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  • Thank you AnthonyM, I will check that out
  • Hi all,

    I am looking into producing a calendar to raise funds for Charity this year, I have been given a very good quote by a local printing firm to produce an A3 size product, but I am not sure what is the best programe to use to produce the calendar.

    Has anybody got any experience of this and could recommend a good software package to use please.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Many thanks for the team for once again organising a wonderful competition.
    Just seen I have been lucky enough to win the Wacom Tablet, and I am over the moon.
    After a couple of really miserable weeks with one thing or another, it really mad my day.
    Thank you agsinGrin
  • Enjoy your retirement Pete, you have certainly earned it!!
    Thanks for your inspiration over the past years.
  • I have got my new lights set up now, and used my ever willing model, Oliver for the first go....the Wife declined!!!
    For this shot I used the Sigma 105mm f2.8, seemed to work well.
  • Nikon D7000
  • Thank you all, interesting posts.
  • I am after some advice from people in the know.
    I have just purchased a starter home studio lighting kit and am in the process of turning an under-used loft conversion into a space where I can start to take the numerous, family/friend/work colleague/pet portraits that I have been asked to take over the years.

    Getting to grips with the mysteries of lighting, and the like, but just interested in what people consider to be the best lens for such work would be.
    I have seen some say that a 50mm prime is best, whilst others a 70-200 would be better.
    Interested to see your thoughts.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Kathryn, a lot of Zoos and Wildlife parks run their own photographic competitions open to photos taken on their premises. I know that Marwell Zoo have an annual competition, as does the Andove Hawk Conservancy. Prizes are not mega, but often worth looking into.
  • Got the email but came through to my spam folder and was deleted straight away....gutted.
    I have emailed you Daniel to see if you can help.

  • Hi Ade,
    Really pleased to hear that things are looking on the up for you and Sue.
    I hope that 2013 just keeps on getting better for you both.
    All the best.
    Phil, Janet and Oliver
  • Thanks Keith, just ordered from them.
    I appreciate the link.
  • Thank you that link was very helpfull. I was looking at getting a number of 8gb sdhc cards.
  • Just wondering which memory cards users of D7000's are using.

    I am currently looking around to see which is the best after using Sandisk SD cards in my D50 up to now.


  • Thank you all for the reviews, very helpfull and thank you David for the kind comments.
  • Thanks Ian.
  • After almost 7 years of use my trusty old D50 is coming to the end of its useful life, I need to push on and try to improve and therefore need a camera with a higher spec.....decent ISO performance would be nice, push the D50 to ISO400 and the noise is like looking through a dust storm.
    I have finally been given the green light from she who must be obeyed to raid my piggy bank and upgrade.
    I am looking at the D7000 and would appreciate any thoughts or reviews from anybody that is currently using one.

    thanks in advance.

  • Tried the website mentioned above to try to find thw shutter count for my D50, which I have had frpm about 2006. It came back as a total of 4889, which I know can't be correct as I have often come back from one days shooting with 5/600 images at a time
  • Follow up to my last post, I have gone back through my ebay account to find the name of the trader which we got our stands from,
    Hope this helps.

  • Michael,

    We found our display stands for our greetings cards on ebay, I'm sorry to say that the name of the trader escapes me at the moment.

    We get our mounts supplied through Cotswold Mounts, mount/backing board/bags and the costs work out about the same as your quoted price

  • Pete has already given some very good pointers in his reply.

    Myself and my wife have been displaying and seeling at Craft fairs for a number of years, and I can honestly say thats its only now that we have got the format right. Although we are still tinkering with it all the time.

    One of the most important things I feel, as Pete has mentioned, is to know your target audience and what would appeal most to them, we often have a stand in the Village Hall at the historic village of Lacock (the scene for a lot of the filming for BBC TV costume drama's) and for these fairs images of the historic buildings, local landmarks and scenes always do well.
    At another regular show in a setting close to a RAF airbase, images of planes, old and new, fly off the stand (sorry for the pun), and obviously country fairs always require flora and fauna images aplenty.

    Presentation is key as well, over time we have refined the way we present our images, starting off with greeting cards and basic 10 x 8 prints, gradually modifying the way we package those after getting feedback from purchasers who have come back to see us at different shows.
    We have also listened to what new viewers have said at shows, and now offer images in different sizes and mount formats and taken note of requests for images that people would like.
    Often I have put a shot that I really like on the stand and seen it get little or no attention at all, whilst an image of something simple that somebody at a previous show asked for, sell like hot cakes.
    The look of your stand should also look as clean and professional as possible, with racks/stands/frames all having a uniform look to them.
    A hotch potch appearence tends to distract from what may be stunning images.

    Always have details of your website, if you have one, available at all times.
    We always put a free postcard size thank you card in the bag when we sell an item, often we get follow ups through that.

    We are still playing with our stand, recently we introduced a selection of fridge magnets showing our images on them so I hope this may prove to be a new range that does well, but we are still looking at new things.

    I hope this helps.

  • Congrats to you both.

  • To me, this makes my input feel a liitle worthless, I like a photo I leave a vote, somebody with an issue whether it be a genuine photography issue or a personal issue can in effect take away my vote by clicking down.

    Or am I reading this qrong.
  • Thank you Alexander
  • Thanks Paul, I had a feeling that would be the case, but just wanted to ask for advice first, thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my question.

  • There is probably a very simple answer to this question, and in asking it I may come across as looking a bit stupid....but I am going to ask it anyway!!.

    I shoot all my images in raw, processing in capture one and saving as a .tif file, then after minor work in PS I also save a copy as a .jpg file.

    I have been asked if I could put a selection of images on to a memory card so that they could be viewed on a digital photo frame, my question is how would I go about transfering my images as .jpg's back from my hard drive to a memory card?

    I hope that makes sense and somebody may be able to help me.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I hear that Cappello phoned Wayne Bridge to tell him that Terry had lost the captains armband......

    .......and asked him to look under his bed to see if he had left it there!!!!
  • I've just checked my eamil and found in the epz newsletter that I have been lucky enough to win a GE G3WP Waterproof Camera.

    Absolutly over the moon, thanks to all the team that obviously worked very hard to put together such a prize list and organise the draw....now planning a trip to our local country park to wade into the lake to try out the camera underwater!!.

    Thanks again.

  • Does anybody know if they have awarded another photograph with the overall winner tag?.

    I wonder if there will be a reprint of the portfolio book that always comes out alongside the competition.

  • We recently purchased a packet of cheap apples from Aldi and left them for a while to go a little mushy, now the snow has arrived the ground feeders find these a great food source, and this afternoon we were visited by four Fieldfares taking their turn at the apples along with the blackbirds.