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In the words of Leon Levinstein I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.

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A quick view of Philip_H's recent activity.

  • The cat is not for sale !!

    Well spotted, Isabel.

    P Grin
    • 13 Oct 2019 10:31AM
  • Strokkur Geysir

    Well captured and timed.

    P Grin
    • 1 Oct 2019 9:10PM
  • Lost in Music

    Quote:The image has the faded and distressed look of a print from the 60/70s that has been scanned. The lack of "ink" on the performer also suggests an earlier time. Yet, the exif data says the image was captured recently. Maybe it is a photo of a photo, or excellent processing or a combination of both. Either way, it is a wonderful portrait of performer enjoying her art.

    Hello George,

    Thank you for your comment and the much appreciated UA. The photo was taken by me in July 2019 and then processed using Franzis HDR Projects 2.

    Glad you liked the image. She had a lovely singing voice.

    P Grin
    • 13 Sep 2019 3:28PM
  • Is this a dagger which I see before me

    Quote:Hand to hand in those days, Phil up close and personal.Sad
    None of your drone stuff from thousands of miles away.
    The image took a little working out at first but if the exhibit looks as good as this, it'll be worth a visit.

    Thanks, Mike.

    The wood figure on its base stands at over 5 metres high and the photo was taken from the foot of the sculpture looking up. Although essentially a two-dimensional work, the artist strove to encapsulate the naivety of the original wound man illustrations on which it is based.


    P Grin
    • 12 Sep 2019 1:42PM
  • ...autumn twilight

    A delightful image.

    P Grin
    • 10 Sep 2019 3:57PM
  • Rude Boys

    Quote:Blimey........Just looked at my images of this, you were an hour in front of me!
    We must have passed each other all weekend!

    What a small world, Diane! Sorry we missed seeing you. Sounds like our paths crossed several times.

    P Grin
    • 10 Jul 2019 4:53PM
  • Blue Moon.


    P Grin
    • 2 Jul 2019 5:44PM
  • Outstanding p/f, Janet. Amazing work.

    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 10 Aug 2012 8:34PM
  • I'm glad my green man led you to me, as it turn has led me to your fabulous and amazing portfolio of magical and highly imaginative images.

    Wonderful work, Maureen.

    • Posted on Paree's profile
    • 28 Jul 2012 5:46PM
  • Wonderful high quality p/f Pamela.

  • Wonderful p/f Douglas. Lots of beautiful and vibrant images of well selected detail. Had my first attempt at classic car photography last year and hope to do more later this year. I will bear your inspirational p/f in mind when composing and selecting my detail Wink

  • Outstanding p/f, Sarah. Full of quality images throughout. I love your choices of subject matter, which mirror my own interests and those of my wife.

    • Posted on Sezz's profile
    • 5 Feb 2012 6:18PM
  • Stunning portfolio, Keith. An inspiration and a real pleasure to browse through. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 21 Jan 2012 6:04PM
  • What a magical and enchanted portfolio. Outstanding captures, imagination and creativity. A pleasure to look through and a real tonic for the soul.

    Fabulous work.

  • What an amazingly beautiful portfolio. Superb quality throughout.
    • Posted on taggart's profile
    • 4 Jan 2012 6:32PM