had the Canon EOS-M for a while and could not live with the touch screen (for me a "bridge too far"), so sold it and bought the Fuji X-A1, whilst I agree that an eye-level view finder would make this camera almost perfect, I love it. The combination of light weight, excellent images from combination of the "standard" CMOS chip and the quality kit lens, and not forgetting the free tele zoom from Fuji make this my camera of choice when walking. (The Sony DSLR stays at home).
    • 24 Nov 2014 12:15PM

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