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Thanks for getting so far . Why not come inside and take a look at my Gallery ? Hope you enjoy looking as much as I have enjoyed the countless early morning dawns and late evening sunsets etc. Welcome .All comments are very much appreciated ...Phil
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A quick view of phil99's recent activity.

  • St.Michael's Mount,

    Thanks very much Ronnie ,Very much appreciated. Thanks for the kind comments.....Phil
    • 4 Jun 2016 2:22PM
  • Stalker

    Brilliant as always.
    • 18 Feb 2016 4:47PM
  • Welcome to my world!

    Superb work ...Phil
    • 31 Oct 2015 1:56PM
  • The Abbey

    Not usually too big a fan of IR but this is superb .did you have to climb over the wall for this one ?I have tried and never get as much of the abbey reflection as in this unless you climb over . I ask because I have been caught doing just that by security.....Phil
    • 13 Oct 2015 3:26PM
  • Whitby 199 Steps Evening Light

    No Barbara ,Just Creative Cloud Lightroom and Photoshop.
    • 5 Oct 2015 2:58PM
  • Lone Tree,Westerdale,The North Yorkshire Moors

    Many thanks for all the likes and comments . Special thanks to Lin and Alan for their user awards . Very much appreciated....Phil
    • 3 Sep 2015 8:40PM
  • Loch Cluanie and The Mountains of South Kintail

    Many thanks Trev. and Drummerdelight .Means a great deal when people like my images enough to give an award.
    • 7 May 2015 4:26PM
  • Hi looks like the makings of a great portfolio.Very varied and excellent composition....Phil
    • Posted on Bevy's profile
    • 30 Sep 2012 3:16PM
  • Starting to build up a nice portfolio of work in your unique style of processing . Enjoyed looking through quickly and will return to it tomorrow ....Phil
  • Great portfolio of these garden birds which are available for most people to photograph without going to far distant or exotic locations . Very inspirational. ...Phil
  • Some extremely clever work here Clinton .I don't know how you come up with your ideas but they look very original to me .you know they are not always to my taste but you are extremely talented at what you do .you have learned skills to do this so quickly and I can see a big fuure for you . Sorry I do not have the time or energy at the moment to comment on all your work but rest assured I will always enjoy looking....Phil
    • Posted on clintQB's profile
    • 3 Jul 2012 12:20PM
  • A splendid portfolio with some superb images from wonderful locations I would love to visit sometime.You should be very proud.....Phil
  • Carol your work has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months.Really is a plesure to view . Sorry I don't always get round to commenting or even clicking on your work . The site is so time consuming .Keep up your great work ...Phil
  • Super stunnning outstanding work Terry . The best red squirrel pose I have ever seen .....Phil
  • Some outstanding work recently Barbara . Sorry I don't get round to view or comment on any sort of regular basis as it's not good for me to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time . Trust you are keeping well and obviously getting round and about with your camera....Phil
  • Stunning first class portfolio .Inspirational . You have visited and captured some places I can only dream of....Phil
    • Posted on wolfy's profile
    • 12 Jan 2011 3:54PM
  • Some truly wonderful images in your portfolio throughout the year . Sorry I do not always get round to looking at all your work on a daily basis . Thanks for the support you have given to my work . All the best for 2011 .....Phil