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I'm 49, working as a town planner in Greenock (please don't hold that against me!!) and living in Helensburgh.

First time I probably picked up a camera in earnest was in my teens when my old man leant me his Zeiss Werra (strange beast of a rangefinder 35mm that you turned a ring around the throat of the lens to advance the film) to take to scout camp in France. After that it was getting a loan of his Pentax Spotmatic to take to the airshows that we used to have here in Scotland at Prestwick and Strathallan. I went on to get my own Pentax ME to take to the airshows using colour slide.

My interest in photography grew from the airshow stuff - which I still love incidentally - into a broader interest and I soon added an MX body which spent most of its life loaded with B&W film.

I was an active member of Greenock Camera Club from the late 70s, majoring in B&W until the early 90s when the kids came along. And, like a lot of people I guess, with time and cost demands I just drifted away. Came back with a bang in 2007 when I bought my D7Os in the spring, joined Ephotozine and Helensburgh Photographic Club and am enjoying it all hugely.

I'm married to Kim who has also taken up EPz membership (see Kim64) since inheriting the D70s after I took the leap up to a D200 (boy there's a lot to learn with that one!). Now the pair of us go out taking photos together - and she is realising what I meant now by how much photography is like fishing with the one that got away.Digital was initially a very steep learning curve but with the help of Scott Kelby's book, a brainstorming session with my old chum Angus from Greeenock Camera Club, and a lot of trial and error, I'm getting there but there's always more to learn.

My favourite lens is the Sigma 10-20.. nearly always mated to a graduated grey filter which I rate as the one single most important accessory for improving pictures. If you havent got a grey grad, get one now... it's that important. EPz is a wonderful showcase and place of learning with some great photography that you can only aspire to. Still working on that Editors Choice!


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