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  • Best of luck to you all. I'm sure it will be a success and hopefully raise some cash for what I am sure is a worthy cause.

  • Got my copy today and chuffed to bits to see that one of my photos was included. Only had a flick through but it's certainly inspired me to dust down the camera and get back out there.

    Bit annoyed to get home and that Parcel Force decided just to leave the package on my doorstep so that anyone walking by could pinch it. Still they didn't and for that I am grateful.

    Well done Pete, I'm sure it was well worth all those sleepless nights.
  • If it should happen to be the 21/22 Oct then pencil me in as that's the one weekend I'm free.

  • See here
  • My vote has been cast. Certainly a couple of odd shots in there.
  • I'm still waiting for Royal Mail to deliver the information on these changes that they said was going to happen!

    And before anyone makes a comment... I know I can get the info off their website, but that's not the point. If they can't deliver information on these changes in time then what hope is there with normal mail?

    Anyway rant over.
  • Just seen the sample PDF and I have to say it looks like it will be well worth the wait.

    Well done Pete, looks like all that hard work and grief was worth it.
  • Another thumbs up for the Sigma 70-300 APO.
  • Who knows Andy, it's all gone very quiet...

    Not sure whether I'm prepared to make the long journey unless there's something concrete.
  • Right I've tried ringing the campsite all afternoon and all I've got is the engaged tone. I have finally just got through and unfortunately they are booked up. Well they may be able to squeeze one tent in but that's it. I think in reality I knew this was going to be the case having left it till the last minute.

    So anyone got any other ideas? Do we postpone, go just for the day, try and find somewhere else...

    My personal view is that if we postpone I haven't got many free weekends over the next couple of months and it's a bit of a trek for me to go just for the day but I could be persuaded.
  • Don't worry your not the only one! I take it that's 1pm Saturday...

    If I get a chance I will try and ring at some point today and find out the general availability for the weekend.
  • So is it Ladycross again then?

    I have a feeling it was about 13 last time but I could be wrong. Has anyone rung up yet? Just a bit concerned that as they only have six spaces they may have already gone.

    I'll try and ring later today if I get a chance.
  • If they allow us back!
  • Thanks for the thought Chris but I can't make those weekends either. Don't worry too much I don't want to cause extra hassle. I'll keep my eyes open on the thread in case of any developments.

  • I won't be able to make that particular weekend, never mind.


  • Quote:When are Pink Floyd gonna release their Earls Court gig on DVD.

    All being well sometime this year. I've seen three different dates, one in July, September and October.

    All I can say is it's about blommin' time!
  • Well you can count on me being there.

    Can't make the 22/23 though.

  • My first effort here

  • Depending on the date I would be interested.

  • Despite the weather it was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to the next one. Think we may have to find another campsite though as I think EPZ will probably be banned after Jamie and I nearly ran the campsite owner over when we were leaving. Mind you he was biking the wrong way round his own one way system on a blind corner so what does he expect!

  • Jamie, make sure you don't wake me when you arrive then! Hopefully all being well I should be there by 7pm, going to try and sneak away from work so I can avoid the traffic.
  • Right looks like I've now got to work tomorrow (or at least part of it) so my plans of pitching the tent and having a lazy afternoon have gone down the drain.

    What time are the other happy campers arriving at Ladycross?

  • Speedgraphic are usually recommended by most people.

    I've used them a number of times and found the service excellent

  • Slept right through it Ian. Just trying to dry the tent out now!
  • And if you thought yesterdays sunrise was bad then you should have seen this mornings :-(

    Still a great weekend with great company. Thank you Ian for some excellent organisation. Looking forward to the next one. Now if you could only guarantee the weather...
  • Ian,

    Just to confirm that I will be there for both Saturday and Sunday after managing to get booked in on the campsite. Will drop you an email with my mobile in due course.

  • Jamie - Don't worry I'll be at Ladycross as well, although I may regret it by the sound of things.
  • Yep 2.00am - 2.30am start for me too. Still to book a campsite so might have to do that sharpish and see if I can stay over Friday night as well.

  • I'm booked in at Ladycross. Should be arriving sometime Friday afternoon.

  • Phew finally made it back home. Thanks Arnie for organising today and thanks all for some great company. Looking forward to the next one.