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Enthusiast photographer recently moved to Maryport, Cumbria.

Please take a look at my photography blog Here
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A quick view of Phil_Restan's recent activity.

  • Return of the Glen Etive bike

    [photo]I can see the 'new' one being ridden off, its in far too good condition to stay put when you consider the original :)
    by Phil_Restan | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 3
  • GE Awards

    Thanks for all your input - duly noted. To keep things separate and make things clear, I am now locking this thread. Please volunteer your names in this thread only. ...
    by tj | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 85
  • Nominate

    :D:D:D:D:D:D !!!!!
    by Niknut | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 11
  • Online reviews

    Just cried with laughter !!!!!!!!!.....made my day !!.:D:D:D:D
    by patters | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 7
  • Project1709

    "Well if you must use GMX Adrian ;)" At least I don't get all the crap that comes with G-mail or BT-Yahoo;)
    by Ade_Osman | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 9
  • lightroom5 kill my C drive

    " Its like every photo I open its eating up space on the drive only in lightroom" It's as lobsterboy says. Don't forget that Lightroom does not work with your...
    by TripleBlue | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 5
  • help needed

    "Yes, I have CS5 working on win 8 with no problems" Ditto. I also have CS6 running on it, although not at the same time.
    Replies: 3
  • Posted on: Canon Project 1709 Beta Improvements

    Been using canon project 1709 for some time now, Canon have been making some major improvements recently including ability to share on facebook if you want, and put images into albums.
    It's still in the beta stage but Canon are making good use of that and listening to users.
    Will be interesting to see the end result when the beta finishes and it goes public.
    • 26 Mar 2013 9:33AM

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  • Posted on Chant57's profile

    Quality PF Chant, not sure why I haven't had a good look at it before but I will be coming back. Phil
    • 20 Nov 2009 3:09PM
  • Posted on conrad's profile

    Excellent pf you have Conrad, didn't have the time to comment on so many good images.
    It's so easy to overlook some good portfolios but will be back later to take a another look at yours. Phil
    • 17 Jun 2009 11:09AM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    Never really had a good look through your pf before, brilliant thats all I can say. Just love the mixture of action and portrait type shots.
    Will be coming back for more.
    • 18 Sep 2008 1:19PM
  • Posted on woodrow's profile

    Hi Paul, Don't know how I've missed your pf. I like your style and your processing. You seem to be making the best of the Highlands and not just doing the nornal photo tourist shots. Excellent pf that I will be visiting in the future.

    • 9 Oct 2007 2:28PM
  • Posted on Alison_S's profile

    Hi Alison,what a great pf you have. Have to admit I had to take a look after seeing your name on one of my pics. Not sure how I had missed your photos before but I'll be coming back for more.

    • 4 Jan 2007 11:39AM
  • Posted on ghibby's profile

    What a fantastic PF. Dont know why I havent seen it before. You are definitely going into my favourites. Very well done.

    • 3 Apr 2006 4:06AM
  • Posted on Kim Walton's profile

    Kim, a fantastic portfolio with such a variety of different subjects. Keep them coming.

    • 16 Feb 2006 6:58AM

Limited to latest 30 results.