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Thanks for taking the time to visit my "portfolio"

Despite my own personal preferences or bias i will attempt to display a wide range of image subjects and styles so that hopefully there will be something to suit all (or most) tastes.

The vast majority of my 'wildlife' images will be set-ups with captive animals (except for Kenya and India images), a very humble and genuine hats off to those that can achieve their results with proper wildlife.

Other than very occasionally attempting to offer some guidance to other members, I generally keep myself to myself now as poor images and ridiculous praise tends to bring out my worst side.

After accidentally becoming 'tutor' for our local club, I now run my own occasional photographic workshops (but this is NOT my full-time or main occupation) and as such is not run on a particularly commercial basis but rather it pays expenses incurred and allows me to meet similarly-interested people.

I am not anti-photoshop but as some of my 'students' wish to learn photography and not manipulation I tend to bias my tuition to the principle of getting it right in the camera

Whilst digital has opened up photography to the masses and in many ways is a positive, it has also spawned a host of bad / lazy 'photographers' who think that it can cure clueless technique and turn bad images into masterpieces.

(I do have a number of tuition documents available FREE for those genuinely interested.)

regards phil
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A quick view of philhomer's recent activity.

  • Fields of yellow

    Truly superb
    • 21 May 2017 5:35PM
  • Over the hills and far away

    Superb example of how panning can work so very well!
    • 9 Dec 2016 8:18AM
  • Short Eared Owls in Flight

    truly superb
    • 6 Dec 2016 11:48AM
  • Cloughleagh Autumn

    Lovely colours and just the right choice of shutter speed for me.
    • 6 Dec 2016 11:47AM
  • Red Riding Hood scene 3

    I would point out that no models/lumberjacks/woodsman/wolves/bit wolf-like dogs/trees were harmed in the making of this series.
    The "blood" is red paint on a white tile
    • 5 Dec 2016 12:30PM
  • Red Riding Hood scene 2

    Many thanks for your comment - I have to say that the whole film idea was simply to facilitate the use of multiple images per slide whilst guiding the viewer through in a logical order.
    My first attempt without the film frames meant that the viewer could easily view in no particular order.

    The images taken in portrait orientation are indeed unfortunate in filling less than a full frame but of course I had not shot with the idea of dropping them into the film. I do agree that I should have perhaps made more effort regards the frame numbers etc and had not even thought of it.
    • 3 Dec 2016 10:29AM
  • *

    superb in every sense!
    • 2 Dec 2016 12:08PM
  • Great portfolio! I guess captive birds - but really do not care as so well captured. Somewhat different to my own photography attempt in the Tatras, cam Bear trekking... found sh*t in the woods.
  • Very often a 'varied' portfolio shows up someone's weaknesses. Not so here, well done on an interesting and competent selection.
  • nice varied selection even from a specialised subject, i'm with you on the 'like' issue - the only thing worse being "ahh, that's cute" Wink
    • Posted on Trev_B's profile
    • 2 Jan 2014 10:38AM
  • some excellent stuff here, lovely detail and great variety of images eve with the same subject
    • Posted on justin c's profile
    • 20 Oct 2013 10:33PM
  • what i really really like is the fact that even the nudes are subtle - well done for NOT taking the same approach as many others
  • well Neil, some of your stuff is good.... but some is astounding! only saw you for first time today, due to the fabulous Swifts.
  • fabulous collection - surely one of the most consistent / high quality on here. can't see any exif at all - what are you using Brian?
  • some truly great images here Lee
  • i am delighted to have found and viewed your pf, and gutted to have not seen it before Wink
  • surprised i have not noticed you before given similar interests -have to say i am somewhat envious of the Goldfinch, perhaps i could trade you for a few Redpoll Wink
    • Posted on Maccas's profile
    • 2 Mar 2013 6:32PM