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A quick view of pgarwood's recent activity.

  • 'We Got Done' by Cowbags

    Well done, you have given this subject a superb treatment, the exposure is just right in terms of aperture and shutter speed, Lovely effect
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:48PM
  • Study in Shadow and Light by Rhoude

    LOvely may I ask where you shot this?
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:43PM
  • Up In Smoke by Rhoude

    Welcome, Lovely photoJ shot!! I have found on this site that PJ does not attract as much comments as say a butterfly resting on a leaf!! keep posting!!
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:42PM
  • darter by pronature

    These are never easy shots to take! Love it
    • 3 Oct 2006 2:01PM
  • Golden Light by MDaniel

    Welcome lovely shot!
    • 3 Oct 2006 1:57PM
  • Fireworks by Seanf

    Welcome! Great shoT
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:45AM
  • Chander Tal 2 by Dead_habits

    Welcome, love the blues in this!
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:17AM
  • Posted on: Photographers give the media an extra set of eyes

    Anyone who submits their pictures to the media and feeling proud to be featured for a few minutes should think again. Most of these media moguls will quote picture courtesy of
    Quote:John Smith
    etc but when you click to send it to them they reserve the right to use the picture as specified in their terms and conditions in any way they please..and that my friends often includes reselling it to any other interested party around the world. What do you get? Nothing.
    No - if you have a newsworthy event then by all means hawk it round the agencies. For instance as a starting point for citizen journalists, Scoopt are an excellent organisation and will do their utmost to market and protect your image. Yes you only get 40% but that can be a substantial fee if you have a news event that is unique and perhaps only you have it. Remember though you need to say where, when and who and if its newsworthy get it send of without delay, old news has little value. 24 hours could make all the difference between a sale and no interest by the agency. Images that sell will in my experience sell again and again and you get paid each time. Although there may be a considerable time delay between sales. Do not give pictures away your camera gear costs money and your time has some value. So next time you have that newsworthy picture think hard before accepting the terms and conditions and clicking away a reasonable fee for your picture.
    • 23 Aug 2008 12:46AM
  • Posted on: Hasselblad H3D

    so thats about 20K here..I will order two!!
    Sounds amazing!
    Looking forward to seeing someone sending in a pic from one of these, I would bet we will have an upload within 6 months!
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:56AM

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