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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes and imagination.

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A quick view of Philip_H's recent activity.

  • Back in Fashion

    Quote:Methinks you might be mistaken there....

    I have a strong feeling, that instead of being a ...Plague Doctor is a fair copy of one of the SPIES ....a great favourite cartoon comic from the quirky, nutty...... MAD MAGAZINE.... of the 1970s?

    Just Google.... MAD comic spy cartoons on YouTube.... you will see what I mean, and you won’t be disappointed....I promise.

    Please let me know if you do.


    Yes, Cyril, definitely a case of mistaken identity!! Wink Well spotted and THANK YOU! GrinGrin
    • 12 Jul 2020 5:36PM
  • Mine's a Pint!

    Quote:Looks like a 432 APC (armoured personnel carrier).

    Thanks for the vehicle id, Mike.

    P Grin
    • 10 May 2020 10:54AM
  • Man with Bad Back gets Better and Takes Up B-boying

    Quote:What is B-boying?

    Hi Jenn,

    Like me and most other people, you may know it better as breaking or breakdancing.

    P Grin.
    • 26 Apr 2020 9:02PM
  • 3+3

    Excellent arty image, Dimitris.

    P Grin
    • 25 Apr 2020 7:54AM
  • Sad days

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving the EPZ community, Arne. You will be greatly missed.

    Wishing you all the best for the future and hope to see you back here one day.

    Take care,
    Philip Grin
    • 24 Apr 2020 6:13PM
  • Happy Easter :)

    Linksmų Velykų, Kabrielle.

    P Grin
    • 12 Apr 2020 8:17AM

    Wishing you a Happy Easter, Jenn.

    P Grin
    • 9 Apr 2020 4:07PM
  • Outstanding p/f, Janet. Amazing work.

    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 10 Aug 2012 8:34PM
  • I'm glad my green man led you to me, as it turn has led me to your fabulous and amazing portfolio of magical and highly imaginative images.

    Wonderful work, Maureen.

    • Posted on Paree's profile
    • 28 Jul 2012 5:46PM
  • Wonderful high quality p/f Pamela.

  • Wonderful p/f Douglas. Lots of beautiful and vibrant images of well selected detail. Had my first attempt at classic car photography last year and hope to do more later this year. I will bear your inspirational p/f in mind when composing and selecting my detail Wink

  • Outstanding p/f, Sarah. Full of quality images throughout. I love your choices of subject matter, which mirror my own interests and those of my wife.

    • Posted on Sezz's profile
    • 5 Feb 2012 6:18PM
  • Stunning portfolio, Keith. An inspiration and a real pleasure to browse through. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 21 Jan 2012 6:04PM
  • What a magical and enchanted portfolio. Outstanding captures, imagination and creativity. A pleasure to look through and a real tonic for the soul.

    Fabulous work.

  • What an amazingly beautiful portfolio. Superb quality throughout.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 4 Jan 2012 6:32PM