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Onich Shoreline

By pfheyes  
Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's image.

This was taken underneath the Onich hotel, looking towards the Glencoe mountains.

I really struggle with composition sometimes, and the jumbled rocks of the shoreline proved a challenge here. I took a few shots that didn't resolve into anything satisfying, and I eventually spotted this rock that stood out from the rest of the shoreline in the way it reflected the warm evening light.

I took a lot of exposures, as the waves rolled in from the loch, and simultaneously drenched my feet (as usual). This exposure stood out for me because of positioning of the incoming wave at the time of the exposure, leading the eye to the rocks in the midground and on to the mountains in the distance.

Again, I am interested in all comments and critique.

Thanks in advance.


Tags: Landscape and travel

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pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2009 7:30PM
Apologies for deleting the version earlier - I did intend to request a critique on this image, and not votes. Smile

25 Feb 2009 7:33PM
25 Feb 2009 7:33PM
superb shot.ray
Carabosse Plus
19 42.4k 270 England
25 Feb 2009 7:39PM
Hi Pete. A very good capture again. But again does suffer a bit from the blue colour cast syndrome. the problem is that the camera does not see colours quite in the way that we do and this cast would not have been visible to you when you viewed the scene. Fortunately there's a simple way around it - use the mid grey dropper in curves (judiciously) on areas which should be grey/white. This also has the advantage of bringing out the "glow" in the photo. I have done this in the mod I've uploaded for you, together with cropping top nd bottom which I feel gives a tighter composition. Hope that helps. Smile
IanFlindt 17 740 21 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2009 7:40PM
Heck, I can't find a fault in this, Pete. The exposure's spot on (no over-exposure in the light on the stone or on the breaking wave), the timing's perfect (it wouldn't have been the same if the wave had been any nearer the stone) and the composition's flawless (all the elements come together without conflicting with one another). A beauty.
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2009 7:46PM
Thanks everyone.

Hi CB - again thanks for the thoughtful critique, and it again give me pause for thought. You are right re: the blue cast on my images, and your critique is giving me the opportunity for a re-think. As per the previous image, I tend to warm/cool the colours using the white balance settings in RAW conversion and set it to how I like it. Maybe I like blue. Smile

Seriously, I will take up your suggestion and experiment with the dropper in curves. I like what you have done with the colour adjustment, the warmer tones improve the image for me and brings out more colour in the foreground water. I agree to a certain extent re: the cropping, though not perhaps as severely as in your modification (at the bottom of the shot, I'm okay with what you have done with the sky).

It's very useful to get a different point of view on these things. Thanks again. Smile

joolsb 17 27.1k 38 Switzerland
25 Feb 2009 7:57PM
Actually, I totally disagree with CB (wouldn't be the first time Wink). Often, casts can be used to your advantage and are not always errors to be eliminated. I know there is a temptation with the digital darkroom of banishing every single flaw and ending up with something that is too clinical, too clean and, frankly, bland.

Thankfully, you haven't fallen into that trap here! What saves it is the contrast between warm and cool colours. One of the interesting thing about warm colours is that they have a tendency to 'come forward' in an image while cool colours appear to recede (probably something to do with the way the brain prioritises elements in a scene). This is beautifully illustrated here where the warm-toned rock in the fg stands out from its cooler-toned surroundings. Compare your image to CB's mod and, to my eyes, your original has a lot more depth and is much more natural-looking.

It's a lovely image and one to be very proud of. I certainly can't find any faults here!
grt 13 Netherlands
25 Feb 2009 8:19PM
I think that the blue-ish colour is not disturbing at all. The composition is very good. I just keep staring at this photo.
BillyGoatGruff 15 191 199 England
25 Feb 2009 8:26PM
Got to agree with Julian here, Pete. And totally disagree with CB (sorry CB! Wink)
I don't think CB's crop improves the composition, and, whilst the curves white balance adjustment is often one of the most useful helpers to an image, I think there's a lot to be said for letting the camera record the true daylight, as in this case. The atmospheric cool blues and the warmly light orangey rocks are almost exact complimentary colours on the colour wheel and this really helps emphasise the aerial perspective and depth here: gives it some real zing!
Focus, framing, DoF, shutter speed and the timing of the wave look spot on to me, and very carefully considered. I think this is a really marvellous image and one to be proud of!

monkeygrip 13 574 6 England
25 Feb 2009 8:41PM
This is a great shot I hate to be different all together but I prefer CB's colours but your original crop. In CB's version the warm rocks jump out at you and in your crop the slowed water at the very bottom of the shot has enough space to lead the eye to the rock and then the wave and shore line form an arrow head taking the viewer into the mountains thats composition at its best.

