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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • 'We Got Done'

    Well done, you have given this subject a superb treatment, the exposure is just right in terms of aperture and shutter speed, Lovely effect
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:48PM
  • Study in Shadow and Light

    LOvely may I ask where you shot this?
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:43PM
  • Up In Smoke

    Welcome, Lovely photoJ shot!! I have found on this site that PJ does not attract as much comments as say a butterfly resting on a leaf!! keep posting!!
    • 15 Oct 2006 7:42PM
  • darter

    These are never easy shots to take! Love it
    • 3 Oct 2006 2:01PM
  • Golden Light

    Welcome lovely shot!
    • 3 Oct 2006 1:57PM
  • Fireworks

    Welcome! Great shoT
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:45AM
  • Chander Tal 2

    Welcome, love the blues in this!
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:17AM
  • Water Bowl

    Welcome! Clever idea!! Looking forward to seeing more pics!
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:16AM
  • Ypres 2006

    B+W makes it so right!
    • 3 Oct 2006 11:15AM
  • The Storm Breaker

    Lovely movement capture
    • 3 Oct 2006 10:35AM
  • Stag

    Superb powerful creature captured in its environment!!
    • 3 Oct 2006 9:29AM
  • the Child...

    Welcome to ephotozine!
    Photo is wonderful! It is capturing poverty so well!! One can see the poorly maintained door and the child who probably has so few clothes (but not too sure how some of the weird anti-paedophile authorities might view the publication of such an image.But that is a subject for debate elsewhere!!)
    Personally I think it portrays a powerful image of need, and is an excellent picture as is the other one in your portfolio. However having had some run-ins with the law over photographing fully clothed, normal, happy, kids at play I am wary of such photographs being published, An excellent start to your portfolio. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!!
    • 3 Oct 2006 9:23AM
  • Auschwitz #2

    What a shot...the images of reality that this place conjures up are scary!
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:58PM
  • London #2

    superb colour ans well composed!!
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:56PM
  • Bodi park California 2

    Caught the colours just right wonder what the wheel did. Was it turned by wind or water?
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:49AM
  • Birkdale Beach

    Kovely shot only wish I cpould view it in a larger version
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:46AM
  • Classic

    Nicely done
    • 30 Sep 2006 9:44AM

    Classical Rock numbers!! The light kept changing onstage and I guess the green came on just after I had composed the shot!!
    • 17 Sep 2006 6:44PM
  • The Feeling

    nice shot
    • 9 Sep 2006 1:47PM
  • Titan System 1

    Great action shot these guys are unpredicatable and if you are not awake you can miss a shot like this so easily.........well done
    • 9 Sep 2006 1:05PM
  • Brendan O'Neill

    Great shot ! I am sure some thought must have occured about cloning out the mike at the back of his head but I have no problem with it. The drumstick movement is well defined too.
    • 9 Sep 2006 1:00PM
  • Dennis Greaves

    Nicely shot!!Never easy!
    • 9 Sep 2006 12:32PM
  • Bleeding Hearts

    Great shot, the jug? well they are almost standard features on stage nowadays!
    Like the shot, great power and sound capture!
    • 9 Sep 2006 12:30PM
  • Paul

    Nice pic the guitarist is caught concentrating on his instrument. As always the red lighting is a pain but you have got this one just right. Personally i would leave it as is but it might be worth playing about with PS to get some other result.
    Great portfolio!
    • 9 Sep 2006 11:50AM
  • Tanya

    Yes and no, sometimes we take pictuires in the real world and the background is as it is. I could have pshopped it out but felt as it was part of the original background it should stay in.
    It is all a question of choice!
    • 18 Aug 2006 1:11AM
  • David@12 Bar 3

    Nice shot, effective exposure.Where was this shot?
    • 17 Aug 2006 12:04AM
  • Deep Purple (1)

    Wow, You have caught this guy in such an intense pose making the music!! I love it!!
    • 18 Jul 2006 1:13PM
  • Fitting In

    Clever picture
    • 16 Jul 2006 9:30AM

    Is this on Holy Island??
    great Pic!
    • 10 Jun 2006 2:49PM
  • Isalabona

    Great colour and detail.
    • 15 Apr 2006 12:17AM