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A quick view of PhilG_DPAGB's recent activity.

  • Wrinkled Club Fungus

    Hi Kath - me again - luv the picture - nice low viewpoint & exposure spot on - regarding the ID , sorry to say it's definitely not candle snuff. It's of the Coral funus genus and most likely Wrinkled club - another very simmilar one is White Coral but I'd go for the former. all found in coniferous woodland. Keep looking for the Candle snuff though it's smaller - predominately black and always has white tips plus is slightly flat rather than round. It too grows on old conifer stumps or similar. It's a very specialised field but we all learn as we go along. Glad your doing so well - keep at it it's a whole new world in miniature. philg
    • 18 Oct 2006 10:01AM
  • New Forest Toadstool

    Nice low level shot - it aint easy. Its Pholiota squarosa or shaggy pholiota. the y some grow in very large clusters. Nice one. philg
    • 17 Oct 2006 9:29PM
  • TOADIE 4

    Had me guessing this one - I am almost certain they are Common Puffballs - I've never seen them with stems this long though.
    If it's possible to return in a week or so they should have lost all the lovely spikey bits and split on the cap which is how they shed their spores. Up to 10 billion per mushroom. Maybe 2 or 3 might germinate next year. as for the picture I love the exposure and super detail in the whites - If I were photographing it I would focus on the front ones which are out of focus and let the not so important rear ones be a little soft. This would also knock out some of the slightly fussy background. Slightly critical but hopefully informative. Philg
    • 17 Oct 2006 6:46PM
  • toadstool

    Hi Kath - it's me at long last . I think the fungi are of the Coprinus family and are Common Ink Caps.
    As for the picture it's super. The inclusion of the beech leef gives an indication of the habitat, which would be right for this one. Keep the good work up . Philg
    • 17 Oct 2006 6:37PM
  • Simply White

    Very well done - the highlights have detail. Very simple but very nice. Mono really suits. Nice one. Philg
    • 7 Aug 2006 6:47AM
  • Karl Harris

    Super capture of the wheelie - love the diagonal composition - nice one Philg
    • 23 Jul 2006 8:06AM
  • Simple Beauty-2

    Simply beautiful - and beautifully simple - cracking shot - lovely pastel colours - PhilG
    • 23 Jul 2006 8:05AM
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  • David, I feel your folio is superb. Every picture gives a true sense of feeling. All very well taken and every image says something. Well done. Sincerely. PhilG