Carabosse Plus
19 42.4k 270 England
25 Feb 2009 10:05PM
A lot of these things are personal preference, but I will bet a pound to a penny that your eyes did not see foaming blue water! Wink It is a colour cast: no more no less. It is not a true representation of the scene... it is a camera issue.

You can choose to retain the camera error or not: entirely up to you. Smile
martin.w Plus
20 616 29 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2009 11:14PM
I too disagree with CB and fully agree with Joolsb and Bill and certainly don't consider it a camera error. The white balance is a tool like anything else. It can be used to correct it if you want, but as stated above also used to your advantage. We all see things differently (thankfully) and for me this works very well indeed. My own personal preference is for the foreground rock not to be so central, but nitpicking on a photo I would have been very pleased with had it been mine Smile
User_Removed 15 11 11 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2009 11:27PM
I prefer the original, supposed colour cast and all. I'd be very proud to have taken this shot! Smile
26 Feb 2009 8:32AM
personallyI like to capture what the camera interprets a scene not my eyes. I like it that the cool blue conttrast with the warm lighting. nicely done, prehaps a slower shutter speed to give more movemtn in the water, but not really!!
well done!
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
26 Feb 2009 8:36AM
Thanks again, guys. If you haven't noticed, I have decided to ditch the clicks (lol) and go for the critique gallery instead. My hope was that the critique gallery was a forum to allow debate over people's images, and this has proven true here. It's interesting to see people's differing viewpoints and how well they align with mine.

Re: the colour adjustment, and referring to many points echoed here, I did choose the white balance setting and found preferred the blue tones of the sea as a contrast to the warmer foreground boulder. The camera was set to the daylight WB setting (a habit of mine, going back to my days using daylight film lol), and was adjusted to somehwere around 6000k in RAW conversion. In other words, I did warm it up a bit but I didn't push it too far. At the time, I tried to go a bit warmer but I preferred the blue tones of the cooler settings.

While I understand the principles of white balance in a camera, I am not above being creative, rather than literal, with the settings to suit the mood of the image, rather than reflecting what was 'out there'.

Having said all of the above, I do like the look of CB's colour adjustments. It seems to bring out more colour in the foreground water, and the rocks in the middle distance have more pop (I also note that there is no blue cast in the shadows on these rocks, which for me is an improvement). While I am not careless in my white balance settings in RAW conversion, I don't tend to try out all the possibilities, and the debate above has proved very educational for me.

Re: the cropping, I do think CB's mod is severe for my tastes, particularly below the foreground boulder. The original image was cropped beneath the boulder as there was too much 'space' there, so I agree with CB's thoughts here. I think the image could be further strengthened by a touch more cropping beneath the boulder and in the sky, but maybe not a strongly as in the mod.

I have to say I'm delighted with the comments above, and the fact this has generated a debate. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

28 Feb 2009 1:58PM
Nice to see an argument about a good image Peter. I rather like the original, but I do take the blues back a bit in this kind of image too.

pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2009 6:59PM
Thanks Dougie - good to hear from you. Will need to catch up soonly.

wolfy 18 36 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2009 11:13PM
Having studied both original upload and CB mod, CB's mod turns the photo into a beautiful work of art and really does get rid of that horrible blue cast over the original and replaces them with warm, rich more natural tones, the crop is excellent too, really brings the whole scene closer and defines the image..IMHO!!
pfheyes 18 254 1 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2009 9:30AM
Thanks for the feedback, Roj. I plan to rework the image based on CB's feedback and repost it to see what people think. As mentioned above, I agree with the cropping in principle, but I found the mod to be too strong for my taste - I think the boulder needs a little more space beneath it. Personal preference! Smile



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