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Thanks for getting so far . Why not come inside and take a look at my Gallery ? Hope you enjoy looking as much as I have enjoyed the countless early morning dawns and late evening sunsets etc. Welcome .All comments are very much appreciated ...Phil
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  • Lee filters

    I've used them on my X-E2 and 14mm lens with no problem. Just got an X-T1 but haven't got past familiarisation yet.
    by phil99 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Start salivating all you 'dealer's delights'

    "Len I'm still confused by your post, where you say % you mean MP, what about where you say MP? You surely you mean MB? "The way I have my cameras set up the D710...
    by DouglasMorley | Last Post | Unread
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  • AdobeCreative cloud

    They have a few going on at the mo http://www.adobe.com/uk/events/create-now-tour/?promoid=KNNXM
    by phil99 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Tripod Help

    Many thanks .Both now ordered and will be with me on Friday ....enjoy your photography folks.....Phil
    by phil99 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 14
  • Grad Filters, Cokin or Hitech?

    When I bought my HiTech filters about 3 years ago they said they would replace free of charge any filter that had a cast. Since then my understanding is the same - that t...
    by BIGRY1 | Last Post | Unread
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  • never read a book

    I usually have at least two books on the go, one for bedtime and the other for grabbing during the day whenever I get a break. Tried but can't get on with "Kindle type...
    by youmightlikethis | Last Post | Unread
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  • RIP Andytvcams

    This is a late comment indeed - but as such I hope it conveys the respect I had for Andy - In one simple though specific respect he was everything as a photographer tha...
    by Pete | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on Bevy's profile

    Hi looks like the makings of a great portfolio.Very varied and excellent composition....Phil
    • 30 Sep 2012 3:16PM
  • Posted on Westroyd08's profile

    Starting to build up a nice portfolio of work in your unique style of processing . Enjoyed looking through quickly and will return to it tomorrow ....Phil
    • 18 Sep 2012 9:53PM
  • Posted on NaturesHaven's profile

    Great portfolio of these garden birds which are available for most people to photograph without going to far distant or exotic locations . Very inspirational. ...Phil
    • 16 Jul 2012 5:22PM
  • Posted on clintQB's profile

    Some extremely clever work here Clinton .I don't know how you come up with your ideas but they look very original to me .you know they are not always to my taste but you are extremely talented at what you do .you have learned skills to do this so quickly and I can see a big fuure for you . Sorry I do not have the time or energy at the moment to comment on all your work but rest assured I will always enjoy looking....Phil
    • 3 Jul 2012 12:20PM
  • Posted on AngieLatham's profile

    A splendid portfolio with some superb images from wonderful locations I would love to visit sometime.You should be very proud.....Phil
    • 20 Oct 2011 7:08PM
  • Posted on gingerdelight's profile

    Carol your work has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months.Really is a plesure to view . Sorry I don't always get round to commenting or even clicking on your work . The site is so time consuming .Keep up your great work ...Phil
    • 18 Oct 2011 12:26PM
  • Posted on terry_cavner's profile

    Super stunnning outstanding work Terry . The best red squirrel pose I have ever seen .....Phil
    • 5 Mar 2011 11:13AM
  • Posted on barbarahirst's profile

    Some outstanding work recently Barbara . Sorry I don't get round to view or comment on any sort of regular basis as it's not good for me to sit in front of the computer for long periods of time . Trust you are keeping well and obviously getting round and about with your camera....Phil
    • 3 Mar 2011 2:05PM
  • Posted on wolfy's profile

    Stunning first class portfolio .Inspirational . You have visited and captured some places I can only dream of....Phil
    • 12 Jan 2011 3:54PM
  • Posted on Imagephotographics's profile

    Some truly wonderful images in your portfolio throughout the year . Sorry I do not always get round to looking at all your work on a daily basis . Thanks for the support you have given to my work . All the best for 2011 .....Phil
    • 31 Dec 2010 12:00PM
  • Posted on petejeff's profile

    Just enjoyed looking through your portfolio . Being from Liversedge and originally from Hipperholme near Halifax I was drawn to your images. They are in the main worthy of many more clicks and comments on here . Especially like the autumn stream ones , the solitary tree shots and Stoodley Pike which I have always had strong affinity with .Keep up the excellent work .Regards.....Phil
    • 12 Nov 2010 12:48PM
  • Posted on Lillian's profile

