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A quick view of philgood's recent activity.

  • Night Owl by philgood

    Quote:Superb mono
    Thank you Smile
    • 25 Jun 2016 1:19AM
  • Etosha National Park, Namibia Part 2 by brian17302

    I love an image that tells a story, 3 superb captures Brian, Africa is on my bucket list to capture.
    Loved your PF, nice work Smile
    • 15 Dec 2015 9:02PM
  • Breach by philgood


    Trish, Thank you GrinGrin

    • 22 Oct 2015 5:19PM
  • Feeding Humpbacks by philgood

    Quote:What a moment, we have seen them but from a distance ! Excellent image Phil, my award.

    Thank you very much Ron, yes it was fantastic to see these magnificent creature up close, and to see so many. One day seeing 30-40 whales.
    • 14 Oct 2015 10:55PM
  • Breach by philgood

    Quote:One can only imagine your delight at witnessing and capturing this magnificent creature.

    Regards NathanGrinGrinGrin

    Thanks Nathan, yes an amazing experience to see these humpbacks, feeding and breaching, I'll post a few more later.
    A great few days watching them.
    • 10 Oct 2015 7:45PM
  • Total Lunar Eclipse by SteveMackay

    Awesome work, well done, and so worth it, nice one Grin
    • 10 Oct 2015 7:34PM
  • Fluke by philgood

    Quote:Dr. Spong, who studies whales would be delighted to see this. I heard they ident the individuals by matching photos of the flukes. This looks as good as they get. Well done. TG

    Thanks Tony, yes all the flukes are different, amazing to see these magnificent creatures.
    • 10 Oct 2015 7:17PM
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  • Posted on MandyD's profile

    Beautiful images, great PF, lovely work Smile
    • 13 Apr 2014 9:05AM
  • Posted on JohnoP's profile

    Great PF, wonderful images great work, a pleasure to look through Smile
    • 13 Apr 2014 8:55AM
  • Posted on Lillian's profile

    Really enjoyed looking through your PF, great images Smile
    • 9 Mar 2014 9:47AM
  • Posted on Mike_Young's profile

    An awesome gallery Mike, really enjoy looking through it Smile
    • 3 Mar 2014 12:16AM
  • Posted on NigelKiteley's profile

    Hi Nigel, great and stunning PF, some awesome shots here, a pleasure to look through Smile
    Regards Phil.
    • 31 May 2012 10:40AM
  • Posted on franken's profile

    A very interesting and varied PF, thank you for the award on my gorse weevil shot Smile
    • 20 May 2012 1:03AM
  • Posted on Ade_Osman's profile

    Hi Ade, some really great shots here, enjoyed looking through your PF, and look forward to new posts. Phil Smile
    • 12 May 2012 10:53PM
  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    Great PF lovely images enjoyed looking Smile
    • 18 Mar 2012 8:51PM
  • Posted on Leilani's profile

    Lovely images in your PF, very creative Smile Phil.
    • 18 Mar 2012 8:44PM
  • Posted on csurry's profile

    Love your PF some beatiful images here, Smile
    • 15 Mar 2012 11:09PM
  • Posted on Leilani's profile

    Hi Loren, some great images you have captured, I enjoyed looking at your PF. Smile
    • 5 Feb 2012 10:59PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Lovely PF enjoyed looking Smile
    • 5 Feb 2012 1:52PM
  • Posted on jennialexander's profile

    Lovely interesting PF, really enjoyed looking, Smile
    • 5 Feb 2012 1:40PM
  • Posted on Niknut's profile

    Great PF some awesome shots Keith, really enjoyed looking. Phil.
    • 22 Jan 2012 10:23PM
  • Posted on CarolG's profile

    Thank you Carol, lovely PF you have some great and interesting shots Smile
    • 5 Jan 2012 11:49AM
  • Posted on MandyD's profile

    A stunning lovely pf some awesome images, it's nice to view images that give an inner smile Smile Phil.
    • 4 Jan 2012 11:22PM
  • Posted on saeidNL's profile

    Great images Smile
    • 4 Jan 2012 8:51PM

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