    A really varied mix in your portfolio . Some outstanding wild life shots all which have been a real pleasure to look through . Keep up these high standards . Very well done ....Phil
    • 10 Nov 2010 10:37AM
  • Posted on RonnieAG's profile

    I don't always find the time to comment on your images and just at the moment haven't even had time to even look . I have looked through today at your full portfolio and found it of outstanding quality. Your landscapes have improved immensely since you joined the site and your flower shots are some of the best on the site . Congratulations Ronnie . You should be very proud of your work....Regards ,Phil
    • 4 Nov 2010 4:25PM
  • Posted on WildLight's profile

    Many thanks for the comments left on my portfolio , much appreciated. However, having looked at your work this is truly outstanding work from someone so young. Many of these shots must have taken infinite time and patience to obtain the results that you have achieved. I am sure that you will very soon be a famous natural history photographer. So the very best of luck for the future and I will be on the lookout for your future work in many books and magazines etc .Regards ....Phil
    • 28 Nov 2009 8:51PM
  • Posted on KBan's profile

    Another superbly sharp image and lovely presentation.....Phil
    • 8 Nov 2009 7:43PM
  • Posted on redstag's profile

    An excellent portfolio of work and don't know I have come to miss it before. I love some of the HDR even and will return later to take a longer and more detailed view....Phil
    • 27 Sep 2009 2:45PM
  • Posted on Dave_Henderson's profile

    Just looking through this wonderful portfolio . I don't know why I have missed these. They are all first class and I love Northumberland anyway and I spend a fair amount of time there especially out of season. Congraulations you should be well proud....Phil
    • 8 Sep 2009 9:10PM
  • Posted on TrevBatWCC's profile

    You have a super portfolio of several very different types of images. However, what they all have in common is some of the best presented shots on Ephotozine.The toning and the clarity are excellent and the composition is also well thought out. It is a portfolio to be proud of....Phil
    • 1 Jul 2009 11:47PM
  • Posted on Steve_S's profile

    You have a simply stunning portfolio of images. I believe you are at the top of your game in bird photography and your images are something to aspire to....Phil
    • 13 May 2009 7:27PM
  • Posted on Bodiewil's profile

    Just looked through your portfolio and it is full of super and very varied work which one can only aspire to...Phil
    • 23 Apr 2009 9:07PM
  • Posted on wamp's profile

    WOW Superb lighting and composition make this one a cracker....Phil
    • 8 Apr 2009 8:46PM
  • Posted on paulfreeman's profile

    Excellent portfolio of work here. Full of stunning images and superb skies....Phil
    • 11 Jan 2009 5:29PM
  • Posted on Ian_Sweet's profile

    Some outstanding work here. Your industrial ones are amazing and your recent portraits out of this world. I don't have a clue as to how you achieve them.....Phil
    • 15 Jul 2008 4:27PM
  • Posted on clive burrow's profile

    Some excellent work in your portfolio. You should be well proud of some of your wildlife shots. Well done.....Phil
    • 25 Jan 2008 10:29PM
  • Posted on dave thelens's profile

    Some top quality work in your portfolio Dave.Makes me want to be able to take shots like them and be able to use some of that superb light to the effect that you do in your work .Congratulations you should be very proud.............Phil
    • 16 Oct 2007 8:39AM
  • Posted on X5DJM's profile

    All the other comments say it all , Great portfolio of some outstandingwildlife shots . You should be very proud. Well done....Phil
    • 15 Oct 2007 8:23PM
  • Posted on PatrickSmith's profile

    Wow ,Purely inspirational portfolio and possibly the best I have found fo far on Ephotozine. Congratulations you must be very proud of your work . Well done, Phil.
    • 15 Oct 2007 4:45PM
  • Posted on JouŠo's profile

    A beautiful portfolio with absolutely skies to die for. It really is inspirational to somebody just setting out. Phil
    • 13 Oct 2007 3:16PM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile

    Have been looking at your work for a while now and really like it. Especially like your seascapes. Thanks for commenting on mine. I know you usually comment on Terry Cavner's images,I met him when he broke his foot at Dunstanburgh and waited with him until the rescue helecopter came to take to hospital.He told me about Ephoto and I have looked most days since then but only decided to contribute from today. Once again many thanks.
    • 11 Oct 2007 9:31PM

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